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Los Angeles Times

 MLB All-Star Yonder Alonso takes another swing at selling Miami penthouse
Top of the Ticket - 10:50 am
 #  The unconscionable backlog of unprocessed rape kits in California
Editorial - 5:00 am

In this article: David Chiu, Legislature,

Sacramento Bee

 #  California cities know best how to reduce homelessness. But they need more money
Opinion - 12:00 pm

In this article: Legislature, Phil Ting,
 #  We each deserve the right to die with dignity. Reinstate the End of Life Option Act
Opinion - 12:00 pm

In this article: Erwin Chemerinsky, Legislature,
 #  A military coup in Venezuela could lead to democracy - or a Russian or Chinese protectorate
Opinion - 11:40 am
 Teachers, battle for Congress highlight Kentucky primaries
- 11:35 am

In this article: Kim Davis,
 #  It's time to stop taking Trump lawyer Giuliani seriously
Opinion - 11:25 am

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 #  Trump just escalated his war on Mueller
Opinion - 11:25 am

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 #  The Mississippi man tried six times for same crime
Opinion - 8:50 am

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 #  Enough is enough
Opinion - 8:45 am
 California lawsuit to protect abortion services suggested
- 5:45 am

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Bills: SB 320, AB 2943,
 #  State budget + June primary + Gaza violence + school shooting
Opinion - 5:00 am

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Bills: AB 2050,
 #  Jerry Brown wants to save budget surplus, but we shouldn't scrimp on these needs
 This California congressman is avoiding a #MeToo backlash so far. Here's why
 #  Editorial: New Trump immigration policy that separates families is cruel and could make a bad situation worse for kids
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Editorial: The Santa Fe school shooting makes it clear that there is a pathology in our society that we must fight
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Editorial: Pope Francis' mistrust of free markets: A Chicago retort
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Editorial: How keyless ignition could kill you
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Editorial: As possible impeachment looms, Greitens keeps digging his own grave
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Celia Rivenbark: Zuckerberg's new dating app, sho' is simple
Opinion - 1:00 am
 Sports gambling may be coming to California - but it's unclear who will take your bets
- 1:00 am

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 #  Commentary: You're never too old, busy or rusty to make music
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Jerry Zezima: A 'hole' lot of fun
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Trump's dehumanization project
Opinion - May 20, 5:00 pm

San Francisco Chronicle

   2018 midterms show start of Democratic scramble for 2020
- May 20, 10:49 pm

In this article: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, minimum wage, Senate Democrats,