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Friday, Oct. 31

Press conferences

10:00 am: Sen. Feinstein, Speaker Pelosi, SF Mayor Newsom urge support for High Speed Rail Bond (Prop. 1a)

Offices of Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP
One Market Plaza
San Francisco

Contact: Greg Larsen, 916-491-4094

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Wednesday, April 22

Press conferences

4:00 pm: Recently annonced Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom holds media availability after tour of renewable energy company - Sapphire Energy
SF Mayor Gavin Newsom
Sapphire Energy
3115 Merryfield Row
La Jolla, CA

Contact:, no phone

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Thursday, April 28

Press conferences

11:00 am: Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and others discuss Texas fact-finding trip, release jobs bills package
California State Assembly
Carl's Jr.
2615 Broadway

others attending: Assms. Dan Logue, Kristen Olson, Shannon Grove, and CMTA President Jack M. Stewart

Contact: Sabrina Lockhart, 916-319-2034

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Wednesday, June 29

Speeches, forums

9:30 am: California "Everything Grows with Manufacturing" Summit
California Manufacturers & Technology Association
9:30 a.m. Summit begins
10:00a.m. Live webcast begins (watch at

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the CA Manufacturers & Technology Assn., and the CA Correctional Peace Officers Assn. host a Summit to discuss visions for California's economic growth.


* Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom
* CMTA president Jack Stewart
* CCPOA president Mike Jimenez
* Milken Institute economist Ross DeVol
* Emerging technology engineer Bob Epstein
* Boeing C-17 program manager Bob Ciesla
* AE Biofuels CEO Eric McAfee
* California Labor Federation leader Art Pulaski
* Former California Secretary of Trade and Commerce Julie Meier Wright
* State Senator Bob Dutton

Contact: Gino DiCaro, 916-498-3347

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Friday, May 25

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate Appropriations Committee 191 bills

Wednesday, June 6

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate Education Committee 17 bills
Senate – Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee 6 bills
Senate – Health Committee 12 bills
Senate – Environmental Quality Committee 10 bills
Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee 4 bills
Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee 3 bills

Tuesday, June 12

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Governmental Organization Committee 9 bills
Senate – Judiciary Committee 20 bills
Senate – Veterans Affairs Committee 3 bills
Senate – Public Safety Committee 14 bills
Senate – Human Services Committee 9 bills
Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee 1 bill

Wednesday, June 13

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Assembly Local Government Committee 6 bills

Tuesday, June 19

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Public Safety Committee 1 bill