Assembly District 7

Current officeholder:

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Roger Dickinson, Democrat

How residents of AD7 have voted:

2008 Statewide Primary
Evans (D) 42,780
Gentry (R) 19,272
2006 General
Evans 99,262
1 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Evans (D) 46,832
1 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Angelides (D) 24,646
Schwarzenegger (R) 24,469
Westly (D) 24,426
Burns (R) 1,265
12 others*
Gubanatorial Special
Bustamante 49,454
Schwarzenegger 45,365
McClintock 18,501
Camejo 5,346
Recall Gov. Davis
Gubanatorial Special
No 78,628
Yes 55,917
*Candidates receiving less than 0.5% of the winner's total are not shown.
Source: Secretary of State

Voter registration in AD7 Click on points to see percentages

Source: Secretary of State


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California regulators seek train bridge inspectors
Sacramento Bee, Sept. 14, 2014  »E-mail story
State regulators are scrambling to hire two railroad bridge inspectors amid a surge in crude oil shipments by train. Assembly member Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento) speaks to members of the press during a news conference at the rail station in Sacramento on Thursday, April 17, 2014. Assembly member Roger Dickinson, along with local elected officials and fire chiefs, announced legislation to help protect communities from rail accidents involving crude oil. According to their press release: ...