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 Will Legislature raise taxes by $200 billion for universal health care
Sacramento Bee - May 23, 5:27 pm
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 Experts: Traveler should have drawn scrutiny before flight
Sacramento Bee - May 23, 5:13 pm
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 Health care is key issue as Montana fills US House seat
Sacramento Bee - May 23, 5:05 pm
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End Run Around Spending Limit Likely Headed for the Courts

The states nearly 40-year-old spending limit law is on the fast track to a date in court. While the state senate budget committee yesterday agreed with the governors framework for the budget, which excludes $22 billion from the spending ...
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Jon Coupal,

Lack of Transparency in Public Contract Negotiations Would Lead to Higher Taxpayer Costs

No state needs to reform the relationship that governments have with public-employee unions more than California. Yet lawmakers keep going in the wrong direction. Contract negotiations between government and the labor unions who represent the public ...
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Raul Bocanegra,
Bills: AB 1455,

The Best Politicians in California Aren't In Politics

It is all wrong, wrote Aristotle, that a person who is going to be deemed worthy of the office should himself solicit it. That little blast as politicians resonates in California today. When you look around the state, our most effective ...
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Eli Broad, Hillary Clinton,

Californians Rely on Our Judiciary to Ensure and Protect Access to Justice

Separation of powers, judicial independence and rule of law are abstract concepts with important implications. At an abstract level, most Americans cannot identify with these concepts. Nearly two-thirds cannot name the three ...
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Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Legislature,

The Real Reason Behind The CA Single PayerProposal

Hint: Its not abouthealth This past weekend the California Democratic Party of which I am a member held a state convention riven by the election of a new chairman. Behind that was a battle over a proposal to enact Single Payer (SP) health ...
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California Democratic Party, California Nurses Association, CalPERS, CalSTRS,

California's priority challenges

Its hard to understand the time and efforts being extended on the subject of sanctuary and the use of public monies to fund protection of illegals when California has many other challenges on its plate such as our growing population of the ...

Decimated by drought, salmon fishing teeters on the brink in California

Welcome to the AM Alert, your morning rundown on California policy and politics. To receive it regularly, please sign up here. A wet winter may have finally pulled the state … Click to Continue
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Travis Allen, Rob Bonta, Ed Hernandez, Legislature, Kevin McCarty, Anthony Rendon,
Bills: ACA 15,

Trump's brutal budget; a better way to vote

Good morning. On behalf of The Sacramento Bees editorial board, welcome to The Take, your opinion-politics newsletter. Please sign up for it here. Jack Ohman muses about President Trumps visit … Click to Continue
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California Nurses Association, Ricardo Lara, universal health care, Dan Walters,

Essential California: Boom time for California real estate, but is a bust coming?

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. Its Wednesday, May 24, and heres whats happening across California: TOP STORIES Boom times The median home price in Los Angeles County rose nearly 6% in April from a year ...

Today: Britain Goes on High Alert

Britain is mobilizing troops to help protect key locations from another potential terror attack. I'm Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today. TOP STORIES Britain Goes on High ...
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Jackie Lacey, Senate Republicans,

Seven ways #TrumpBudget could affect schools in California and nationwide

Britain is mobilizing troops to help protect key locations from another potential terror attack. I'm Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today. TOP STORIES Britain Goes on High ...
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Los Angeles Unified School District, Tom Torlakson,

Not so high anxiety: States move fast to protect pot industry

If a whiff of uneasiness hung over the trade show that drew thousands of marijuana entrepreneurs here last week, it wasnt because they were just around the corner from a White House that has threatened to shut them down. They had bigger worries, ...
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Xavier Becerra, John Chiang,

Essential Politics: Trump dashes to Rome, slashes federal spending

While news about President Trump has been dominated for weeks by accusations of scandal, theres a new thread to talk about as the week reaches its midpoint: his plan to make major cuts in a slew of domestic spending programs. And thats gotten ...
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John Myers, Phil Ting,

