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 Trump's tax plan takes aim at California, and he threatens public lands, too
Sacramento Bee/Opinion - April 27, 5:31 am
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 A climate change of heart?* Roundup - April 27, 12:28 am
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 Dining > Dollar diner > The brothers of Burgess Brothers' Burgers are selling their restaurant for $1; a new market breaks up a food desert in south Sacramento.
News & Review/Sacramento - April 27, 12:08 am
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 California single-payer healthcare bill passes first committee test
Los Angeles Times - April 26, 8:35 pm
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 Free Market Would Do More to Protect California's Environment Than State Regulation
Fox & Hounds Daily - April 27, 6:01 am
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 Plan to provide health care to every Californian moves forward

California lawmakers pushed forward Wednesday with a proposal that would substantially remake the health care system of the nation's most populous state by replacing insurance companies with government-funded health care for everyone. »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Charles Bacchi, Jerry Brown, California Nurses Association, Chuck Idelson, Ricardo Lara, Legislature, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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 100 percent clean energy bill introduced

'Mr. President, your job is to listen to the scientific community,' said Senator Bernie Sanders »Read

In this article: green jobs, renewable energy
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 The West has a tricky, expensive water problem - and even solving it is controversial

A controversial California irrigation drainage deal designed to resolve one of the West’s trickiest, most expensive and longest-running water problems won approval from a key House of Representatives panel Thursday. … Click to Continue ... »Read

In this article: Jim Costa, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Jared Huffman, Tom McClintock, David G. Valadao, water
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 Moments that matter in Trump's first 100 days in office

Trump has suffered stunning setbacks on immigration and health care, while winning confirmation of a young, conservative justice to America's top court. There were moments when the weighty role of commander in chief hit home, none more so than ... »Read

In this article: Devin Nunes, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff
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 How has Donald Trump done 100 days into his presidency?

One hundred days in, is America great again?It's getting there, say President Donald Trump's supporters, who laud his pick of a conservative to the U.S. Supreme Court, his rollback of Obama-era regulations, his actions clearing the way for the ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, James Brulte, John Burton, California Democratic Party, California Republican Party, Hillary Clinton, illegal immigration, Legislature, Barack Obama, water
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 Business-friendly 'mod' Democratic lawmakers tap new a new leader in shakeup

Looking to reclaim influence in debates over taxes, regulation and environmental policies, a key bloc of Democrats who typically align with business interests are revamping their leadership, with Assemblyman Adam Gray (D-Merced) at the helm. The ... »Read

In this article: Assembly Democrats, Ron Calderon, Dennis A. Cardoza, Adam Gray, greenhouse gas, Legislature, minimum wage, Rudy Salas
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 Single-Payer 'Medicare For All' Is the Only Healthcare System That Makes Sense

John NicholsBernie Sanders and the nurses are right: America needs a “Medicare For All” healthcare system. And the change can begin in California. »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, California Nurses Association, Ricardo Lara, Legislature
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 Middle class must be higher priority for California leaders: Raul Bocanegra

For years, economists, business leaders and policymakers warned that the decline in blue-collar manufacturing jobs in California would leave us with a shrinking middle class, limited economic mobility and a plethora of social ills traditionally ... »Read

In this article: Raul Bocanegra, Legislature, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation
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 Court interpreters walk off job over alleged pay cut

Courtroom foreign-language interpreters walked off their jobs in Alameda County on Wednesday and plan another one-day walkout Thursday in San Francisco, saying regional court officials are refusing to negotiate over changes in benefits that will cut ... »Read

In this article: Rob Bonta, David Chiu, Jerry Hill, Nancy Skinner, Mark Stone
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 The Price For Moving Primary Up Should Be Ditching Top Two

The big conversation in Sacramento is now about moving up the presidential primary so that California plays a bigger role in selecting a president. That’s fine. But California’s two political parties shouldn’t go along with the change – ... »Read
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 Leaving California? After slowing, the trend intensifies 

Given its iconic hold on the American imagination, the idea that more Americans are leaving California than coming breaches our own sense of uniqueness and promise. Yet, even as the economy has recovered, notably in the Bay Area and in pockets along ... »Read
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 Healthcare Providers Aren't Greedier than Uber

I just read An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back by Kaiser Health News Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal, a fact-filled* critique of the American health system. The author does a marvelous job of ... »Read

In this article: California Nurses Association, state budget
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 Free Market Would Do More to Protect California's Environment Than State Regulation

California is home to six of the 10 cities with the worst air pollution in the country. This seems inconceivable, given that the state has the strictest environmental rules in the nation. Clearly, policymakers have been making the wrong choices. Of ... »Read

Bills: SB 32,
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 California public libraries show resiliency

When Governor Brown added $4.8 million to the budget to enhance the California Library Services Act in the last budget, he took a bold step toward re-energizing the state’s public libraries that have experienced a tough post-recession environment. ... »Read
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 Trump's tax plan takes aim at California, and he threatens public lands, too

On behalf of The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board, welcome to The Take, your opinion-politics newsletter. Please sign up for it here. Jack Ohman has the scoop on Janet Napolitano’s budget … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: James Brulte, Elaine Howle, Bob Mulholland, Tom Torlakson
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 Today: Trump's Tax Plan: Fill in the Blanks

