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Tuesday, July 1

Press conferences

11:00 am: Ins. Commissioner Poizner announces homeowner insurance rate reduction by large California insurer

Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church
801 Silver Avenue
San Francisco

Contact: Molly DeFrank, 916-492-3566

  Last updated: July 1 7:24 am

Thursday, July 10

Press conferences

10:30 am: Insurance Commissioner Poizner announces $255 in cuts in homeowner insurance rates

Jesuit Community Parking Lot
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Dr.
Los Angeles

Contact: Molly DeFrank, 916-492-3566

  Last updated: July 9 9:44 pm

Wednesday, May 5

Media appearances

1:30 pm: Steve Poizner campaign teleconference
Poizner for Governor 2010
Teleconference with Poizner campaign pollster and lead strategist.

Contact: Jarrod Agen, 916-325-6800

  Last updated: May 5 1:31 pm

Tuesday, March 6

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Assembly Public Safety Committee 24 bills

Tuesday, April 10

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Human Services Committee 4 bills