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 Report: Health premiums rose significantly in 2014
- 2:58 pm
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- California's insurance commissioner released a report Tuesday showing the cost of health care premiums increased significantly this year, as he pushes for more authority to regulate those costs.... »Read  »E-mail story

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Los Angeles Times

 #  'Forrest Gump' to get Imax theatrical re-release for 20th anniversary
Editorial - 5:00 pm
'Forrest Gump' is headed back to the big screen for its 20th anniversary — or, rather, the bigger screen. The weeklong September re-release will screen exclusively in Imax, with digitally remastered images and sound. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Bitcoin trading website accused of defrauding thousands of customers
Editorial - 4:54 pm
A major bitcoin-to-gold trading website is facing a class-action lawsuit after allegedly defrauding thousands of customers. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Angels' Mike Trout remembers 'The Catch' against Orioles
Editorial - 4:37 pm
As soon as Mike Trout stepped onto the Camden Yards field for some early work Tuesday afternoon, he made eye contact with Baltimore Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy, who immediately pointed to the advertisement on the center-field wall. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Greener film shoots can also save costs, report says
Editorial - 4:23 pm
Film sets are notoriously wasteful places. Big movies can generate 225 tons of scrap metal, nearly 50 tons of construction and set debris, and 72 tons of food waste. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Byron Scott will help get Lakers back on track
Editorial - 4:04 pm
Can the Lakers rebound from last year's injury-plagued, defenseless travesty of a 27-win season under Mike D'Antoni? »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson hopes hip check leads to better results
Editorial - 3:57 pm
It was like taking your car in for an oil change and discovering you also needed a front-end alignment. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Study finds 5 servings of produce is enough, but we're not eating it
Editorial - 3:54 pm
How many times will we have to be told? Apparently we haven’t reached the point when we’ll change our habits, but here goes again: Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day can help us live longer. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  CBRE revenue jumps 22%; profit soars 51%
Editorial - 3:51 pm
Real estate services firm CBRE Group Inc. reported a 22% jump in revenue during the second quarter, led in part by a leap in leasing commissions as U.S. firms expanded in the improving economy. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Attorney says he's dropping Bryan Singer's accuser as a client
Editorial - 3:39 pm
Michael Egan, the man who accused 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him when he was a teenager, is being dropped as a client by his lawyers. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  NASCAR levies heavy fines on Denny Hamlin and crew chief after Indy
Editorial - 3:24 pm
Driver Denny Hamlin and his Joe Gibbs Racing team drew heavy penalties from NASCAR on Tuesday because Hamlin's No. 11 Toyota had unapproved parts in a race Sunday. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Indictment says Indiana sheriff gave badge and uniform to prostitute
Editorial - 3:21 pm
A federal indictment unsealed Tuesday alleges that an Indiana sheriff gave a badge and part of a sheriff's uniform to a prostitute he was paying for oral sex and then lied about it when he became ensnared in a federal investigation. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Talking TV: Chat about Halle Berry's sci-fi drama 'Extant'
Editorial - 3:20 pm
Halle Berry is back from space, but she didn't come back alone in the new CBS science-fiction drama. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  ESPN's Stephen A. Smith suspended a week over domestic violence speech
Editorial - 3:14 pm
Stephen A. Smith will be suspended from ESPN for about a week effective immediately, the cable sports giant announced Tuesday. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Commissioner vows to keep former Big East relevant in football
Editorial - 3:11 pm
You have to admire Mike Aresco's spunk. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Boulder County, Colo., told to stop same-sex marriage licenses
Editorial - 2:56 pm
The Colorado Supreme Court took another hand in the gay marriage battle Tuesday, ordering Boulder County to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Iraq and its Kurds fight over oil tanker off the Texas coast
Editorial - 2:39 pm
A $100-million bonanza of crude oil sits in a tanker off the coast of Galveston, Texas, but moving it to shore has become a knotty foreign policy problem. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  ESPN suspends Stephen A. Smith for week over domestic violence remarks
Editorial - 2:34 pm
ESPN has suspended analyst Stephen A. Smith for one week over comments he made that seemed to insinuate women sometimes provoke domestic violence, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Los Angeles Times. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Byron Scott: Lakers fans hail the new coach on social media
Editorial - 2:30 pm
Byron Scott gave his first news conference as Lakers head coach Tuesday, to the excitement of many fans on Twitter. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Twitter shares propelled upward on positive sales, user growth
Editorial - 2:26 pm
Twitter saw steady growth in new users in the second quarter, beating most analyst expectations and providing some confidence to investors that the social network can convince more Internet users to join its flock. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  DreamWorks Animation posts $15-million loss in second quarter
Editorial - 2:20 pm
DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. posted a $15.4-million loss in the second quarter after the company saw lower-than-expected box-office results for its latest movie, 'How to Train Your Dragon 2.' »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Joe Riggs pulled from UFC card after accidentally shooting himself
Editorial - 2:17 pm
UFC welterweight fighter Joe Riggs, scheduled to face Paulo Thiago in Brazil on Sept. 13, was pulled from the card on Tuesday after he accidentally shot himself while cleaning a gun in Arizona. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Watch Clayton Kershaw hit Jimmy Kimmel in the face with a baseball
Editorial - 2:16 pm
OK, so it wasn’t a regulation baseball. Some noses must be protected. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler weighs in on Dodgers TV situation
Editorial - 2:10 pm
The Federal Communications is not happy with Time Warner Cable about the Dodgers TV situation. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Uber, Airbnb team up with Concur to cater to business travelers
Editorial - 2:04 pm
In an effort to attract corporate accounts, Uber and Airbnb each announced plans to make it easier for businesses to use the ride-sharing and apartment-sharing services. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Transcript of Byron Scott's news conference
Editorial - 1:54 pm
The Lakers introduced their new coach, former Showtime member Byron Scott, at a news conference Tuesday. It began with surprise appearances by former Lakers greats Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jamaal Wilkes, and included an introduction ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  CW to air 'The World Dog Awards' in 2015
Editorial - 1:46 pm
The CW is diving right into the heart of awards season next year with its own awards show. Though it's not the kind of awards show you'd immediately think of. Unless you're a dog person. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Browns fan who urinated on Art Modell's grave to face charges
Editorial - 1:39 pm
A Cleveland Browns fan who allegedly filmed himself urinating on the grave of former Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell could face up to two years in prison, authorities said Tuesday. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Texas man arrested in mailings of white powder hoax letters
Editorial - 1:32 pm
A northern Texas man suspected of sending more than 500 letters containing white powder to U.S. government offices, aerospace companies, schools and even hotels near the Super Bowl XLVIII venue has been arrested. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  NCAA President Mark Emmert disputes claim that 'cheating pays'
Editorial - 1:24 pm
The infighting and bickering among NCAA leaders continued this week when the group's president, Mark Emmert, denied claims that the organization's enforcement unit wasn't doing its job. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Killer sperm: Sexual 'arms race' takes its toll on females
Editorial - 1:13 pm
Sure, nobody really thinks of worm sperm as being cute and cuddly -- assuming one thinks about them at all -- but who would have thought they were stone cold killers? »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Privacy advocates want regulators to go after Facebook
Editorial - 1:13 pm
Privacy advocates Tuesday called for government regulators to investigate Facebook’s tracking of users even when they’re on third-party sites, saying the change might violate a previous privacy agreement Facebook made with the government. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Congressional leaders urge extension of film tax credit
Editorial - 1:10 pm
Congressional leaders from across California are pressing their colleagues in Sacramento to strengthen the state's film and television tax credit. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Unaccompanied child immigrants fare better with attorneys
Editorial - 12:59 pm
Children who cross the border without a parent or guardian are far more likely to appear in court and be allowed to stay legally in the U.S. if they have an attorney, but about half have no legal representation, according to a newly released study ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Local films clean up at China box office as imports shut out
Editorial - 12:40 pm
“The Continent,” the directorial debut of Chinese writer and race car driver Han Han, took pole position at the mainland box office last week, earning $48.5 million. Meanwhile, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” finished out its strong run ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  N.W.A biopic 'Straight Outta Compton' casts its MC Ren, DJ Yella
Editorial - 12:39 pm
'Straight Outta Compton,' Universal's biopic chronicling the rise of the groundbreaking gangsta-rap group N.W.A, has cast Aldis Hodge as MC Ren and Neil Brown Jr. as DJ Yella, the studio announced Tuesday. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Teen's body discovered on U.S. military plane at base in Germany
Editorial - 12:32 pm
The body of a teen stowaway was found in the wheel well of a U.S. military plane in Germany on Sunday night, military officials said. »Read  »E-mail story
 In Mexico, Gov. Brown has plenty to say about immigration crisis
Environment - 12:11 pm
On Tuesday morning Gov.Jerry Brown was sitting in the second row of an armored, dark-blue sport utility vehicle as it hurtled toward the next stop of his four-day trade mission. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Jury awards Jesse Ventura $1.8 million in defamation case
Editorial - 12:08 pm
A federal jury in Minnesota has awarded $1.8 million to former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura after a trial in which Ventura contended he had been defamed in a memoir by the late military sniper Chris Kyle. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Scientists quantify how we look at faces to develop first impressions
Editorial - 11:57 am
We take as little as 100 milliseconds to “read” a face for traits such as trustworthiness, but the consequences of such judgments often are far from fleeting, so a group of scientists set out to find out what drives these impressions. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Mexican mother sues U.S. Border Patrol over son's shooting death
