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Friday, May 16

Press conferences

11:00 am: Dem. State Legislators join doctors, nurses and paramedics to discuss the impact of the governor's cuts on health care

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
400 N. Pepper Ave.

Contact: Russ Lopez, 916-747-1554

  Last updated: May 16 7:02 am

Friday, June 27

Press conferences

11:00 am: Legislative Democrats and senior citizens discuss budget cuts on seniors and the disabled

LiveWell San Diego
4425 Bannock Ave.
San Diego

Contact: Russ Lopez, 916-747-1554

  Last updated: June 27 7:23 am

Tuesday, Jan. 9

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Human Services Committee 1 bill
Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee 5 bills