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Wednesday, April 16

Speeches, forums

6:30 pm: Lincoln Club of Placer County Debate
Lincoln Club of Placer County

Contact: Dennis C. Revell, (916) 443-3816

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Tuesday, May 27

Press conferences

2:00 pm: Former Governor Pete Wilson news conference with Doug Ose

Former Governor Pete Wilson to hold news conference raising concerns about State Senator Tom McClintock

Contact: Doug Elmets, 916 206 8662

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Tuesday, Jan. 16

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee 1 bill
Senate – Judiciary Committee 1 bill
Senate Appropriations Committee 17 bills
Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee 2 bills

Wednesday, Jan. 17

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Assembly Judiciary Committee 3 bills

Thursday, Jan. 18

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

9:00 am: Assembly Appropriations Committee 51 bills