2009-2010 5th extraordinary session

SBx5 1 ( Steinberg )

Public schools: Race to the Top.

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Chaptered Jan. 7, 2010
Secretary of State
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Location: Governor Governor
Jan. 7, 2010
Enrolled. To Governor at 9:30 a.m.
 Version: Chaptered
Jan. 6, 2010
 Vote: Senate Floor
Ayes: 27
Noes: 7
Abstain: 0
Jan. 6, 2010
Senate concurs in Assembly amendments. (Ayes 27. Noes 7. Page 42.) To enrollment.
 Vote: Sen Education
Ayes: 6
Noes: 0
Abstain: 0
 Vote: Sen Appropriations
Ayes: 9
Noes: 2
Abstain: 2
 Version: Enrolled
Jan. 5, 2010
 Vote: Assembly Floor
Ayes: 45
Noes: 17
Abstain: 16
Jan. 5, 2010
Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 45. Noes 17. Page 65.) To Senate.
 Vote: Asm Appropriations
Ayes: 12
Noes: 4
Abstain: 1
 Vote: Asm Education
Ayes: 11
Noes: 2
Abstain: 4
 Version: Amended Assembly
Jan. 4, 2010
From committee with author's amendments. Read second time. Amended. Re-referred to Com. on ED.
 Version: Amended Assembly
Dec. 9, 2009
 Vote: Asm Education
Ayes: 15
Noes: 0
Abstain: 2
 Vote: Asm Education
Ayes: 6
Noes: 5
Abstain: 6
Dec. 8, 2009
Dec. 3, 2009
From committee with author's amendments. Read second time. Amended. Re-referred to Com. on ED.
 Version: Amended Assembly
Dec. 2, 2009
In Assembly. Read first time. Held at Desk.
Nov. 4, 2009
Nov. 3, 2009
 Vote: Senate Floor
Ayes: 21
Noes: 12
Abstain: 7
Nov. 3, 2009
Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 21. Noes 12. Page 23.) To Assembly.
 Vote: Sen Appropriations
Ayes: 7
Noes: 3
Abstain: 3
 Version: Amended Senate
Nov. 2, 2009
From committee: Do pass, but first be re-referred to Com. on APPR. (Ayes 5. Noes 0. Page 18.) Re-referred to Com. on APPR.
 Vote: Sen Education
Ayes: 5
Noes: 0
Abstain: 4
Nov. 1, 2009
Oct. 29, 2009
(Corrected November 3.)
 Version: Amended Senate
Sept. 9, 2009
Re-referred to Com. on ED.
Aug. 27, 2009
Introduced. Read first time. To Com. on RLS.
 Version: Introduced
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Shooting of Stephon Clark is less about race than cops with a 'war zone mentality'
Sacramento Bee - Opinion, March 30, 2018
Getting angry "Protesters close I Street downtown after open-casket viewing of Stephon Clark's body[1]" (sacbee.com, March 28): Anger is appropriate when law enforcement turns against the citizens. Anger is appropriate when a person dies without reason, in an unjust, cold and brutal manner. What is not reasonable is to say this has anything to do with race. This is not about race. It is about ...

Psychiatric patients desperately need housing. We're failing them
Sacramento Bee - Opinion, May 15, 2017
Mayor Darrell Steinberg, long an advocate of better psychiatric care, draws an apt analogy: If you see someone bleeding on the street, youll call 911. If you see someone on that same street who is suffering from mental illness, youll probably walk a little faster. We as a society do the same, often leaving it to law enforcement to handle the problem. Too often, people with severe mental illness ...

Sayonara, salmon*
AroundTheCapitol.com - The Roundup, April 11, 2017
California's chinook salmon season may be shortened again[1] for the second consecutive year.   The Chronicle's TARA DUGGAN: "For the second year in a row, California officials are likely to shorten the chinook salmon season, making the local specialty costly and hard to find throughout the summer and possibly beyond." "With chinook salmon at its lowest population in years, West Coast fishery ...

No free rides: Gas, cash, or grass*
AroundTheCapitol.com - The Roundup, April 7, 2017
The Governor's 12 cent gas-tax hike has been approved[1] by the state legislature.    OC Register's JEFF HORSEMAN: "Following behind-the-scenes maneuvering and a public relations blitz by Democratic leaders, the California state legislature Thursday evening, April 6, approved a $52 billion transportation funding package that raises the gas tax and imposes new vehicle fees to fix the ...

Legislation would upend local citizens' initiatives
Fox & Hounds Daily, March 29, 2017
In 2016 California voters considered more than850 local[1]ballot measures[2]. But that is just too much democracy, according to ameasure introduced in the Assembly[3]last month. Most local measures are placed on the ballot by a local governing board: city council, school board, transit district, etc. Most of those measures are charter amendments, tax increases or bond measures. But occasionally ...

AB 889 Poses a Liability Threat to the Business Community
Fox & Hounds Daily, March 27, 2017
Attorney and Lobbyist at the Sacramento government relations firm of Aprea & Micheli, Inc. Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman Mark Stone (D-Santa Cruz) has introduced AB 889, reigniting a debate that first began just over 25 years ago in this state. First proposed by then Senator Bill Lockyer in 1991, SB 711 would have banned the use of protective orders in civil litigation. Governor Wilson ...

Grappling with Gorsuch*
AroundTheCapitol.com - The Roundup, Feb. 1, 2017
California has mixed feelings[1] about Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court.    Sacramento Bee's CAPITOL BUREAU: "Here are some reactions from California groups and politicians to President Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch [2]to the U.S. Supreme Court."   "U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California: "Evaluating Supreme Court nominees is ...

California bill would make it easier for candidates to live outside district
Sacramento Bee, Jan. 27, 2017
Recently introduced state legislation would relax voter registration rules, allowing California legislative candidates to live far outside the district they seek to represent.The change would let candidates live in one place in the state and register to vote and seek office elsewhere as long as they hold property, whether by lease or by title in the district.The proposed change, if it had been ...

Calexit hits the streets*
AroundTheCapitol.com - The Roundup, Jan. 27, 2017
Interested in the possibility of CalEXIT? Backers get the green light to collect signatures[1].   Sacramento Bee's JIM MILLER: "Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment seeking California’s secession from the U.S. can begin collecting voter signatures to qualify for the 2018 ballot, the secretary of state’s office said Thursday."   "The so-called Calexit movement ...

AroundTheCapitol.com - The Roundup, Aug. 19, 2016

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