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Latest reader comments:

Key Committee Fails To Take Up California Minimum Wage Bill

"A wise move considering the wage will go up automatically this coming January. Not to mention this bill would have come at a hefty price tag to the state government- over $4 Billion according to the Department of Finance."

by Avg. Joe 19 hours ago   Respond   Read article

Despite Side Deal Report, Support Lines Up for Iran Deal

"Support lines up? One NY Congressman. Seems like two key northeastern Senators (both Dems) in two weeks is more compelling evidence of an anti-deal groundswell."

by dwiltsee 8 days ago   Respond   Read article

Mandating a 50-Percent Reduction in Oil--at What Cost?

"California’s 100,000 electric vehicles are the most electric vehicles in any state, however, the other 97% of California’s 30 million vehicles that DO NOT run on electricity or other alternative fuels are consuming more than 40 million gallons of transportation fuels, gasoline and diesel, excluding jet fuel, EVERY DAY. Sounds like a lot of fuel, but it equates to just more than 1 gallon per day per vehicle. California motorists and businesses are major consumers of fossil fuel products. Even though there is a both projected growth in population from our current 38 million citizens, AND an increase in vehicle registrations from our current 30 million, the fuel demand is projected to decline slightly from the current 40 million gallons per DAY of gasoline and diesel, mostly as a result of continuous improvements in fuel efficiencies, and a slight impact by the 3% of vehicles that run on electricity or other alternative fuels. We already have AB32 and the LCFS in effect to control GHG emissions. REQUIRING California’s 38 million citizens to change their lifestyle appears to be bad public policy and possibly unenforceable on abusers that do not reduce their usage by 50%. It appears that a reduction from the current 40 million gallons of transportation fuels down to 20 million a day in just 15 years would be a drastic lifestyle change that could severely impact one of the world’s largest economies."

by PTSSTAFFING 43 days ago   Respond   Read article

An Engineered Drought

"Now I'm not here to necessarily defend agriculture- but are you accounting for all the reductions they have had to make in recent year's prior to the Governor's executive order? I thought they were cutting before the rest of us. water crops as much as needed, water lawns sparingly."

by Avg. Joe 80 days ago   Respond   Read article

Carly Fiorina jumps in GOP presidential race: Can she win? (+video)

"The only thing Carly can aspire to is a cabinet post. So she has to decide what realistic nominee she will ultimately support. At some time, she will go with Jeb."

by jimragan796 116 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 Concord Mayor must choose between ethics and mere legality in accepting campaign contributions from Lennar
Contra Costa Bee - Aug. 28, 2:03 pm
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 Lee must make enemies if he wants to combat homelessness

Lee must make enemies if he wants to combat homelessness With his pronouncement that the homeless will “have to leave” their encampments on the city’s streets and sidewalks Mayor Ed Lee has taken his first step away from being the ... »Read

In this article: Darius Anderson, Rusty Areias, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Lloyd Dean, Edwin M. Lee, George Marcu, Aaron Peskin, Janet Reilly
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 Los Angeles committee gives support to bid to host 2024 Olympics

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A committee of the Los Angeles City Council voted on Friday to support an effort to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Los Angeles, ahead of a deadline next month for U.S. Olympic organizers to decide on an American city to ... »Read

In this article: Joe Buscaino, Eric Garcetti, Zev Yaroslavsky
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 Prosecutors in Colonies corruption case want separate jury for one defendant

Prosecutors in San Bernardino County's Colonies corruption case are requesting a separate jury for defendant Jim Erwin, who they claim spoke more about the case to colleagues, reporters and other associates than any of the other defendants, and much ... »Read

In this article: Paul Biane, Jeffrey Burum, Jim Erwin, Mark Kirk, Gary Ovitt, Bill Postmus
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 Colonies lawyer challenges charge, evidence in corruption case

The lead defense attorney in the ongoing colonies Corruption case is seeking dismissal of one of the few remaining charges against his client, a prominent local developer.In a motion filed Friday afternoon, attorney Stephen Larson argues that ... »Read

In this article: Paul Biane, Jeffrey Burum, Jim Erwin, Mark Kirk, Gary Ovitt, Bill Postmus
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 Carson woos NFL, christens Stadium Way at ceremony

Carson's elected officials flirted with the National Football League on Friday, gathering news reporters, regional politicians and select residents on a freeway off-ramp to unveil the city's newest street name: Stadium Way.• Video: Stadium ... »Read

In this article: Jim Dear, Mike Gipson, Isadore Hall
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 Political Blotter: Bay Area doctor named White House Fellow

A Bay Area physician has been selected as a White House Fellow for 2015-16; also, as former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina calls for defunding Planned Parenthood, the charitable foundations of the two families who founded the company she's famous ... »Read

In this article: Carly Fiorina, Stem cell research
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 Renewable energy requirement creates jobs, Berkeley study says

As lawmakers consider new measures to combat climate change, researchers at UC Berkeley released a study saying stronger renewable energy requirements would lead to new jobs. »Read

In this article: Rob Lapsley, renewable energy
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 L.A. City Council again pushes pause button on Olympic bid commitment

A few weeks ago, it seemed a foregone conclusion that Los Angeles would bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. »Read

In this article: Joe Buscaino, Eric Garcetti, Herb Wesson
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 Former Schwarzenegger spokesman teams up with Sacramento train hero

Republican strategist Aaron McLear is helping Anthony Sadler with crush of media requests … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Kevin Johnson, Aaron McLear, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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 Far-reaching climate bills warrant approval

