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Congress passes 'Electrify Africa Act'

"Just what the voters want, since the U.S. has solved all its financial problems and has money to burn. By all mezans, keep us up to date on members of Congress supporting this boondoggle as election season approaches."

by dwiltsee 6 days ago   Respond   Read article

AP source: NFL committee picks combined site over Rams' bid

"The headline is completely contradicted by the article itself. What's the reality here?"

by dwiltsee 27 days ago   Respond   Read article

California focuses on power lines as top cause of wildfires

"And when the insurance companies refuse to pay or refuse to renew policies of homeowners in affected areas, who is left holding the bag?"

by dwiltsee 82 days ago   Respond   Read article

Funding and subsidies worry potential partners in California's bullet train project

"Thirty six high level transportation companies respond and not a single one answers the plea to participate financially. Does that send a clear message to our Governor, Legislature, and citizenry about the reality of this HSR program?"

by dwiltsee 114 days ago   Respond   Read article

Another day, another landmark bill signing for California Gov. Jerry Brown

"California leads the nation in wild, half-baked governmental blunders which inevitably increase the cost of living and fail to live up to their overblown expectations."

by dwiltsee 124 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 How California can entice young people back to teaching
Los Angeles Times/Top of the Ticket - Feb. 8, 12:05 am
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 The best government money can buy* Roundup - Feb. 7, 11:43 pm
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 A Bay Area battle over a proposed Warriors move from Oakland to San Francisco
Los Angeles Times/Top of the Ticket - Feb. 8, 2:00 am
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 Death to the PUC!
Fox & Hounds Daily - Feb. 8, 6:01 am
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 Why does California gas cost so much? State panel wants to know
L.A. Daily News - Feb. 8, 6:20 am
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 Two top Romney advisers donated to Christie after debate

The donations are two of many that Christie campaign officials said poured into his campaign since Saturday night’s ABC debate. »Read

In this article: Mitt Romney, Bob White, Spencer Zwick
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 California To Remove Dead Trees In Sierra For Fire Safety

(AP) - Money from a fire prevention fee paid by some California residents will be used to remove dead or dying trees. The Fresno Bee reports that CAL FIRE spokesman Daniel Berlant says several counties are facing high fire risks from trees dying ... »Read

In this article: Daniel Berlant, Drought
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 Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune editorial: BART, unions should cut labor costs before asking for more taxes

If BART officials and unions want voter support for a planned multi-billion-dollar bond measure, they should heed the calls of 32 elected East Bay officials to negotiate a new labor deal before the November election. »Read

In this article: 40 hour work week, Steven Glazer
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 Bill Seeks To Improve, Preserve American River Parkway

By Ed JoyceA bill (AB 1716) introduced in the California state Assembly would protect and improve the American River Parkway in Sacramento County.  The 5,000-acre Parkway stretches 23 miles, from Sacramento to Folsom.   The area is ... »Read

In this article: Ken Cooley, Kevin McCarty
Bills: AB 1716,
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 Democratic Party faces restive CA activists

Disgruntled Democratic activists in California have begun to buck the national party in key races this election year. After a string of failures in several central valley campaigns, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has come in for ... »Read

In this article: Assembly Democrats, Toni Atkins, Martin Block, Cheryl Brown, California Democratic Party, campaign finance, Stephen T. Knight, Zoe Lofgren, Henry Perea, David G. Valadao, Dan Walters
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 Fuel experts to discuss California's higher gas prices

A state panel is meeting Monday to investigate why California gas prices are consistently higher than the national average and whether state lawmakers can do anything about it. »Read

In this article: Severin Borenstein, Jerry Brown, Energy Commission
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 Plagued by delays, California high-speed rail back in court

California voters embraced the idea of building the nation's first real high-speed rail system, which promised to whisk travelers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in under three hours, a trip that can take six hours or more by car. Eight years ... »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Jerry Brown, High-Speed Rail, Legislature, Dan Richard
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 Water Privatizers Have Their Eye on Flint's Lead Crisis

Michelle ChenTo disaster capitalists, Flint’s sick children present an opportunity for privatization and profit. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Donald Cohen, David Parker, water
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 Why does California gas cost so much? State panel wants to know

SACRAMENTO -- A state panel is meeting Monday to investigate why California gas prices are consistently higher than the national average and whether state lawmakers can do anything about it.Fuel experts, economists and consumer advocates are ... »Read

In this article: Severin Borenstein, Jerry Brown, Energy Commission
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 Property Taxpayers in Center of School Bond Debate

Property taxpayers are in the eye of a brewing storm whipped up by the contrasting efforts to pass a statewide school construction bond initiative and the Brown Administration’s insistence that future school construction bonds be funded locally. ... »Read
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 How to Get Votes in New Hampshire"A Personal Story

Thirty years ago, when I was campaigning for a seat in the 400-member New Hampshire House (yes, 400 members), I spent my weekends at the Sanbornton Town Landfill engaging voters. Since my Lakes Region town with its 2900 residents had no street ... »Read
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 Death to the PUC!

