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San Diego Cab Owners Line Up At City Hall To Oppose Open Taxi Market

"Imagine, a propped up government instituted monopoly threatened by even the notion of an open playing field for all."

by Creed 132 days ago   Respond   Read article

Why The Grocery Bag Bill Should Be Referred

""So they bought off the grocery industry by allowing them to charge 10 cents for the alternative brown paper bags."....I believe this law will not just allow the grocers to charge for each bag, it will force them to charge the bag fee (and allow them to pocket the change)."

by Avg. Joe 142 days ago   Respond   Read article

What Happens When Extremism Becomes Mainstream?

"Pure BS"

by mgood1234577 189 days ago   Respond   Read article

Dianne Feinstein pleas for GOP votes on drought bill

"Demand gun rights back: eliminate the Roster, the 10- and 30-day waits, the AWB, and 10-round magazine capacity limit as the price to help her."

by daniellord557 294 days ago   Respond   Read article

Study Finds Tripling Tobacco Tax Would Ignite Smuggling

"Russian & Armenian Organized Crime Groups from Sacramento & Southern California when the Tobacco Tax was increased I think 10 years ago, created a brand new and largely uncontrolled form of smuggling where Ryder or Uhaul Trucks were driven to Indian Reservations in Las Vegas and their is nothing that Ag Inspection in Barstow could do, there is nothing illegal in hauling Cigarettes as long as there is a bill of sale."

by radanford 468 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 Santa Clara County: First steps suggested to start fixing beleaguered election system
Contra Costa Times/Politics - Jan. 29, 6:30 am
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 Organizers cancel California crime victims rally over security concerns
Contra Costa Times/Politics - Jan. 29, 6:29 am
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 The Single Biggest Reason Mitt Romney Won't Be President
National Journal - Jan. 29, 7:09 am
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 NEW: Fracking with no freshwater " or water " increasingly common
CalWatchdog - Jan. 29, 8:00 am
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 The Senate Has Confirmed Loretta Lynch Is Not Eric Holder. Will It Confirm Her?
National Journal - Jan. 29, 8:22 am
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 Case of missing S.F. bond money has a suspect

An senior official at the Association of Bay Area Governments is under scrutiny for allegedly orchestrating the theft of $1.3 million in bond money that was meant for public parks and street improvements in the South of Market neighborhood. The ... »Read

In this article: Chris Daly, Chris Daly
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 Growth, energy, education top state Senate Dems' 2015 priorities

SACRAMENTO — California Senate leader Kevin de León laid out wide-ranging priorities for the year, saying Thursday that the Democrats will focus on economic growth, education, energy, environment and income equality. Speaking at an event hosted ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, CEQA, Jerry Hill, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senate Democrats, Bob Wieckowski
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 Obama Urges Democrats to 'Stand Up Straight,' Mocks GOP

In Philadelphia, the president sought to energize what has been a weakened and divided party. »Read

In this article: Xavier Becerra, Nancy Pelosi
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 Beijing-based Xiaomi is fast emerging as the Apple rival to watch

It wasn't long ago that everybody wondered whether Apple Inc. could effectively compete against a tough bunch of homegrown smartphone makers in China. »Read

In this article: Steve Jobs, Chris Jones
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 Home of former PUC chief Michael Peevey is searched as probe expands

State law enforcement officials stepped up their investigation of the Public Utilities Commission this week, searching the La Cañada Flintridge home of former President Michael Peevey and seizing computer equipment and smartphones. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Carol Liu, Michael R. Peevey, water
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 Medi-Cal Computer Glitches Still Causing Problems

Some enrollees have gotten 18 notices in a day; others can’t get their duplicate applications deleted. By Hannah Guzik California has greatly reduced the backlog of applications for its low-income health program, but problems with the computer ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Legislature, Cathy Senderling
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 Democrats Facing 2016 Debate Dilemma

The party is starting discussions about 2016 primary debates, but it's challenging to do without knowing what Hillary Clinton's opposition will look like. »Read

In this article: Joe Biden, Bill Bradley, Hillary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, Chris Lehane, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson
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 Bill to ban a word is just censorship

Censorship has raised its ugly head in the California Legislature with a bill to prohibit high school sports teams from using one word as name. … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Luis A. Alejo, Legislature, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bills: AB 30,
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 Shut-out Dems longing for Hillary - and Bill

They once again dream of invites to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Zoe Lofgren, Barack Obama, Tom Quinn
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 S.F. Democrats want Airbnb to pay back taxes

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, the local Democratic Party’s governing body, voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to approve a resolution calling for Airbnb and other short-term rental companies to pay back taxes to the city. ... »Read

In this article: David Campos, David Chiu, Edwin M. Lee, Mark Leno, Kristin Olsen, Nick Papas
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 Government work declines in California, but is on the rise elsewhere

Texas. The word alone sparks images of deregulated Utopia or wasteland, depending on where you fall on the political spectrum. It is a one-word Californian Rorschach test, an elastic term that reveals a Californian’s personal and political ... »Read
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 California, U.S. energy plan to aid apartment dwellers