President Trump’s tax proposal, at least the Cliffs Notes version, is out. I'm Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today. TOP STORIES Trump’s Tax Plan: Fill in the Blanks ... »Read

In this article: Hollywood strike, Nancy Pelosi, referendum
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 The Lioness in Winter

The senator from California looked like someone had punched the wind out of her. On an unseasonably cold January 10, the tense first day of hearings about President Donald Trump's nomination of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Dianne Feinstein was ... »Read

In this article: Joe Biden, Richard Blum, Barbara Boxer, George W. Bush, Bill Carrick, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, Aaron Peskin, Adam Schiff, water
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 White House backs off as lawmakers work to avert shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers are nearing agreement on sweeping spending legislation to keep the lights on in government, after the White House backed off a threat to withhold payments that help lower-income Americans pay their medical bills. [...] ... »Read

In this article: Kevin McCarthy, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi
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 Attorney: Colonies settlement helped San Bernardino County in separate lawsuit

SAN BERNARDINO >> San Bernardino County's $102 million settlement with a developer in November 2006 likely helped the county's current effort to recover most of that money, a former top county attorney testified Wednesday.Ruth Stringer, under ... »Read

In this article: Paul Biane, Jeffrey Burum, Jim Erwin, Mark Kirk, Gary Ovitt, Bill Postmus
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 'At least there's hope' as Inland conservatives gather Sunday in Riverside

Southern California conservatives are used to being outnumbered.But when they gather in Riverside on Sunday, April 30 for the Fourth Annual Unite IE Conservative Conference, it will be with the confidence that the balance of power in Washington, ... »Read

In this article: Carly Fiorina, illegal immigration, Legislature, Mike Morrell, Nancy Pelosi, Jeff Stone
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 Opinions > Hope for homeless addicts > Doctors and elected officials discuss possible treatments and proposed legislation.

Some days I think I have problems. But last Monday, at the Transitions Clinic, I heard about the difficulties of going through drug withdrawal and... »Read

In this article: Kevin McCarty, Darrell Steinberg
Bills: AB 1512,
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 A climate change of heart?*

<p> </p>* <p><strong><a href=http:* <p><strong>LA Times' CHRIS MEGERIAN</strong>: "California's ambitious efforts to fight climate change have been almost exclusively supported ... »Read

In this article: global warming, greenhouse gas, Chris Megerian, Anthony Rendon, Senate Democrats
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 Dining > Dollar diner > The brothers of Burgess Brothers' Burgers are selling their restaurant for $1; a new market breaks up a food desert in south Sacramento.

Brotherly grub: Local chefs Jonathan and Matthew Burgess appeared on the Home Shopping Network on April 19 in a widely watched (if slightly cheesy)... »Read

In this article: Drought, Mark Stivers
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 Local Stories > Point man > How Kevin de León rose from poverty to lead California's fierce resistance to the Trump administration.

In the early 1990s, Fabian N&uacute;&ntilde;ez and Kevin de Le&oacute;n once found themselves spending the night sleeping on the floor of a high school... »Read

In this article: Willie Brown, Ricardo Lara, Legislature, minimum wage, referendum, Darrell Steinberg, water, Pete Wilson
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 Opinions > Letters for April 27, 2017 >

More conversation needed Re &#8220;The people versus Doug LaMalfa&#8221; (Newslines, by Ken Smith, April 20): Inequality has become a defining feature of our times, evident... »Read

In this article: greenhouse gas, Doug LaMalfa, Barack Obama, Ken Smith
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 The fight against climate change in California gains an unlikely ally: Republicans

California’s ambitious efforts to fight climate change have been almost exclusively supported by Democrats, but that could be changing. A top Republican and some of his colleagues are taking the unusual step of embracing the state’s complex ... »Read

In this article: Assembly Republicans, Jerry Brown, Environmental Justice, Cristina Garcia, global warming, greenhouse gas, Legislature, PPIC, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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 Records show results of a survey by auditors were altered after intervention by UC administration

Officials at some University of California campuses changed their responses to surveys from state auditors after the UC Office of the President intervened, resulting in more positive reviews of the administration, according to documents released as ... »Read

In this article: Elaine Howle, Legislature, Monica Lozano, Kevin McCarty
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 Big changes are needed at UC " starting with the Kool-Aid-drinking Board of Regents

Even the most devoted Old Blue, Bruin alumnus or Santa Cruz Banana Slug must be cringing at what the state auditor reported about University of California fiscal failures. Veteran State Auditor Elaine Howle essentially found that UC has been ... »Read

In this article: Proposition 13, Elaine Howle, Legislature, Kevin McCarty, Gavin Newsom, Anthony Rendon, George Skelton
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 California single-payer healthcare bill passes first committee test

A sweeping measure that would establish government-run universal healthcare in California cleared its first legislative hurdle Wednesday as scores of supporters crammed into the Capitol to advocate for a single-payer system. The Senate Health ... »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Ricardo Lara
Bills: SB 562,
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 L.A. Conservancy wins round in its bid to stop demolition of Googie-style bank building

A judge dealt a setback this week to the plan for a Frank Gehry-designed mixed-use complex in Hollywood, saying Los Angeles leaders failed to comply with the state’s environmental review process when they approved the project. In a 55-page ruling, ... »Read

In this article: Mike Feuer, Gordon E. Hart, Rob Wilcox
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