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Latest reader comments:

San Diego Cab Owners Line Up At City Hall To Oppose Open Taxi Market

"Imagine, a propped up government instituted monopoly threatened by even the notion of an open playing field for all."

by Creed 31 days ago   Respond   Read article

Why The Grocery Bag Bill Should Be Referred

""So they bought off the grocery industry by allowing them to charge 10 cents for the alternative brown paper bags."....I believe this law will not just allow the grocers to charge for each bag, it will force them to charge the bag fee (and allow them to pocket the change)."

by Avg. Joe 41 days ago   Respond   Read article

What Happens When Extremism Becomes Mainstream?

"Pure BS"

by mgood1234577 87 days ago   Respond   Read article

Dianne Feinstein pleas for GOP votes on drought bill

"Demand gun rights back: eliminate the Roster, the 10- and 30-day waits, the AWB, and 10-round magazine capacity limit as the price to help her."

by daniellord557 193 days ago   Respond   Read article

Study Finds Tripling Tobacco Tax Would Ignite Smuggling

"Russian & Armenian Organized Crime Groups from Sacramento & Southern California when the Tobacco Tax was increased I think 10 years ago, created a brand new and largely uncontrolled form of smuggling where Ryder or Uhaul Trucks were driven to Indian Reservations in Las Vegas and their is nothing that Ag Inspection in Barstow could do, there is nothing illegal in hauling Cigarettes as long as there is a bill of sale."

by radanford 367 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 How to blow an easy GOP win
The Politico - Oct. 19, 3:08 pm
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 De León throws extravagant bash as Steinberg quietly leaves
Los Angeles Times/Editorial - Oct. 19, 6:54 pm
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 Democrats' hope of Senate supermajority could rest with 2 districts
Los Angeles Times/Editorial - Oct. 19, 9:56 pm
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 READ IN: Jerry Brown Will Never Retire Edition

Do you Read In? Sign up today and get all the news you need delivered right to your inbox every morning! A1: The stories you need to read before your first conference call. -- The Pentagon said Sunday it will create a 30-person rapid response team ... »Read

In this article: Amerish Bera, Jerry Brown, Sam Brownback, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Hagel, Michael Honda, Ro Khanna
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 S.F.'s Prop. A is first step on road to put driving last

There’s a lot more to San Francisco’s $500 million Proposition A than fixing roads — it’s really the first step in a master plan to put buses, bikes and pedestrians on the fast track and move cars into the slow lane. A shows the overall ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Edwin M. Lee, Proposition 2, Andrew Ross, water
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 2015 Wage Hike May Be Largest In Nation For L.A. Hotel Workers

When the minimum wage for Los Angeles’ hotel workers increases in 2015, it may be the biggest pay hike of its kind in the nation. »Read

In this article: Eric Garcetti, Nury Martinez, minimum wage
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 How CalPERS ranks: average service, high costs

A new comparison with four other large public pension funds found that CalPERS, while scoring average on service, had high pension administration costs — $213 per member a year, nearly twice the average of $108 per member. In the year ... »Read

In this article: CalPERS, CalSTRS
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 Kashkari's TV Spot Betrays His Utter Lack of Decency

Everyone knows that Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is going to crush his Republican challenger, Neel Kashkari, in the November election, probably by 20 percentage points or more. But Kashkari had an opportunity to demonstrate that he’s a class act ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Todd Harris, Daniel E. Lungren, Meg Whitman
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 Editorial: John Chiang for state treasurer

John Chiang’s tenure as state controller has been uneven. But since he does not face a more formidable opponent in his race for state treasurer, Mr. Chiang wins the Register’s endorsement. The Democrat assumed his current position in January ... »Read

In this article: Board of Equalization, John Chiang, Legislature, minimum wage, Proposition 25, Arnold Schwarzenegger, state budget
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 John Phillips: Crime, lurid accusations mark House race

California has seen some razor-thin elections. In 2002, Tom McClintock, then a state senator, was bested by Democrat Steve Westley in the race for state controller by a mere 0.2 percentage points. In 1994, Democrat Dianne Feinstein edged out... »Read

In this article: Carl DeMaio, George Deukmejian, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Huffington, Legislature, Tom McClintock, Scott Peters, Proposition 20, water
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 Democrats' hope of Senate supermajority could rest with 2 districts

The Democrats' quest to regain their supermajority in the state Senate could be decided next month in an ethnically diverse section of Orange County and a large swath of farmland and rural towns about 300 miles away in the Central Valley. »Read

In this article: Proposition 13, Jerry Brown, Lou Correa, minimum wage, Dan Schnur, Jose Solorio, Andy Vidak, water
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 As quarantine nears end, Ebola victim's fiancee praises nurses

One day before Thomas Eric Duncan’s friends and family are to get out of quarantine, his fiancee says they remain healthy, but she aches for the two nurses who contracted Ebola after caring for him. »Read

In this article: Jean Ross, Connie Stewart
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 Geothermal power industry lost steam but may be poised for comeback

Geothermal power was once king of California's renewable energy. So many companies were clamoring to transform steam into electricity that they sucked the world's largest geyser field dry. »Read

In this article: renewable energy, Bill Richardson, water
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 De León throws extravagant bash as Steinberg quietly leaves

State Sen. Darrell Steinberg officially stepped off the stage last week. And Sen. Kevin de León stepped on it. Did he ever! »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, Legislature, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Skelton, state budget, Darrell Steinberg, water
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 Trial date set for dispute over canceled sale of state-owned buildings

After almost four years, a legal spat over a busted deal to buy billions of dollars' worth of state government office buildings could finally be going to trial. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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 The Big Debate Over Measure L

There have been dozens of debates in the city of Sacramento as voters consider whether to make changes to the structure of their government.   The arguments and the debates over Measure L often have as much to do with Mayor Kevin Johnson ... »Read

In this article: Heather Fargo, Kevin Johnson, Michael Murphy
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 Jerry Brown's team releases a slew of upbeat new Prop. 1 & 2 ads

While he still hasn’t done a single ad for his own 2014 re-election campaign, California Gov. Jerry Brown will hit the airwaves again Monday to push two state ballot measures — this time with a new TV spot that gives a subtle nod to the legacy ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Sean Clegg, Legislature, Dan Newman, water
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 Fracking ban on the ballot in tiny San Benito County has big statewide implications

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA -- When President Ronald Reagan was pushing for offshore oil drilling on the edges of Monterey Bay in the mid-1980s, Santa Cruz voters fought back, approving a ballot measure that banned construction of all storage tanks, pipelines ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Sam Farr, William W. Monning, water
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 How to blow an easy GOP win

Steve Southerland finds himself in a multimillion dollar brawl with Election Day rapidly approaching. »Read

In this article: John McCain, Kevin McCarthy, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney
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 As quarantine nears end, Ebola victim's fiancee cites two brave nurses

Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan's friends and family were due to get out of quarantine on Monday, and his fiancee said none of them were ill. »Read

In this article: Jean Ross, Connie Stewart
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 Sheila Kuehl, Bobby Shriver face off in debate for District 3 LA County Supervisor race

Sheila Kuehl and Bobby Shriver faced off in a debate Friday as part of the race to be District 3 Los Angeles County Supervisor. »Read

In this article: Marc Brown, Sheila Kuehl, Bobby Shriver
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