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Thursday, March 6

Press conferences

12:30 pm: Sens. Migden, Perata, Yee and Torlakson discuss protection of K-12 school funding and improving test results

Brookside Elementary School
116 Butterfield Road
San Anselmo

Contact: Tracy Fairchild, 916-651-4003
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Monday, March 10

Press conferences

9:30 am: Sen. Yee and Assemblywoman Bass discuss legislation to help rehabilitate incarcerated youth and parents

State Capitol
south steps

Contact: Adam Keigwin, 916-651-4008   Last updated: March 9 10:11 pm

Thursday, April 24

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Agriculture Committee 2 bills
Senate Education Committee 20 bills
Senate – Labor and Industrial Relations Committee 4 bills
Senate – Health Committee 21 bills
Senate – Insurance Committee 5 bills
9:30 am: Senate Governance and Finance Committee 21 bills
Assembly Rules Committee 1 bill

Monday, April 28

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee 12 bills
Senate Appropriations Committee 63 bills
Assembly – Natural Resources Committee 30 bills
Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee 22 bills
Assembly Transportation Committee 24 bills
Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee 11 bills
Assembly Banking and Finance Committee 5 bills

Tuesday, April 29

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Natural Resources and Water Committee 10 bills
Senate – Transportation and Housing Committee 12 bills
Senate – Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee 9 bills
Senate – Public Safety Committee 18 bills
Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee 13 bills
Assembly Health Committee 23 bills
Assembly Human Services Committee 37 bills
Assembly Judiciary Committee 23 bills
Assembly Public Safety Committee 21 bills
Assembly Water Parks and Wildlife Committee 19 bills
Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee 21 bills
Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee 9 bills

Wednesday, April 30

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate Education Committee 22 bills
Senate – Health Committee 13 bills
Senate – Environmental Quality Committee 12 bills
Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee 2 bills
Assembly Agriculture Committee 8 bills
Assembly – Accountability and Administrative Review Committee 18 bills
Assembly Education Committee 27 bills
Assembly Governmental Organization Committee 7 bills
Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee 9 bills
Assembly Local Government Committee 13 bills
Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee 1 bill

Monday, May 5

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Assembly Banking and Finance Committee 2 bills

Tuesday, May 6

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Transportation and Housing Committee 3 bills
Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee 12 bills
Assembly Health Committee 6 bills

Wednesday, May 7

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

9:30 am: Senate Governance and Finance Committee 3 bills
Assembly Education Committee 8 bills
Assembly Labor and Employment Committee 3 bills
Assembly Local Government Committee 11 bills
Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee 4 bills
Assembly Insurance Committee 7 bills