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Los Angeles Times

 #  Jabari Minix keeps Carson in playoff mix with 23-7 win over Crenshaw
Editorial - Nov. 21, 11:12 pm
Any discussion about the top players in the Los Angeles City Section would probably include the name Jabari Minix. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Long Beach Poly goes one-on-one to beat Crespi, 44-27
Editorial - Nov. 21, 10:57 pm
For nine years, Long Beach Poly Coach Antonio Pierce was a linebacker in the NFL, so when he said before Friday's Pac-5 Division quarterfinal game against Crespi, 'This is big-boy football,' he wasn't kidding. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Football: Friday's playoff scores
Editorial - Nov. 21, 10:35 pm
Friday, November 21st »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Five takeaways from the Lakers' loss to Dallas
Editorial - Nov. 21, 10:02 pm
The Lakers’ two-game winning streak is over. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Lakers can't stop the Mavericks in 140-106 loss
Editorial - Nov. 21, 9:47 pm
An enemy of the Lakers crept back into their lives. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  L.A. County will redesign jails for disabled inmates after lawsuit
Editorial - Nov. 21, 9:35 pm
Six years after a lawsuit alleged horrific conditions for inmates in wheelchairs, Los Angeles County officials have agreed to wide-ranging changes to bring their aging jails into compliance with federal disability law. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Man pleads not guilty in death of bicyclist in Newport Beach DUI crash
Editorial - Nov. 21, 9:15 pm
A self-described drug counselor accused of killing a bicyclist while driving under the influence in Newport Beach has pleaded not guilty to murder. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  2 San Diego teens held in hoax school threats made on Yik Yak
Editorial - Nov. 21, 9:15 pm
Two teenagers were arrested Friday on suspicion of placing hoax threats that led to the lockdown of two San Diego high schools. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Girls' volleyball: Friday's City championship scores
Editorial - Nov. 21, 9:07 pm
GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Girls' volleyball: Friday's Southern Section championship scores
Editorial - Nov. 21, 9:06 pm
GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL »Read  »E-mail story
 #  'Looming environmental crisis' at Salton Sea prompts plea for help
Editorial - Nov. 21, 8:57 pm
The Imperial Irrigation District has sent a plea to a state water board to help avert a 'looming environmental and public health crisis' at the Salton Sea. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  L.A. will host Chinese, U.S. summit to launch carbon emissions cuts
Editorial - Nov. 21, 8:45 pm
Following up on last week's U.S.-China climate change agreement, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Friday he would invite leaders of Chinese and American cities to a summit in Los Angeles next year to kick-start efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions in ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Pomelo Elementary's mission: Honor veterans with 'Heroes' Day'
Editorial - Nov. 21, 8:41 pm
Veterans Day was over when the balloons went up and the flags came out at Pomelo Elementary this week, in a 14-year-old tradition that offers a history lesson for third-graders and a stage for aging military veterans to spin stories of their ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Justice Department training police chiefs on bias and officer behavior
Editorial - Nov. 21, 8:34 pm
While the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has been investigating the shooting of Michael Brown and the practices of the Ferguson Police Department, a different agency at Justice has been providing training to local police and assessing ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Penn State saga, college football's ugliest scandal, retold in 'Happy Valley'
Editorial - Nov. 21, 8:30 pm
As we head into the most glorious time for college football, rivalry game weekend, there is an asterisk. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Lakers FYI: Kobe Bryant doesn't like hometown discounts
Editorial - Nov. 21, 8:25 pm
The Lakers were in Dirk Nowitzki's city, not overly far from the domain of Tim Duncan. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  With immigration action, Obama charts a new path forward
Editorial - Nov. 21, 8:03 pm
With a border crisis swirling and a fight with Congress brewing, a group of leading immigration activists expected that a last-minute huddle with top officials at the White House in June would bring more bad news. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Several people badly hurt in Lancaster crash
Editorial - Nov. 21, 7:45 pm
Several people were severely injured Friday evening in an accident that involved at least two cars in Lancaster. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Bill Cosby gets ovation after Florida comedy show
Editorial - Nov. 21, 7:40 pm
Bill Cosby walked off-stage Friday night the same way he came on--to enthusiastic cheers and a rousing ovation. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  L.A. Unified ends Miramonte sex abuse case with $139-million deal
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:55 pm
The L.A. Unified School District has agreed to pay about $139 million to settle claims that a Miramonte Elementary School teacher abused his students, drawing to a close the lengthy case that led to changes in state law and district policies. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  The complicated rules of citizenship
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:54 pm
To Americans, the rules of citizenship can seem simple: You're a member of this nation either by birth or naturalization. But centuries of debate over how citizenship can be acquired and lost show that the concept is not simple at all. This is ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Hunt in cosmos could tell us whether Earthlings are special
