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Latest reader comments:

San Diego Cab Owners Line Up At City Hall To Oppose Open Taxi Market

"Imagine, a propped up government instituted monopoly threatened by even the notion of an open playing field for all."

by Creed 91 days ago   Respond   Read article

Why The Grocery Bag Bill Should Be Referred

""So they bought off the grocery industry by allowing them to charge 10 cents for the alternative brown paper bags."....I believe this law will not just allow the grocers to charge for each bag, it will force them to charge the bag fee (and allow them to pocket the change)."

by Avg. Joe 101 days ago   Respond   Read article

What Happens When Extremism Becomes Mainstream?

"Pure BS"

by mgood1234577 148 days ago   Respond   Read article

Dianne Feinstein pleas for GOP votes on drought bill

"Demand gun rights back: eliminate the Roster, the 10- and 30-day waits, the AWB, and 10-round magazine capacity limit as the price to help her."

by daniellord557 253 days ago   Respond   Read article

Study Finds Tripling Tobacco Tax Would Ignite Smuggling

"Russian & Armenian Organized Crime Groups from Sacramento & Southern California when the Tobacco Tax was increased I think 10 years ago, created a brand new and largely uncontrolled form of smuggling where Ryder or Uhaul Trucks were driven to Indian Reservations in Las Vegas and their is nothing that Ag Inspection in Barstow could do, there is nothing illegal in hauling Cigarettes as long as there is a bill of sale."

by radanford 427 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 State Sen. Kevin de Leon calls on public pension funds to divest from coal
Inland Daily Bulletin - Dec. 18, 7:07 pm
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 Mike Feuer's office to crack down on illegal immigration consultants
KABC - Dec. 18, 7:41 pm
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 Water, water everywhere* Roundup - Dec. 19, 1:20 am
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 How a Memo Cost Big Banks $37 Billion
Wall Street Journal - Dec. 19, 7:13 am
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 Roundtable On Mexican Farm Labor, Border Traffic, Chula Vista Politics
KPBS San Diego public broadcasting/These Days morning talk show with Don Fudge - Dec. 19, 11:24 am
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 Roundtable On Mexican Farm Labor, Border Traffic, Chula Vista Politics

Mexican export farms exploit and abuse laborers who harvest produce for the U.S. Do shorter waits at San Ysidro border crossing mean more freeway traffic? Chula Vista has a mayor and a new school board and now it has a full city council. »Read

In this article: John McCann, Steve Padilla, Mary Salas
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 San Francisco offers more details on scenic Olympic plan

While Los Angeles officials remain quiet about their Olympic plans, organizers in San Francisco have released new details and artistic renderings from that city's bid for the 2024 Summer Games. »Read

In this article: Nathan Ballard, Edwin M. Lee
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 NEW: Coal ban would boost tax cost of pensions

California public pensions already have a big problem with adequate funding. The nonpartisan state Legislative Analyst pegs the pensions’ unfunded liabilities at $340 billion. It should be obvious what the investment strategy should be for the ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, CalPERS, CalSTRS, Kevin De Leon
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 How a Memo Cost Big Banks $37 Billion

A government lawyer’s discovery of a warning to J.P. Morgan officials about shaky mortgages jump-started the Justice Department’s probe of financial-crisis wrongdoing. »Read

In this article: Barack Obama, Benjamin B. Wagner, Tony West
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 Monkey Cage: Pushing at an open door: When can personal stories change minds on gay rights?

In a recently published research article, “When contact changes minds: An experiment on transmission of support for gay equality,” political scientists Michael LaCour and Donald Green write:Can a single conversation change minds on divisive ... »Read

In this article: Donald C. Green, Same-sex marriage
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 2014 Black Bart Award Winner: The Non-Voter

There are 10,289,851 Californians who share this year’s Fox and Hounds Daily’s Black Bart Award — because they didn’t vote. They are the registered voters who did not bother to vote in the November Election. This is not a good thing, but ... »Read

In this article: referendum
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 In the Loop: The Senate made a few people happy this week, but it's high anxiety for others

This post has been updated.The Senate made a couple of dozen Obama nominees very happy when it confirmed them late Tuesday night. But as the Senate skedaddled out of town, scores of other nominees — some pending in committee and some on the ... »Read

In this article: Maria Echaveste, John Estrada
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 The did-something Congress: A flurry of bills passed in the final days. Here are the highlights.

Turns out the 'do-nothing Congress' managed to do a fair about of something this year.Thanks to a final flurry of activity during the lame-duck session after the midterm elections, lawmakers passed dozens more bills and nonbinding resolutions to ... »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 Water, water everywhere*

<p>One thing that's dried up lately is the number of doom-and-gloom stories <a href=http:* <p>From the<strong> LAT's Joe Serna:</strong> "The good news is tempered by the fact that the entire state remains in ... »Read

In this article: Kevin De Leon, Michael R. Peevey, Daniel Reeves, renewable energy, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Kellie M. Smith, water
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 The Administration's College Ratings: How It Looks On Campus

The Education Department's unveiling today of a controversial ratings system has fueled a debate over what this kind of system can — or should — measure. »Read

In this article: Ben Miller, David Warren
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 Surfers regain access to Malibu's Paradise Cove; pier to be unlocked

In a victory for public access, the owner of Paradise Cove in Malibu has agreed to stop charging a $20 walk-in fee, remove all signs banning surfing and unlock a gate to the beach's pier, the California Coastal Commission and the State Lands ... »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Jerry Brown, water
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 Sac mayor wants closer look at body cameras, police training

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has given the Sacramento police chief a long list of ideas to examine in an effort to prevent use of force that would result in the department being looked at under a microscope, like has happened in Ferguson, Missouri ... »Read

In this article: Alice Huffman, Kevin Johnson
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 Mike Feuer's office to crack down on illegal immigration consultants

With changes in immigration, law officials say there are scam artists ready to prey on those looking for help to get legal residence. »Read

In this article: Mike Feuer, Jose Huizar, illegal immigration
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 State Sen. Kevin de Leon calls on public pension funds to divest from coal

The leader of the state Senate will introduce legislation next month requiring CalPERS, the largest public pension fund in the United States, and CalSTYRS to divest from coal.If approved by the Legislature and signed by the governor, the California ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, CalPERS, Kevin De Leon, Joe DeAnda, Legislature, Kathryn R. Phillips, renewable energy, Thomas F. Steyer, water
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