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What Happens When Extremism Becomes Mainstream?

"Pure BS"

by mgood1234577 5 days ago   Respond   Read article

Dianne Feinstein pleas for GOP votes on drought bill

"Demand gun rights back: eliminate the Roster, the 10- and 30-day waits, the AWB, and 10-round magazine capacity limit as the price to help her."

by daniellord557 110 days ago   Respond   Read article

Study Finds Tripling Tobacco Tax Would Ignite Smuggling

"Russian & Armenian Organized Crime Groups from Sacramento & Southern California when the Tobacco Tax was increased I think 10 years ago, created a brand new and largely uncontrolled form of smuggling where Ryder or Uhaul Trucks were driven to Indian Reservations in Las Vegas and their is nothing that Ag Inspection in Barstow could do, there is nothing illegal in hauling Cigarettes as long as there is a bill of sale."

by radanford 284 days ago   Respond   Read article

Kings owners set to announce deal with labor unions on downtown arena construction

"Too bad the focus is not on best product and efficiency.....instead monopoly labor will cost us all."

by Avg. Joe 328 days ago   Respond   Read article

Minimum wage bill advances to Senate floor

"What happened to basic research before writing. While Assembly member Alejo's press release said the bill went to the Senate floor, that is incorrect. The bill was sent to the Senate Rules committee yesterday by the chair of the Appropriations committee. Cut and paste electeds press releases?"

by BigTuna 332 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 The Republicans Best Chance in 2014
Fox & Hounds Daily - July 29, 6:16 am
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 Gloria Romero: Cynicism, arrogance undoes another lawmaker
Orange County Register/Editorial - July 29, 12:00 am
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 Bates Hires County Exec Under Investigation
Voice of OC - July 29, 6:00 am
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 Gov. Brown knows better than to let lobbyists pay for his Mexico trip
Los Angeles Times/Editorial - July 28, 5:48 pm
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 Enviros remain skeptical of Brown's climate aspirations Roundup - July 29, 7:45 am
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 Club for Growth Attacks Todd Tiahrt After Giving Him 100% Score in 2010

Former Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R., Kan.) voted with the Club for Growth 100% of the time in his last year in office, but that’s not enough to spare him the Club’s wrath as he seeks to win back his old seat. »Read

In this article: No Child Left Behind, Nancy Pelosi
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 San Bernardino County judge denies key defense motion in Colonies corruption case

A San Bernardino judge this morning hearing arguments in the Colonies corruption case has denied defense attorneys' motion arguing that county prosecutors didn't provide crucial exculpatory evidence to a grand jury in 2011 that could've prevented an ... »Read

In this article: Paul Biane, Jeffrey Burum, Jim Erwin, Mark Kirk, Gary Ovitt, Bill Postmus
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 Sacramento police find suspected killer of NBA star's aunt

The man suspected of fatally stabbing his estranged wife on a South Sacramento street on July 8 has been located by Sacramento police. Michael Williams »Read

In this article: Michael Lee, Michael Williams
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 PAC at the heart of Dark Money Scandal Shuts Down

PAC received $11 million of anonymous money for Prop 30 and Prop 32. by Brian Leubitz It turns out that everything comes around in the end. The political arm of the Small Business Action Committee (SBAC) filed official termination papers on Monday, ... »Read

In this article: Joel Fox, Brian Leubitz, John Myers
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 Mayor Kevin Faulconer: From Minimum Wage to Comic-Con

Mayor Kevin Faulconer joins us for his monthly update on the business of the city and he's taking your calls! Call in at noon on 1-888-895-5727 or tweet your question to @KPBSMidday! »Read

In this article: Kevin Faulconer, Todd Gloria, minimum wage
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 Federal Eye: A simple summary of the new VA bill

Congress is expected to vote this week on a bill to revamp the Department of Veterans Affairs in the wake of a scandal over treatment delays and falsification of scheduling records at VA hospitals across the country. Read full article >> »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 Advocates Grade Congress on Immigration

Frustrated by lack of action and unfulfilled promises on the immigration overhaul front, a coalition of 10 advocacy groups is out to hold House members accountable for the extent to which they were unhelpful to the cause. »Read

In this article: Jeff Denham, Barack Obama, David G. Valadao
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 Enviros remain skeptical of Brown's climate aspirations

