Assembly District 65

Current officeholder:

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Sharon Quirk-Silva, Democrat

How residents of AD65 have voted:

2008 Statewide Primary
Cook (R) 29,640
Wood (D) 18,191
2006 General
Cook 67,669
Ramirez-Dean 41,906
1 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Ramirez-Dean (D) 21,003
Cook (R) 10,193
Salas (R) 8,062
Ayres (R) 7,870
Lowe (R) 7,648
Smith (R) 1,711
1 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Schwarzenegger (R) 32,102
Angelides (D) 11,703
Westly (D) 10,820
13 others*
Gubanatorial Special
Schwarzenegger 71,187
Bustamante 23,472
McClintock 17,872
1 others*
Recall Gov. Davis
Gubanatorial Special
Yes 84,616
No 35,209
*Candidates receiving less than 0.5% of the winner's total are not shown.
Source: Secretary of State

Voter registration in AD65 Click on points to see percentages

Source: Secretary of State


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Two years ago, legislative Democrats pulled off an upset in the heart of conservative Orange County. “I was a surprise win in the last election,” Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton, said in a recent interview of her four-point victory over Republican Chris Norby. “And from the moment I won, there has been an effort to take back […]