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:54 pm
Humans have had quite a ride in the 500 years since Copernicus. We've built and tested a rational vision of the universe in which our circumstances, and those of the Earth, are unexceptional and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We are ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Like the Emancipation Proclamation, Obama's order forces democracy
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:54 pm
Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation provides the foundational precedent for President Obama's executive order on immigrants in the country illegally. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Obama's overreach? Look in the mirror, Congress
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:54 pm
President Obama claims that his decision to defer deportations for millions of immigrants is within his legal authority. The scary thing about this wide-ranging suspension of the law is that his view isn't obviously wrong. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Obama steps away from the Powell Doctrine
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:54 pm
We're three months into our newest war, the one against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and nobody's happy with how it's going. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Manny Pacquiao, Chris Algieri each explain why they expect to win in Macao
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:50 pm
— Manny Pacquiao is more apt to speak truth than trash. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Chris Algieri needs return trip to scale to make weight for Pacquiao
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:47 pm
Manny Pacquiao’s unfiltered trainer, Freddie Roach, couldn’t let the irony of Chris Algieri's missing weight on his first try pass without a verbal jab. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Lakers vs. Mavericks: quarter-by-quarter updates
Editorial - Nov. 21, 6:45 pm
Mavericks 68, Lakers 59 (halftime) »Read  »E-mail story
 #  House Republicans sue Obama over Affordable Care Act enactment
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:38 pm
After searching for months to find an attorney who would take their case, House Republicans made good on their threat to sue the Obama administration Friday, filing a lawsuit challenging the president's authority to enact key parts of the Affordable ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Trucker strike at ports of L.A. and Long Beach ends
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:38 pm
Striking truck drivers from two companies agreed Friday to return to work, organizers said, ending a nine-day trucker protest at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  UCLA vs. USC: How the Bruins and Trojans match up
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:35 pm
The Pac-12 Conference South title is in play for both teams as the crosstown rivals meet for the 84th time in a football series that dates to 1929. Gary Klein and Chris Foster examine the matchups and story lines: »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Bill Cosby's Florida performance goes on despite assault allegations
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:27 pm
Even as other entertainment outlets abandoned him and suspicion grew over a series of renewed allegations of sexual assault, Bill Cosby was welcomed to a central Florida theater Friday night to a rousing standing ovation. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Robbie Keane is more than an MVP candidate to Galaxy
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:25 pm
Great athletes are, by conventional wisdom, selfish. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  California adds 41,500 jobs in October; unemployment rate holds at 7.3%
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:24 pm
California employers returned to hiring in October, adding 41,500 nonfarm payroll jobs after making unexpected cuts the previous month, according to official state numbers. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  House GOP lawsuit wages surprising fight over federal purse strings
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:24 pm
When the House GOP authorized a lawsuit accusing President Obama of overstepping his authority, the rationale it offered was a head-scratcher: the administration's move to delay the employer mandate, a requirement that House Republicans unanimously ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  'Lego Movie': Lord and Miller on the birth of 'Everything Is Awesome'
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:08 pm
Anyone who left 'The Lego Movie' with the impossibly catchy song 'Everything Is Awesome' stuck in their head may not know whether to commend or curse the writing and directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Hot Property column played a role in the O.J. Simpson murder trial
Editorial - Nov. 21, 5:04 pm
Although it was only a minor role, Hot Property had a star turn in 1995 when former professional football player O.J. Simpson stood trial for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. »Read  »E-mail story

San Francisco Chronicle

 Feinstein's sweeping water bill collapses at 11th hour
- Nov. 21, 11:51 pm
Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s abrupt decision to yank a water bill she had spent more than four months negotiating came just as the California Democrat and Central Valley Republicans appeared on the brink of a deal. The surprise climax shocked ... »Read  »E-mail story

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   Supes all riled up about interim board president
- Nov. 21, 10:34 pm
Political insiders gathered in the Board of Supervisors chambers at City Hall on Tuesday to watch, as was alternately predicted, a “Game of Thrones”-like battle or a knife fight. The whole tiff was about schedules, vacations and who should be ... »Read  »E-mail story

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