The Deserts of Los Angeles: Two Topologies

Gary Reger Night falls quickly in Los Angeles, observes the narrator of Alison Luries The Nowhere City (1965), as in the desert which it once was.[1] The desert looms over much fiction set in Los Angeles, from Raymond ...
In this article:
Mike Davis,

Frustrated with campus discourse limits, California Republicans take on 'free speech zones'

In the realm of political odd couples, state Sen. Jim Nielsen of Gerber and aspiring public interest lawyer Nicolas Tomas may be among the oddest. Tomas, a 26-year-old Democrat, is a promoter of the vegan lifestyle. Nielsen, a 72-year-old ...
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Kevin Baker, Legislature, Melissa Melendez, Jim Nielsen,
Bills: SB 472,

LA County Supervisors OK plan to hike food stamp enrollment

Hoping to ease pressure on area food banks and secure $1.8 billion in federal funding, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to create a special unit to boost enrollment in the state's CalFresh food stamp program.
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Janice Hahn, Sheila Kuehl, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Hilda Solis,

With LA election certification on fast track, Valley district could soon have its caretaker

Council President Herb Wesson is expected to wait until after election results are certified before taking steps to appoint a caretaker for a northeast San Fernando Valley district that has been vacant since September, a council aide said ...
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Felipe Fuentes, Herb Wesson,

7 things you need to know about how Trump's budget would affect schools in California and nationwide

President Trump's proposed budget would cut federal education spending, increase charter school money, eliminate some programs and create a new grant program for funding school choice.
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Los Angeles Unified School District, Tom Torlakson,

Gov. Brown's 'environmental justice' tour of southeast L.A. shows growing influence of polluted neighborhoods

Gov. Jerry Brown slipped quietly into southeast Los Angeles County on Tuesday to tour some of Californias most polluted neighborhoods and meet with activists who have criticized his administration for doing too little to protect the health of the ...
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Environmental Justice, Cristina Garcia,
Bills: AB 378,

Judge 'underwhelmed' by sheriff's search for evidence in O.C. snitch scandal

The Orange County Sheriffs Department insists it has been working hard to comply with a judges long-standing orders to divulge records concerning its handling of jailhouse informants. On Tuesday, however, a 24-year veteran of the department ...
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Sandra Hutchens, Tony Rackauckas,

Who Will Check the Police If the Justice Department Doesn't?*

California policing played a significant role in the development of federal oversight of local law enforcement more than 20 years ago. Now, with the new Justice Department resistant to that power, California could show state and local governments ...
In this article:
Erwin Chemerinsky, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama,

Tempers flare as troubled California tax board weighs audit reforms

Tempers flared at a testy Tuesday meeting where elected members of a troubled state tax board began restricting their own powers while they braced for changes that may be forced … Click to Continue
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Diane Harkey, Jerome Horton, Elaine Howle, Fiona Ma, George Runner, Betty Yee,

Assembly Dems Lay Out Budget Priorities

By Ben AdlerWith the California Legislature’s June 15th constitutional budget deadline just three weeks away, Assembly Democrats are laying out their proposal. Assembly Budget Chair Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) says caucus priorities include ...
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Assembly Democrats, Legislature, Senate Democrats, Phil Ting,

LAPD Officer Avoids Jail In Assault Caught On Video

The officer, who kicked and punched a man, remains employed by the LAPD pending a disciplinary hearing.
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Jackie Lacey,

Trump budget plan would cut many billions from domestic programs

WASHINGTON A Trump administration budget proposal released Tuesday that even some Republicans dismissed as too draconian would slash hundreds of billions of dollars from programs that provide health coverage to low-income people in California ...
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Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi, David Valadao,

California lawmakers move to take control of UC president's budget

SACRAMENTO California lawmakers are proposing a change to the state Constitution and a new budget measure that would help them wrest control of spending by University of California President Janet Napolitanos office. The moves come after ...
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Ed Hernandez, Elaine Howle, Legislature, Phil Ting,

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