California has agreed to work with Meixcan officials to address air pollution and green house gas emissions, so why aren't the enviros happier with Jerry Brown? David Siders reports for The Sacramento Bee: 'Yet Brown's ambassadorship on the ... »Read

In this article: water, Mitt Romney, Dan Richard, Kathryn R. Phillips, John Myers, Joel Fox, Carly Fiorina, Jerry Brown
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 In the Loop: Newly sworn-in HUD Secretary Castro gets his first D.C. party

It’s not every day that you move to Washington and somebody throws you a big party. But Julian Castro, the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development, was the star attraction Monday night at an event honoring top Latinos in the Obama ... »Read

In this article: Tony Cardenas, Judy Chu, Linda T. Sanchez
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 The Republicans Best Chance in 2014

Republicans are looking around for a chance to snag one statewide office this fall, and most attention has focused on Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin running for Controller.  But the GOP should really focus on Pete Peterson, their candidate for ... »Read

In this article: Board of Equalization, Debra Bowen, Jerry Brown, campaign finance, John Chiang, Steve Cooley, David Evans, Kamala Harris, Dave Jones, Bill Lockyer, Gavin Newsom, Alex Padilla, John A. Perez, Tom Torlakson, Betty T. Yee
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 Twin Tunnels Project Threatens Property Owners

You’d think that with all the well deserved bad press heaped on the High Speed Rail debacle that Governor Brown would be a little more circumspect about mega-infrastructure projects which, presumably, he wishes to be the cornerstone of his legacy. ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, John Laird, water
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 Don't Be So Dense About Housing

Southern California faces a crisis of confidence. A region that once imagined itself as a new model of urbanity – what the early 20th century minister and writer Dana Bartlett called “the better city” – is increasingly being told that, to ... »Read
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 Detroit-Style Pension Cuts: Could It Happen Here?

Bankrupt Detroit announced last week that current workers and retirees voted overwhelmingly to cut many pensions by 4.5 percent and to trim or eliminate cost-of-living adjustments. If the plan to exit bankruptcy had been rejected, a federal judge ... »Read

In this article: CalPERS
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 Mission to Mexico lands new business partner

Gov. Jerry Brown has been promoting California business in Mexico City, where he is leading a trade delegation actively looking for Mexican companies willing to invest in the state. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Bob Roberts
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 Opponents of Toll Lanes on the 405 Fight State Plan

OC taxpayers shouldn’t pay to widen the 405 only to see the state add toll lanes, speakers tell transportation directors. »Read

In this article: Patricia Bates, Jerry Brown, Ryan Chamberlain, Terry Francke, Legislature, Gary G. Miller, John Moorlach
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 Bates Hires County Exec Under Investigation

Supervisor Pat Bates has hired a top county government executive currently under investigation by the human resources department to become her new chief of staff and may be leaning on auditors to look »Read

In this article: Patricia Bates, Todd Spitzer, water
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 Brown, Mexican leaders sign environmental partnership pact

On the first work day of Gov. Jerry Brown’s trade trip to Mexico, the governor signed an environmental pact with Mexican officials promising that the two governments would work together on promoting clean vehicles, air quality and other climate ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, greenhouse gas, Anne Gust, renewable energy
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 Braley reboot starts with attack

The Iowa Democratic Senate candidate's ad targets opponent Joni Ernst's minimum wage views. »Read

In this article: Larry Grisolano, minimum wage
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 AM Alert: Jerry Brown addresses education, energy, immigration in Mexico

Education, energy and the border crisis are the big topics for day two of Gov. Jerry Brown’s trip to Mexico. Gov. Jerry Brown, left, and Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jose Antonio Meade answer questions from journalists during a ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, CalPERS, greenhouse gas, Legislature, Richard Pan, Dan Walters, water
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 Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown shares governorship while in Mexico

With Gov. Jerry Brown away in Mexico, Dan takes a look back at how acting governors have fared in the past. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is one of three acting governors this week while Gov. Jerry Brown is in Mexico on a trade trip. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom
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 Federal Eye: The VA bill would make firings easier. Is that a good thing?

