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Latest reader comments:

Experts tell panel why gas is so expensive in California

"California is in a precarious position, being an energy island with the Sierra Mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other side. The 40,000,000 million gallons of transportation fuel being consumed every day by the present 32 million vehicles are only manufactured here in California by the few refineries that are left, as virtually no other state or country can provide our boutique fuels in a timely manner to California. If and when other state or countries opt to manufacture the California boutique fuels, the results of importing our energy needs via trucks, rail and ships from States and Counties that have less stringent environmental controls than California, would be increases to the world’s greenhouse gasses, and increases in costs for our transportation fuels, energy and every product that are the basis of our standard of living for those living in California. With crude oil imports from Alaska on the decline, and both in-state and offshore exploration of crude oil hampered by regulations and also on the decline, California imports more than 50% of its crude oil needs from foreign countries. Most of the USA is decreasing imports of crude oil from foreign countries as they take advantage of domestic oil production. In fact, in 2016, Congressional Leaders Agreed to Lift the 40-Year Ban on Oil Exports so the USA is now an exporter of crude oil. HOWEVER California is increasing their imports of crude as the California “energy island” has no access to the growth in domestic oil production, other than crude by rail. There are more cost effective sources of crude oil from the Midwest and Canada, but because we are an energy island, we have no access to them other than bring the crude in by rail. Crude by rail projects have been stalled by regulations and long approval cycles. Nothing seems to prevent California’s future crude oil needs to be more than 50% dependent on imports from foreign countries."

by PTSSTAFFING 5 days ago   Respond   Read article

Congress passes 'Electrify Africa Act'

"Just what the voters want, since the U.S. has solved all its financial problems and has money to burn. By all mezans, keep us up to date on members of Congress supporting this boondoggle as election season approaches."

by dwiltsee 11 days ago   Respond   Read article

AP source: NFL committee picks combined site over Rams' bid

"The headline is completely contradicted by the article itself. What's the reality here?"

by dwiltsee 32 days ago   Respond   Read article

California focuses on power lines as top cause of wildfires

"And when the insurance companies refuse to pay or refuse to renew policies of homeowners in affected areas, who is left holding the bag?"

by dwiltsee 87 days ago   Respond   Read article

Funding and subsidies worry potential partners in California's bullet train project

"Thirty six high level transportation companies respond and not a single one answers the plea to participate financially. Does that send a clear message to our Governor, Legislature, and citizenry about the reality of this HSR program?"

by dwiltsee 120 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 Opinion: Is it OK to be a woman and not vote for Hillary Clinton?
Los Angeles Times/Top of the Ticket - Feb. 13, 4:00 am
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 'Disgrace' isn't a strong enough word to describe Coastal Commission meeting
Los Angeles Times/Top of the Ticket - Feb. 13, 12:00 pm
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 Obama says he'll nominate a replacement for Scalia

But Republicans have said a nomination needs to wait until the next president is sworn in. »Read

In this article: Paul A. Smith, Paul Smith
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 Public meeting Tuesday on Barstow area water pollution

BARSTOW >> Water regulators are planning a public meeting Tuesday here about perchlorate and nitrate pollution in a sparsely populated nearby community. The discovery of the perchlorate problem at this location in 2010 caused then Gov. »Read

In this article: Anthony Riley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, water
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 Effort to seal the formerly leaking well near Porter Ranch makes progress

The effort to permanently seal the leaking gas well that fouled the air above Porter Ranch for 31/2 months reached a prosaic stage Saturday. 'We're waiting for the cement to dry,' said Don Drysdale, a spokesman for the state Conservation Department, ... »Read

In this article: Air Resources Board, Barbara Boxer
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 Antonin Scalia's death should strengthen Ted Cruz's case for the GOP nomination

The GOP base will want someone who is committed to conservative principles. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Michael DuHaime, John Roberts
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 Orange County conservative a hero for marijuana advocates

Dana Rohrabacher rages against Obamacare, calls for legal potHe led fight against federal intrusion on state medical marijuana lawsJudge upholds authority of bill denying funds for federal drug agents … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Sam Farr, Dana Rohrabacher
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 Politics Amid Praise As Lawmakers React to Scalia's Death

