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Wednesday, March 26

Press conferences

10:30 am: Sen. Dianne Feinstein and L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa urge Congress to pass mortgage licensing legislation

Mayor’s Press Conference Room
Los Angeles City Hall
Third Floor
200 North Spring Street

Contact: Phil LaVelle, 202-224-9629

  Last updated: March 25 10:26 pm

Tuesday, Aug. 12

Press conferences

10:00 am: Environmental and water groups hold statewide simultaneous press conferences discussing thier opposition to California's water bond

San Francisco
City Hall

Los Angeles


311 W Murray Ave.

Contact: Mindy McIntyre, 916-541-8825

  Last updated: Aug. 12 6:54 am

Friday, Oct. 31

Press conferences

10:00 am: Sen. Feinstein, Speaker Pelosi, SF Mayor Newsom urge support for High Speed Rail Bond (Prop. 1a)

Offices of Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP
One Market Plaza
San Francisco

Contact: Greg Larsen, 916-491-4094

  Last updated: Oct. 31 7:32 am

Tuesday, Jan. 9

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee 5 bills