The Department of Veterans Affairs would have greater authority to fire senior executives under a broad proposal announced Monday to help the VA address the root causes of its recent record-keeping scandal. Read full article >> »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 Climate Battle Plan Shifts to Bottom Line

Democrats hope to shift the politics of climate change by highlighting what they say are the massive costs of failing to curb greenhouse-gas emissions. »Read

In this article: global warming, greenhouse gas, Robert R. Rubin, Thomas F. Steyer
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 Politicking off impeachment chatter

Democrats keep alive the idea that John Boehner is mulling impeachment though he insists he isn't. »Read

In this article: Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, Barack Obama
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 Miller faces sales job on $17B VA health care bill

Before being elected to Congress, Rep. Jeff Miller was a real estate broker. His background in sales will come in handy as the Florida Republican tries to a sell a…Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller, Barack Obama
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 DiFi: Putin's Manhood vs. Schweitzer's Sick Fantasy

Gender bender: As a convent schoolgirl, Dianne Feinstein was a drama queen, invariably picked to play strong males leads in all-female casts because she was precociously statuesque. From Prince Rupert in “A Waltz Dream” and Peter Standish in ... »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, John F. Kerry, Barack Obama, Brian Schweitzer
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 Editorial: Eastern praise for Brown's 'modestly liberal agenda'

Paul Krugman is bullish on California. He wrote as much last week in his New York Times opinion column, where he declared Gov. Jerry Brown’s “modestly liberal agenda of higher taxes, spending increases and a rise in the minimum wage” a ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, minimum wage
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 Gloria Romero: Cynicism, arrogance undoes another lawmaker

And, now, there are two. Former Los Angeles Councilman Richard Alarcon – with whom I served in the California Senate – was convicted last week on multiple counts of voter fraud and perjury. Like our former colleague, Sen. Rod Wright, D-Los... »Read

In this article: Richard Alarcon, Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey, Gloria Romero, David Townsend, Roderick Wright
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 Ask Emily: Big bills lurk in specialty drug category

Ask Emily is a biweekly column by Emily Bazar of the CHCF Center for Health Reporting, answering questions about the Affordable Care Act. Read all her columns at Emily Bazar writes for the CHCF Center for Health Reporting, ... »Read

In this article: Richard S. Gordon, Janice Rocco
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 Obamacare at center of debate over California health insurance initiative

As state insurance commissioner, Dave Jones has the power to regulate rates for car and homeowner insurance. He can halt an insurer’s proposed increase if the company can’t justify the higher cost. Health insurance is another matter. ... »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, Jamie Court, Diana Dooley, Dianne Feinstein, Dave Jones
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 Editorial: VA health care deal is a big chance for Congress

Our do-nothing Congress has a chance to get something vital accomplished before going on yet another vacation. At long last, a bipartisan deal emerged Monday to start fixing the scandalous health care system for veterans. Sen. Bernie Sanders, ... »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller, Barack Obama
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 Michele Roberts named NBPA chief

Washington, D.C., attorney Michele Roberts has been voted in as the new executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, becoming the first woman to head up a major sports union. »Read

In this article: Kevin Johnson, James P. Jones
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 West Contra Costa hospital losing workers amid uncertain future

As Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo faces an uncertain future and county health officials scramble for options to save it, skilled workers are leaving in droves, hastening the need to make a decision on how to save the hospital and what form the ... »Read

In this article: California Nurses Association, John Gioia
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 Supervisors to address tenant buyouts, retail chains' workers

Under the legislation, Campos says, landlords would have to pass on written information to tenants about their legal rights 45 days before they can begin negotiating a buyout and register details of any completed buyout with the city's Rent Board. ... »Read

In this article: David Campos, Eric Mar, water
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 Gov. Brown agrees to Mexico pact on climate change; environment activists wary of business ties

Gov. Jerry Brown, calling for “heroic efforts” to combat climate change, agreed with Mexican officials Monday to work together on policies to address air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Gov. Jerry Brown, left, and ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, California Democratic Party, Energy Commission, greenhouse gas, Tom Hayden, Kathryn R. Phillips, renewable energy, Allan Zaremberg
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 San Bruno alleges misconduct, seeks removal of CPUC president

San Bruno city officials want the CPUC president to be removed from office, alleging that emails show 'illegal and illicit' private communications with PG&E. »Read

In this article: Jerry Hill, Michael R. Peevey
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 One More Clue that the Obamacare Lawsuits Are Wrong

On January 15, 2010, the Affordable Care Act wasn’t yet law. It was just two separate health care reform bills—one passed by the Senate, one passed by the House. With Martha Coakley still the presumptive winner of the upcoming special election ... »Read

In this article: Debbie Curtis, Nancy Pelosi, Fortney Pete Stark
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 Brown, Mexican officials sign climate pact during governor's trip

