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Tuesday, May 6

Legislative committee hearings / meetings

10:00 am: Second Legislative Informational Forum on Homelessness

Assembly members Dave Jones and Sally Leiber

Room 125
State Capitol   Last updated: May 5 10:47 pm

Press conferences

11:00 am: Schools Superintendent O'Connell, Sen. Steinberg, Assm. Jones announce preschool legislation

Downtown Preschool

Contact: Ioannis Kazanis, 916-319-0818

  Last updated: May 5 10:42 pm

Tuesday, May 20

Press conferences

9:00 am: Assm. Jones discusses AB 2151, giving communities better control over retail liquor licenses

Stanford Market, corner of 7th Ave. and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Contact: Tom Clark, 916-319-2334

  Last updated: May 20 12:18 am

Wednesday, Nov. 26

Press conferences

10:00 am: Assm. Jones urges investigation of retailers for failing to comply with California data breach law

Room 317
State Capitol

Contact: Rober Herrel, 916-319-2009

  Last updated: Nov. 26 7:16 am

Wednesday, June 6

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate Education Committee 17 bills
Senate – Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee 6 bills
Senate – Health Committee 12 bills
Senate – Environmental Quality Committee 10 bills
Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee 4 bills
Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee 3 bills

Tuesday, June 12

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Governmental Organization Committee 9 bills
Senate – Judiciary Committee 20 bills
Senate – Veterans Affairs Committee 3 bills
Senate – Public Safety Committee 14 bills
Senate – Human Services Committee 9 bills
Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee 1 bill

Wednesday, June 13

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Assembly Local Government Committee 6 bills

Tuesday, June 19

Legislative committee hearings/meetings

Senate – Public Safety Committee 1 bill