Lawmakers reacted with shock and sorrow to the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday, but condolences quickly gave way to politics as leaders debated how quickly to replace the conservative stalwart. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi
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 Internal Affairs: San Jose Councilman Tam Nguyen resigns from State Bar

San Jose Councilman Tam Nguyen has resigned from the State Bar of California after being hit with eight charges for failing to pay a client an insurance settlement from a personal injury case. »Read

In this article: Dominic J. Caserta, Gavin Newsom
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 Capitol Report: Social media swiftly digests Scalia news and spits out successor speculation

Reports late Saturday that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, known for his steadfast conservatism and the sarcastic tone of many of his opinions, had been found dead in Texas were quickly followed up on Twitter by speculation as to the future ... »Read

In this article: Loretta Lynch, John Roberts
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 Move would let 16-year-olds vote in some California races

In a polished speech on the steps of the state Capitol, Revolorio-Keith said her activism is muted by her inability to bring change the democratic way — at the ballot box. “We would be the first state in the nation to change our Constitution to ... »Read

In this article: Kim Alexander, John Avalos, Lorena Gonzalez, Legislature, Robert Stutzman
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 Benicia commissioners deny Valero's crude by rail application

Going against the recommendation of city staff, the Benicia Planning Commission on Thursday denied a permit that would have allowed Valero Benicia Refinery to transport crude oil by rail. »Read

In this article: greenhouse gas, Donald Wilson, Steve Young
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 State Dems' ambitious plan to keep fossil fuels in the ground

WASHINGTON — Even as the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a huge setback to President Obama’s climate agenda by delaying rules to limit carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, two California Democrats opened a major new front in the global ... »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, global warming, Jared Huffman, water
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 'Disgrace' isn't a strong enough word to describe Coastal Commission meeting

If you've got a clothespin handy, you should clip it to your nose. I'm now going to tell you about the 12-hour California Coastal Commission meeting I sat through Wednesday in Morro Bay. When the spectacle was over, members of one of the most ... »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Jerry Brown, David Evans, Carole Groom, Susan Jordan, Susan McCabe
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 Can Inglewood's NFL-fueled turnaround be a success if its schools are failing?

Laura Rosales, mother of three, lives blocks from the site of Inglewood's planned NFL stadium. Watching the fast-moving construction of a futuristic complex that is expected to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenues to the ... »Read

In this article: Los Angeles Unified School District, Tom Torlakson
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 A Concrete Plan to Make Black Lives Matter

Mychal Denzel SmithThis is a plan for pressuring whoever is in office, whether they are sympathetic to the causes of racial and economic justice or not. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, minimum wage, sick leave
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 Dan Walters: Paranoid wave hits the coast

Coastal Commission fires executive directorCoastal activists see it as developer coupIt was really a garden-variety managerial clash … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Dayna Bochco, Thomas F. Steyer
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 Feinstein water bill could help with California's drought"if House GOP gives it a chance

As an attempt to balance many competing interests, the water bill that California Democrat Dianne Feinstein introduced in the Senate last week appears well-thought-through and carefully crafted — and as such it is being greeted by many with the ... »Read

In this article: Drought, Dianne Feinstein, water
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 Essential California: What former Sheriff Baca told investigators

Good morning. It is Saturday, Feb. 13. Here’s what you don’t want to miss this weekend: TOP STORIES Lying to investigators: In a confidential interview with federal prosecutors, former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca portrayed himself as a ... »Read

In this article: Leroy Baca, Jose Huizar, Edwin M. Lee
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 Opinion: Is it OK to be a woman and not vote for Hillary Clinton?

Good morning. I'm Paul Thornton, The Times' letters editor, and it is Saturday, Feb. 13. Tomorrow is marathon day in Los Angeles, so be sure to avoid these streets if you're traveling by car. Speaking of slow, never-ending, painful races ... ... »Read

In this article: Leroy Baca, Jerry Brown, Hillary Clinton
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