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Latest reader comments:

San Diego Cab Owners Line Up At City Hall To Oppose Open Taxi Market

"Imagine, a propped up government instituted monopoly threatened by even the notion of an open playing field for all."

by Creed 66 days ago   Respond   Read article

Why The Grocery Bag Bill Should Be Referred

""So they bought off the grocery industry by allowing them to charge 10 cents for the alternative brown paper bags."....I believe this law will not just allow the grocers to charge for each bag, it will force them to charge the bag fee (and allow them to pocket the change)."

by Avg. Joe 76 days ago   Respond   Read article

What Happens When Extremism Becomes Mainstream?

"Pure BS"

by mgood1234577 122 days ago   Respond   Read article

Dianne Feinstein pleas for GOP votes on drought bill

"Demand gun rights back: eliminate the Roster, the 10- and 30-day waits, the AWB, and 10-round magazine capacity limit as the price to help her."

by daniellord557 228 days ago   Respond   Read article

Study Finds Tripling Tobacco Tax Would Ignite Smuggling

"Russian & Armenian Organized Crime Groups from Sacramento & Southern California when the Tobacco Tax was increased I think 10 years ago, created a brand new and largely uncontrolled form of smuggling where Ryder or Uhaul Trucks were driven to Indian Reservations in Las Vegas and their is nothing that Ag Inspection in Barstow could do, there is nothing illegal in hauling Cigarettes as long as there is a bill of sale."

by radanford 402 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 John Phillips: A political realignment coming to California?
Orange County Register/Editorial - Nov. 24, 12:00 am
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 White House threatens to put brakes on alternative fuels

As biotech masterminds and venture capitalists scramble to hatch a new generation of environmentally friendly fuels that can help power the average gasoline-burning car, they are confronting an unexpected obstacle: the White House. »Read

In this article: biofuels, Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, global warming
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 Lamest lame duck

Congress has done little since the midterms -- putting the GOP's governing agenda in jeopardy. »Read

In this article: John F. Kerry, Mark Kirk, Loretta Lynch, Senate Republicans
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 Time Is Running Out on the CIA Torture Report

The Senate still thinks it can wrap up negotiations with the White House before the year ends. But the clock is ticking. »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, Leon Panetta
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 Watchdog Hits Buena Park Councilman With Big Fine

The state Fair Political Practices Commission fined Art Brown, the town's most high-profile politician, $8,500 for failing to disclose thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and taking illegal »Read

In this article: campaign finance, Fair Political Practices Commission, Shirley L. Grindle
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 CalPERS retirees outnumber active workers soon

In a few years CalPERS retirees are expected to outnumber active workers, a national trend among public pension funds that makes them more vulnerable to big employer rate increases. A mature pension fund for a growing number of retirees becomes much ... »Read

In this article: CalPERS, Bill Slaton
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 How Obama's Immigration Orders Jam the GOP

Perhaps the most idiotic response to President Obama’s historic executive orders halting the deportation of up to five million undocumented immigrants, but surely the most telling, came via numbskull congress creature Michele Bachmann of ... »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Pete Wilson
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 John Phillips: A political realignment coming to California?

Prior to the 1960s, states in the southeastern United States were firmly controlled by “big-D” Democrats. Time and time again, the “Solid South' would opt for the Democratic nominee for president and select Democrats to represent them in ... »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, Anthony Cannella, Kevin De Leon, Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Andy Vidak, water
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 Gov. Jerry Brown has plenty of weapons to fight UC's Janet Napolitano

Gov. Jerry Brown may have met his match in Janet Napolitano. And the University of California president definitely is confronting a skilled adversary in the governor. »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Richard Blum, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Legislature, George Skelton, state budget
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 University of California: The hidden cost of tuition hikes

As expenses rise, so does the price of financial aid. »Read

In this article: Toni Atkins, Jerry Brown, Dean Florez, Legislature
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 Snail-mail the solution to slow Silicon Valley vote tallies?

Santa Clara County officials are considering whether to abandon traditional polling places after delivering some of the slowest results statewide on Nov. 4, and are watching as San Mateo County officials give the idea a try under state supervision. »Read

In this article: Kim Alexander, Joe Simitian
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 A journalist's recipe for fixing L.A.

Efforts to improve local government and the services it provides have come and gone over the 22 years I have covered Los Angeles for this newspaper. Some have been successful: The Christopher Commission reset the accountability systems at the LAPD, ... »Read

In this article: Legislature, Richard Riordan, Antonio Villaraigosa
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