California Gov. Jerry Brown and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro announced partnerships Thursday to expand financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy in multifamily, affordable housing. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, greenhouse gas, renewable energy, water
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 Bill would raise California smoking age to 21

Proposed legislation would raise the legal smoking age in California from 18 to keep cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers. … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Ed Hernandez, Legislature, Mark Leno
Bills: SB 151,
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 San Jose's Ash Kalra to launch Assembly bid

It’s never too early to start that 2016 campaign, folks. Perhaps taking a page from California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who already is pumping out endorsements of her 2016 campaign to succeed U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, San Jose City ... »Read

In this article: James T. Beall, Board of Equalization, Barbara Boxer, Nora Campos, Kamala Harris, Dave Jones, Legislature, Fiona Ma
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 Amid report Michael Peevey's home searched, Jerry Brown praises PUC

SAN FRANCISCO – Even as it was reported that state investigators seized computers and other items from Michael Peevey’s home, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday offered only praise for the former president of the California Public Utilities ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Carol Liu, Michael R. Peevey, renewable energy
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 Lawmaker: Cheerleaders Should Get Paid a Real Wage

While football fans are getting ready for the Super Bowl this weekend, California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) has turned her attention to the women on the sidelines. Gonzalez, a former cheerleader and labor leader, introduced a bill ... »Read

In this article: Lorena Gonzalez, minimum wage
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 Tentative ruling: California must adopt execution process

California must adopt a new process for executing condemned inmates after nearly three years of delays, a state judge ruled Thursday in a lawsuit filed by crime victims. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Deborah Hoffman
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 Junipero Serra 'very courageous' but not perfect, Jerry Brown says

Gov. Jerry Brown, who once studied to become a Catholic priest, said sainthood for Junipero Serra is up to the pope, but he understands that there is the 'subtle point that sometimes is hard to understand: that tragedy and good and evil often are ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, renewable energy
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 House Dems seek better messaging, not new policies, for 2016

Despite big setbacks in the midterm elections, Democratic lawmakers say they're sticking to their top priorities: a higher minimum wage, tax hikes on the rich, advancing the president's health care law and other measures largely associated with ... »Read

In this article: minimum wage, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff
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 Are APCD employees underpaid?

By JOSH FRIEDMAN San Luis Obispo County Air Control District employees, most of whom receive six-figure pay and benefit packages, are due for salary increases, following a board decision Wednesday. During a closed session hearing, the APCD voiced ... »Read

In this article: Larry Allen, Debbie Arnold
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 NEW: McClintock pushes water storage, public lands access

“I think there’s going to be a concerted effort in the next few weeks to move both short-term and long-term water relief bills for California,” Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., told As this site reported in November, ... »Read

In this article: Judy Chu, Dianne Feinstein, Legislature, Tom McClintock, Barack Obama, water
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 NEW: Brown, Newsom ace Napolitano

This now is Gov. Jerry Brown’s ninth decade in California politics. He was born in 1938 into his father’s ambitions in state politics, culminating in Pat Brown’s governorship from 1959-1966. From his website: Jerry Brown has more ... »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Pete Wilson
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 Gonzalez Proposes Bill To Make Cheerleaders Employees Of Professional Teams

Cheerleaders for professional sports teams would be treated as employees under California law under a bill introduced Thursday by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. »Read

In this article: Lorena Gonzalez, minimum wage
Bills: AB 202,
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 The Fix: In which we try to solve a Senate 'whodunit'

UPDATE 2:45 pm: We got a note from Sen. Shaheen's office and they say 'was not us.'Our colleague Colby Itkowitz offers another theory: There was also the Judiciary Committee hearing featuring former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson. The only ... »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, Loretta Lynch
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 Need a dodge for questions you're not ready to answer? Here it is.

'I'm focused on' is one of those maxims that’s difficult for anyone beyond a politician’s inner circle to disprove. And it helps demonstrate said politician’s devotion to his or her current duties. Ask Ohio Gov. John Kasich. »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, Gavin Newsom
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 As Romney weighs '16 bid, his past donors commit to Jeb Bush

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Closing in on a decision about whether to again run for president, Mitt Romney is finding that several past major fundraisers and donors in key states have defected to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.... »Read

In this article: campaign finance, Mike Murphy, Mitt Romney, Spencer Zwick
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 Security Takeaways From the Loretta Lynch Hearings

The transcripts of the Senate Judiciary nomination hearings for Loretta Lynch from Wednesday alone run 63,928 words. Although immigration has been the top issue the attorney general nominee has faced, she also has talked about torture, ... »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, Loretta Lynch
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 PUC probe: State searches home of Michael Peevey, former commission boss

State law enforcement officials reportedly searched the La Canada Flintridge home of former Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey this week and seized computer equipment and smartphones. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Michael R. Peevey
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 Oil price drop leads to financial woes for Kern County

Cheap oil is a boon for California consumers. We are a state of freeways and suburbs, with some of the longest commute times in the nation. Low prices at the pump help help Californians’ pocketbooks. But for every bit of good economic news, ... »Read
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 A New Appeal for Irvine Library Opposition Gives Lalloway a Free Pass

Another day and another email from the mysterious group, “Irvine Villages for Fiscal Responsibility” but the same message — Irvine Mayor Steven Choi plans to waste up to $150 million of taxpayer money on a huge library that only he ... »Read

In this article: Larry Agran, Steven Choi, Beth Krom, Nancy Pelosi
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 Dems hope unified message on economy will stem losses

Forget 2014 - House Democrats want a new path for 2016. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, minimum wage, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi
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 Keystone vote: Senate's new openness comes at a price: time and patience

The GOP-controlled Senate has voted on more amendments on the Keystone bill than Democrats allowed in all of last year. But at this pace, it's not clear that essential Senate business will get done.  »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, minimum wage
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 The Senate Has Confirmed Loretta Lynch Is Not Eric Holder. Will It Confirm Her?

