Assembly District 32

Current officeholder:

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Rudy Salas, Democrat

How residents of AD32 have voted:

2008 Statewide Primary
Fuller (R) 37,219
Martinez (D) 16,646
2006 General
Fuller 85,055
Vega 33,594
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Fuller (R) 22,364
Vega (D) 20,450
Ellis (R) 19,196
Wyman (R) 11,900
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Schwarzenegger (R) 47,515
Westly (D) 13,020
Angelides (D) 8,425
13 others*
Gubanatorial Special
Schwarzenegger 83,528
McClintock 22,580
Bustamante 19,248
1 others*
Recall Gov. Davis
Gubanatorial Special
Yes 102,610
No 28,120
*Candidates receiving less than 0.5% of the winner's total are not shown.
Source: Secretary of State

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Source: Secretary of State


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SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown has been quietly visiting California counties -- including Kern -- since the start of the year to see how they are faring under his 3-year-old realignment law that dramatically altered the state's criminal justice system by increasing the burden on local governments. He gave his verdict recently to a gathering of the state's major law enforcement organizations: "I can report ... that realignment is working."