Assembly District 7

Current officeholder:

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Roger Dickinson, Democrat

How residents of AD7 have voted:

2008 Statewide Primary
Evans (D) 42,780
Gentry (R) 19,272
2006 General
Evans 99,262
1 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Evans (D) 46,832
1 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Angelides (D) 24,646
Schwarzenegger (R) 24,469
Westly (D) 24,426
Burns (R) 1,265
12 others*
Gubanatorial Special
Bustamante 49,454
Schwarzenegger 45,365
McClintock 18,501
Camejo 5,346
Recall Gov. Davis
Gubanatorial Special
No 78,628
Yes 55,917
*Candidates receiving less than 0.5% of the winner's total are not shown.
Source: Secretary of State

Voter registration in AD7 Click on points to see percentages

Source: Secretary of State


Today's headlines

Capitol Alert: Dickinson bill seeks crude oil train emergency preparedness
Sacramento Bee, April 17, 2014  »E-mail story
Pointing to the catastrophic derailment in Quebec of a train transporting oil and similar accidents, Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, has unveiled legislation to get emergency responders more information about crude-carrying trains that roll through California.

AM Alert: Californians open to changing Prop 13
Sacramento Bee, April 17, 2014  »E-mail story
Capitol Alert Insider Edition app learned last night, Californians are open to making changes to Proposition 13, the 1978 tax-limiting measure that is a cornerstone of the state's political foundation.

Commuter trains, bus systems gear up for Fix50 crowds
Sacramento Bee, April 16, 2014  »E-mail story
Sacramento Regional Transit will launch bulked up train service and added security next week when construction starts on Highway 50 downtown.