Senate District 6

Current officeholder:

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Darrell Steinberg, Democrat

How residents of SD6 have voted:

2006 General
Steinberg 115,628
Green, Jr. 71,051
2 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Steinberg (D) 51,252
Green, Jr. (R) 30,447
Hawkins (D) 11,615
2 others*
2006 Gubernatorial Primary
Angelides (D) 39,040
Schwarzenegger (R) 35,338
Westly (D) 28,728
13 others*
Gubanatorial Special
Schwarzenegger 103,531
Bustamante 67,767
McClintock 29,157
Camejo 9,589
Recall Gov. Davis
Gubanatorial Special
Yes 122,948
No 102,482
*Candidates receiving less than 0.5% of the winner's total are not shown.
Source: Secretary of State

Voter registration in SD6 Click on points to see percentages

Source: Secretary of State


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