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 The Man McMaster Couldn't Fire*
The Atlantic - July 23, 12:00 pm
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 Health care showdown* Roundup - July 24, 11:51 pm
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 Health care showdown*

<p><strong><a href=http:* <p><strong>Bay Area News Group's TRACY SEIPEL</strong>: "Hell hath no fury like a president scorned. And with the embarrassing collapse of the GOP-controlled Senate's plan to ... »Read

In this article: Leroy Baca, Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, David Campos, Peter V. Lee, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Darrell Steinberg, John A. Wagner, Michael Williams
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 The Commish*

<p><strong>Oakland's new, specialized, seven-member police commission to oversee misconduct probes has seen over 150 highly qualified candidates apply for the positions -- <a href=http:* <p><b>The Chronicle's MATIER ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Jim Frazier, Peter V. Lee, Legislature, Phil Tagami
Bills: AB 63,
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 The Man McMaster Couldn't Fire*

<p class="dropcap" dir="ltr>J<span class="smallcaps>ust 24 days into his tenure</span> as Donald Trump's national-security adviser, Michael Flynn was forced to resign, having reportedly misled Vice ... »Read

In this article: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff
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