Nine witnesses testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the attorney general nominee on Thursday. »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, Loretta Lynch
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 NEW: Fracking with no freshwater " or water " increasingly common

The next great environmental fight in California is likely to be over hydraulic fracturing, the energy extraction process that uses underground water cannons to blast away rock and reach oil and natural gas reserves. Gov. Jerry Brown appears ready ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, global warming, Chris Reed, water
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 The Single Biggest Reason Mitt Romney Won't Be President

For Hillary Clinton, too: The unique challenges and opportunities of authenticity in the 21st century. »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, John McCain, minimum wage, Mitt Romney, Stem cell research
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 Santa Clara County: First steps suggested to start fixing beleaguered election system

Officials said that with an upgrade to outdated equipment years away, there's no fast fix to Santa Clara County's beleaguered election system but they hope that some core malfunctions learned from the last cycle can be remedied in the meantime. »Read

In this article: Joe Simitian, Ken Yeager
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 Organizers cancel California crime victims rally over security concerns

An annual crime victims rally that has drawn law enforcement, governors and other dignitaries to the state Capitol has been canceled this year over worries about rising anti-police sentiment. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Evan Westrup
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 Report: State agents search homes of former CPUC chair, PG&E executive

State investigators searched the homes of former California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey and a former PG&E executive Tuesday, seizing computers and other devices in an investigation of possible judge-shopping, bribery and ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Hill, Carol Liu, Michael R. Peevey
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 Brown's Popularity Key to Prop 30's Future

Governor Jerry Brown’s job approval ratings are sky high in the recent Public Policy Institute of California Poll, which means the fate of Prop 30 could hang on a word from the governor. Brown continues to remind those who want to see Proposition ... »Read

In this article: Mark Baldassare, Jerry Brown, Joel Fox, PPIC
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 Is A Mileage Fee In California Drivers' Future?

Seeking a creative and long-term solution for financing highway and road construction and upkeep, a new commission kicked off its investigation of a “Road User Charge” as a possible replacement for the well-traveled gasoline tax. Created by 2014 ... »Read
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 To Improve L.A. Voter Turnout: Experiment

Like a man who bangs his head against the wall to cure a headache, Los Angeles will hold more municipal elections this March. The certain result: another low-turnout embarrassment that draws the usual lamentations about how our democracy is in ... »Read

In this article: Eric Garcetti, Dean Logan, Alex Padilla
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 The State Of The Presidency And Defining Victory

Vince Lombardi may have spoken the bald truth: “Winning is not everything it is the only thing.” But how do you define victory? Technically Barack Obama has won far less than what he sought at the onset of his presidency and the odds of ... »Read

In this article: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney
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 Capital Journal Daybreak: The New Politics of the Keystone Pipeline | Few Fireworks at Lynch Hearing | GOP Split on Defense Outlays

The Journal's morning rundown of the biggest news stories and exclusive features from Washington on politics, policy, financial regulation, defense and more. »Read

In this article: Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, John F. Kerry, Liquefied natural gas, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, Ron Paul, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney
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 READ IN: Retreating To Philly Edition

Sign up for Read In today and get all the political news you need delivered right to your inbox every morning! It's fast, easy and free!A1: Today's top stories.-- President Obama will announce a proposal to roll back the budget sequester when he ... »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, John F. Kerry, Loretta Lynch, Nancy Pelosi
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 Sen. Feinstein's anti-marijuana stance shows she's too old school for California

It has been suggested -- by a majority of California voters -- that Dianne Feinstein has served long enough in the U.S. Senate.  Some thought  it was time for some new blood;  others thought she is simply too old to keep in touch with one of the ... »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris
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 GOP Senators Seek to Put Focus Back on VA Scandal

A group of Republican senators hopes to return attention to accountability issues at the Veterans' Affairs Department that have disappeared from the headlines. »Read

In this article: John McCain, Jeff Miller, Jeff Miller
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 Investigators search home of ex-PUC chief Michael Peevey*

<p>State investigators <a href=http:* <p>From <b>Jaxon van Derbeken</b> at <b>SFGate</b>: 'The search warrant covering Peevey's and Cherry's homes said investigators were looking for evidence of improper ... »Read

In this article: Proposition 13, Barbara Boxer, Kamala Harris, Stephen T. Knight, Carol Liu, John Myers, Michael R. Peevey, Sharon Runner, Loretta Sanchez, George R. Steffes
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