When federal leaders in Washington needed new ideas for slashing vehicle pollution, they looked west to California, which had already enacted tighter standards. »Read

In this article: Air Resources Board, Jerry Brown, greenhouse gas, Chris Megerian, Mary Nichols, renewable energy
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 Report: Stockton best site for Tesla plant

San Joaquin County would be the most likely site for Tesla's proposed $5 billion battery factory if the electric car maker decides to build it in California, regional economists agreed Monday. »Read

In this article: Stephen Levy, NUMMI
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 Veterans Affairs legislation needed now

Members of Congress have been working overtime — once again — to prove that in their world even no-brainer, badly needed legislation desired by both sides of the political aisle must have drama. »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 Operation Yurok seizes thousands of marijuana plants, no arrests made

A multi-agency offensive against illegal marijuana grows on Yurok tribal lands near Weitchpec yielded several thousand plants and uncovered an array of environmental damage, but no arrests have been made, officials said Monday. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Stephen T. Knight, water
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 Deal on veterans' health care to cost at least $17 billion

WASHINGTON -- - A bipartisan deal to improve veterans' health care would authorize at least $17 billion to fix the health program scandalized by long patient wait times and falsified records covering up delays, the bill's chief supporters said ... »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 The Buzz: Sen. Wright spent $129,000 on legal bills through June, filing shows

The legal defense fund of state Sen. Rod Wright, who was convicted earlier this year of felony voter fraud and perjury, spent $129,000 on attorneys and related costs from January through June, according to a new filing. Willie Brown photo ... »Read

In this article: Board of Equalization, Steve Bradford, Willie Brown, Ron Calderon, Isadore Hall, William Portanova, Darrell Steinberg, Roderick Wright, Leland Yee
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 San Bruno mayor wants top official removed from blast probe

The California Public Utilities Commission's president should be removed as head of the regulatory agency in light of San Bruno explosion-related e-mails that show state officials are 'subject to undue influence' by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., the ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Hill, Michael R. Peevey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, water
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 Marijuana prohibition doesn't work

According to Tony Newman of the Drug Policy Alliance, the Gray Lady has become the first major national newspaper to support legalizing marijuana. The Times did not celebrate marijuana use; it simply addressed the downside of prohibition - 658,000 ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Hillary Clinton, Proposition 19, Eric Swalwell
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 George Skelton: Scrap California's dysfunctional death penalty policy

Taxpayers are dumping big money into a death row where, for years, no one has been executed. Rather, hundreds of murderers have been living out their lives in relative comfort compared with inmates who committed lesser crimes. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Legislature, George Skelton
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 San Diego council approves minimum wage hike to $11.50 an hour by 2017

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - The San Diego City Council gave formal approval on Monday to an ordinance that would incrementally raise the minimum wage in California's second-largest city to $11.50 an hour by January 2017, mostly for workers in the ... »Read

In this article: Kevin Faulconer, Todd Gloria, minimum wage, sick leave
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 Mercury News editorial: A Veterans Administration bill finally on its way to passage

Congress has to make everything look hard these days, but nearly everyone agrees on the principles for improving the VA. A bill needs to pass this week to get the changes in gear. »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 California Gov. Brown: Relationship With Rep. McCarthy 'Needs Further Development'

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown, traveling in Mexico on a trade mission Monday, commenting on his relationship with incoming House majority leader and fellow Californian Rep. Kevin McCarthy, described it as one 'that probably needs further development.' »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi
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 7 numbers to remember about the VA compromise plan

Can Congress pass the bipartisan plan announced Monday to fix the VA? Well, Congress's track record isn't great. But there are a few reasons to be optimistic. Seven, in fact. »Read

In this article: Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 Gov. Brown knows better than to let lobbyists pay for his Mexico trip

Gov. Jerry Brown is on a four-day trip to Mexico City to talk to government officials there about trade and immigration issues. That's a reasonable thing for a California governor to do. Brown is not traveling alone: Nine administration officials ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Gray Davis, George Deukmejian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pete Wilson
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 Jerry Brown’s business ties trouble California climate change activists

Gov. Jerry Brown, calling for “heroic efforts” to combat climate change, agreed with Mexican officials Monday to work together on policies to address air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, California Democratic Party, Energy Commission, greenhouse gas, Tom Hayden, Kathryn R. Phillips, renewable energy, Allan Zaremberg
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