California legislators have a chance to pass sweeping environmental lawClearly threatened, the oil industry is answering with misleading adsWavering lawmakers should ask themselves how they want to be remembered … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Air Resources Board, Assembly Democrats, Assembly Republicans, Drought, global warming, greenhouse gas, Legislature, Barack Obama, Fran Pavley, Henry Perea
Bills: AB 1493, SB 32, SB 350,
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 The Numbers Crunch: Most Californians' paychecks are falling further behind

Gap between median-wage and high-wage workers continues to widenEqual pay and minimum wage efforts could helpWhy do some occupations pay so much more than others? … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, minimum wage
Bills: SB 358,
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 Carson city leaders lay groundwork for NFL project

City of Carson leaders took another step toward building an NFL stadium by unveiling their newly named Stadium Way. »Read

In this article: Drought, Mark Fabiani, water
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 Cop's Killer Gets Parole Despite Protest From San Diego DA

Jesus Cecena who was 17 when he killed a San Diego police officer during a 1978 traffic stop was granted parole, prompting District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to call on the governor to reverse the state Board of Parole's decision. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Bonnie Dumanis
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 Lobbyists pile on for greenhouse-gas reduction bill

State filings through June show dozens working on Senate Bill 350Measure backed by Gov. Jerry Brown awaits Assembly voteMany lobbyist employers also donated to lawmakers … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, greenhouse gas, Legislature, Thomas F. Steyer
Bills: SB 350,
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 Jerry Brown, Senate Democrats find unlikely fight on climate bills

Effort to pass petroleum reduction bill once appeared smootherOil interests launched barrage of advertising opposing billPassage rests on amendments, moderate Democrats in California’s lower house … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Air Resources Board, Toni Atkins, Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, global warming, greenhouse gas, Legislature, Fran Pavley, Henry Perea, Kathryn R. Phillips, Senate Democrats, Thomas F. Steyer
Bills: AB 32, SB 350,
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 New Fault Line Park Opens In San Diego's East Village Friday

Fault Line Park will have a playground, public art and two restrooms. It's part of a mixed-use development built by the redevelopment agency Civic San Diego. »Read

In this article: Lorena Gonzalez, redevelopment agencies
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 Trio held in shooting of San Bernardino officer sentenced to 15 years in prison

SAN BERNARDINO >> Barely a year after police Officer Gabriel Garcia was critically wounded by a gunman, three men facing trial for their role in the shooting were sentenced Friday following a plea deal with prosecutors. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Michael A. Ramos
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 Governor will decide if companies can require workers to waive lawsuit rights

It all comes down to Jerry Brown. The governor is poised to act on a bill passed Thursday by the Assembly that would drastically alter the rules on how employees resolve labor disputes. Assembly Bill 465 would require that any employer enforcing ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Roger Hernandez
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 Concord Mayor must choose between ethics and mere legality in accepting campaign contributions from Lennar

Concord Mayor must choose between ethics and mere legality in accepting campaign contributions from Lennar by Richard Eber originally appearedon CONTRA COSTA BEE. Lennar campaign contributions force Mayor Tim Grayson to choose between the merely ... »Read

In this article: Willie Brown, campaign finance, Mark DeSaulnier, Legislature
Bills: AB 1234,
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 Capital Journal Friday PM: Last Fighting Season of America's Longest War

This is the Friday afternoon newsletter from The Wall Street Journal's Washington bureau, providing a rundown of the biggest news stories of the day and exclusive features from the week on politics, policy, financial regulation, defense and more. »Read

In this article: Joe Biden, Bob Davis, Carly Fiorina, Barack Obama
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 Oakland Tribune editorial: Passing hike in cigarette tax is a must

The Field Poll released Wednesday should make the California Legislature's job easier as it tackles health care in a special session this summer: Californians like the direction of health care reforms, the poll found, and -- this is the big news -- ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, cigarette tax, Field Poll, Legislature, Richard Pan
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 Government meddling led to empty Haggen stores, laid-off grocery workers

At 6:15 p.m. on a recent weekday, you could have thrown a bowling ball down the service deli aisle at the new Haggen store in Woodland Hills and not hit anybody, and that's no reflection on your bowling skills.Nobody was there. Outside the store, ... »Read

In this article: Lorena Gonzalez, Susan Shelley
Bills: AB 359,
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 Justice Kennedy's gay marriage opinion is celebrated again -- in wedding vows

When Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote the U.S. Supreme Court's opinion legalizing same-sex marriage, it's unlikely that he intended to compose a preface for wedding vows. Yet his conclusion has become just that. »Read

In this article: Proposition 8, Same-sex marriage, Vaughn R. Walker
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 TV This Week Aug. 30 - Sept. 5: 'Wild' on HBO

Customized TV Listings are available here: »Read

In this article: George P. Miller, Roberto Rodriguez
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 Check under the hood before letting California pass new fuel rules: Susan Shelley

During World War II, Americans endured rationing of food and gasoline. The federal government issued ration books and enforced tight limits on purchases.When the war ended, nothing better symbolized the triumph of freedom than the return of gleaming ... »Read

In this article: Air Resources Board, Jerry Brown, greenhouse gas, Mary Nichols, renewable energy, Susan Shelley
Bills: AB 32, SB 32, SB 350,
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 Clinton seeks to assure Dems: I'm trying to do a better job

All-out Clinton effort includes private meetings with supportersDraft Biden group meets with DemocratsClinton won’t criticize Biden … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Alice Huffman, Barack Obama, Early Primary
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