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Thursday, Oct. 16


Gov. Schwarzenegger appoints Mark Baldassare to the California Volunteers Commission
Office of the Governor

Contact: Aaron McLear, Brittany Chord, 916-445-4571

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Thursday, June 11

Speeches, forums

12:00 pm: Do California's Enterprise Zones Create Jobs?
Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) and CA Research Bureau
Does the CA Enterprize Zones program create jobs?

Contact: Artemio Armenta, 916-440-1133

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Thursday, June 18

Speeches, forums

10:00 am: Educating California: Preparing Our Future Workforce
Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the CA Research Bureau (CRB)
By 2025, 41 percent of the jobs in California will require a bachelor’s degree – but only 35 percent of California adults will have one.

Contact: Artemio Armenta, 916-440-1133

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Friday, July 31


12:00 pm: Statewide Survey: Californians and the Environment
Public Policy Institute of Calfironia (PPIC) and California Research Bureau (CRB)
This briefing focuses on the July PPIC Statewide Survey, which examines Californians’ views on climate change, energy, and air pollution. The survey also looks at the role of government in handling environmental issues and approval ratings of elected officials. This is the ninth in the annual Californians and the Environment survey series.

Contact: Artemio Armenta, 916-440-1133

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Thursday, Sept. 17

Speeches, forums

12:00 pm: Californians and Reform
Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)
A panel of experts on the subject of California will convene at this event for a presentation of the findings of the latest PPIC Statewide Survey on Californians and Their Government, and will assess and discuss the landscape for change and reform.

Contact: Artemio Armenta, 916-440-1133

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Thursday, July 29


Press Release: Latest PPIC Poll Inconclusive on Prop. 23
Yes on Prop 23
Voters Not Given Key Economic, Environmental and Public Health Information

SACRAMENTO, CA -- Supporters of Prop. 23, the November ballot initiative aimed at protecting California jobs and saving families billions of dollars in higher energy costs, today dismissed the findings of a new PPIC poll as incomplete and inconclusive since it failed to include information about the enormous economic impacts and environmental ineffectiveness of AB 32, the state’s global warming law.

Full Release at:

Contact: Anita Mangels, 888-591-4442

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Tuesday, Jan. 16

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee 1 bill
Senate – Judiciary Committee 1 bill
Senate Appropriations Committee 17 bills
Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee 2 bills

Wednesday, Jan. 17

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Assembly Judiciary Committee 3 bills

Thursday, Jan. 18

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

9:00 am: Assembly Appropriations Committee 51 bills