I’m not sure the state’s Public Utilities Commission deserves to die. But I’m glad the death penalty has finally been put on the table. That’s the real import of a proposal from three legislators to ask voters to strip the PUC of its ... »Read

In this article: Legislature
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 Minimum Wage Divides Experts

Voters will likely decide on the November ballot whether or not to raise California’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, even though experts are still divided on the issue. There will be plenty of anecdotes in between now and November about the fruit ... »Read

In this article: minimum wage, PPIC, Peter Tateishi
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 Coastal Commission should back down in effort to fire director

Expect a bizarre bit of circus when the California Coastal Commission convenes at Morro Bay on Wednesday. At that monthly meeting, the commissioners are scheduled to open an unusual public hearing on whether to fire Executive Director Charles ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Peter Douglas
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 The Brief: With Second Place in Sight, Cruz Has Big Push in N.H.

The Big Conversation The pivotal and increasingly more difficult to predict GOP presidential primary in New Hampshire will happen tomorrow. As the Tribune’s Abby Livingston reports, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is campaigning with an urgency similar to ... »Read

In this article: Manuel Lozano, Early Primary, renewable energy
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 My Generation's Best Chance Is Socialism

Sarah Leonard, Bhaskar SunkaraYou don’t need a $200,000 college degree to know when you're getting screwed. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Leonard, minimum wage, Barack Obama
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 Essential Politics: Debates matter and some New Hampshire perspective

I’m Christina Bellantoni. We're welcoming the Year of the Monkey in today’s Essential Politics. New Hampshire voters have their say tomorrow, and those results will better set the trajectory of the rest of the primary season than Iowa’s ... »Read

In this article: Lois Capps, Hillary Clinton, Michael Honda, Chris Megerian, Barack Obama, water
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 City Atty. Mike Feuer, turf rebate recipient, steers clear of DWP records lawsuit

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has spent months fighting to keep certain information about its turf removal rebate program from being released, arguing in court that customers' names and addresses should remain confidential. If the ... »Read

In this article: Mike Feuer, Eric Garcetti, water, Rob Wilcox
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 A Bay Area battle over a proposed Warriors move from Oakland to San Francisco

A proposal to move the Golden State Warriors from Oakland to San Francisco's Mission Bay district has given rise to a NIMBY battle on steroids, a dispute pitting billionaires against billionaires. The scrum involves world-renowned scientists, a ... »Read

In this article: Willie Brown, Edwin M. Lee, water
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 CalSTRS gets new power to set state, school rates

As its pension debt soared after the financial crisis, CalSTRS struggled for years to get legislation needed to raise rates — meeting with legislators, looking at suing the state, and even issuing a $600,000 public relations contract to help ... »Read

In this article: CalPERS, CalSTRS, Legislature, state budget
Bills: AB 1469,
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 How California can entice young people back to teaching

Think your child's teacher is terrific? Or terrible? Just feel fortunate the kid has a teacher at all. It's getting harder and harder to attract college students to teaching. That's frustrating for public schools, because there are plenty of job ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Carol Liu, Fran Pavley, George Skelton, Pete Wilson
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 Pull the plug on death penalty in California

It has been more than 10 years since an inmate on California’s death row has been executed, and California citizens are split about what should be done about the state’s death penalty law. According to a recent Field poll, 47 percent of... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Field Poll, Jeremy Fogel, Legislature
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 The best government money can buy*

<p> </p>* <p>Well, it's an election year and that means the campaign donations <a href=http:* <p>The<strong> Bee's Jim Miller</strong> tells the tale: "Members of the California Legislature ... »Read

In this article: Stephen T. Knight, Legislature, Jim Miller, Dan Morain, Gavin Newsom, Brad Sherman, water
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 Super Bowl 50 splendor in Santa Clara produces almost-perfect day

At times it seemed like an amazing music festival with occasional -- less successful -- football interludes. But no matter what anybody says about Super Bowl 50, a game with more three-and-outs than thrills, it produced an almost-perfect day and an ... »Read

In this article: Drought, Steve Young
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 AM Alert: Dirty energy concerns frame push for multi-state system

Regional energy grid worries lawmakers, environmentalistsStudy by state examines safety of synthetic turfRepublican Senate candidates to debate tonight … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, California Republican Party, Thomas Del Beccaro, Carl DeMaio, Kamala Harris, Legislature, Anthony Rendon, renewable energy, Loretta Sanchez, Duf Sundheim
Bills: SB 350,
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 California issued 605,000 new driver's licenses for immigrants in the U.S. illegally last year

Judith Benitez had gone most of her adult life without knowing how to drive. The 35-year-old woman from Mexico who is in the U.S. illegally would ask family members for rides to pick up her children from school. Trips to the grocery store or the ... »Read

In this article: Luis A. Alejo, Artemio Armenta, Jerry Brown, illegal immigration
Bills: AB 60,
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