Editorial - 11:20 am
The mother of a 16-year-old Mexican boy fatally shot by Border Patrol agents firing from the U.S. side ofthe border into Nogales, Mexico, has sued the U.S. government, demanding that a jury hear evidence about what she alleges were the unlawful ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Christopher Walken, Giancarlo Esposito join 'Jungle Book' cast
Editorial - 11:18 am
Hail to the new king of the jungle: Christopher Walken has joined the cast of Disney's upcoming 'Jungle Book' movie and will lend his voice to King Louie, the ruler of a troop of monkeys and apes, the studio has announced. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Galaxy trades defender Kofi Opare to D.C. United
Editorial - 10:58 am
The Galaxy said Tuesday it traded defender Kofi Opare to D.C. United along with a second-round pick in the 2015 Major League Soccer draft and the No. 11 MLS allocation ranking. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  9-year-old girl dies after being hit by a plane on a Florida beach
Editorial - 10:40 am
A 9-year-old girl who was hit by a small plane when it crashed on a Florida beach Sunday has died from her injuries, officials said. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  TV ratings: ABC's 'The Bachelorette' woos viewers with finale, special
Editorial - 10:10 am
The season finale of ABC's 'The Bachelorette' and an 'After the Final Rose' interview special claimed roses of their own Monday, earning the network the No. 1 spot in TV ratings. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  UCLA basketball: Bruins get to finish at home in 2014-15
Editorial - 10:08 am
UCLA’s basketball team will get a finishing kick in the 2014-15 season, with the Bruins playing five of their last seven Pac-12 games in Pauley Pavilion. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Watch LeBron James literally give fans in Taiwan clothes off his back
Editorial - 9:52 am
LeBron James is one generous guy. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Chat with 'So You Think You Can Dance' host Cat Deeley on Tuesday
Editorial - 9:49 am
'So You Think You Can Dance' host Cat Deeley recently won her fourth consecutive Emmy nomination for reality show host, and we know at least one fellow nominee who's rooting for her to win. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' trailer readies for war
Editorial - 9:49 am
Peter Jackson's epic cinematic journey into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien is finally drawing to a close this year with 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,' his sixth film set in Middle-earth, and a new teaser trailer offers a glimpse of what's ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Byron Scott always saw something special in Kobe Bryant
Editorial - 9:42 am
There was once an 18-year-old who scored 24 points against the Golden State Warriors, a kid trying to make his way on one of the most influential franchises of all time. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Boehner rules out impeachment as Democrats cash in on threat
Editorial - 9:41 am
After Democrats said Tuesday they had raised $7.6 million by warning supporters that a planned GOP lawsuit against President Obama could lead to impeachment, House Speaker John A. Boehner accused the White House of engaging in a fundraising 'scam' ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Three Six Zero teams with Warner Music for new record label
Editorial - 9:00 am
Three Six Zero Group, the artist management company behind some of the world's biggest DJs, has teamed with Warner Music Group to launch a new label and publishing arm. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Suicide bomber kills cousin of Afghan President Hamid Karzai
Editorial - 8:49 am
A suicide bomber killed Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s cousin Tuesday morning in Kandahar province, officials said. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  'Daily Show's' Larry Wilmore has problems with black Captain America
Editorial - 8:42 am
Marvel Comics recently announced that Captain America, that most wholesome symbol of everything America stands for, would soon be depicted as a black man. Sam Wilson, once known as Cap's sidekick, The Falcon, would be taking over the role from Steve ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Stranded boat passengers return to Boston with whale of a tale
Editorial - 8:39 am
It wasn’t exactly 'Gilligan’s Island,' but for 163 people aboard the aptly named Cetacea, it was a whale of tale. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Amazon Fire Phone not enticing enough to leave Apple, Android
Editorial - 8:20 am made its boldest move yet into the electronics hardware business by entering the fiercely competitive smartphone market earlier this month with the release of the Amazon Fire Phone. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Browns OT Joe Thomas says QB Brian Hoyer is 'a lot like Tom Brady'
Editorial - 8:05 am
Cleveland left tackle Joe Thomas made an unexpected comparison on Monday, saying Browns incumbent starting quarterback Brian Hoyer — a.k.a. the guy most everyone assumes will eventually be Johnny Manziel's backup — reminds him of New England ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Teenage girl fails doping test at Commonwealth Games
Editorial - 8:02 am
A 16-year-old Nigerian weightlifter has failed her initial drug test at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and could become one of the youngest athletes ever caught doping at an international event. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  TIFF 2014: Lonnie Franklin, BASE jumpers among doc world premieres
Editorial - 7:12 am
New documentaries about the culture-jamming comedy troupe the Yes Men, the BASE jumping pioneer Carl Boenish and the alleged Los Angeles serial killer Lonnie Franklin will make their world premieres in the documentary section of the upcoming Toronto ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  NCAA settles class-action concussion lawsuits
Editorial - 7:11 am
Faced with several consolidated class-action lawsuits in federal court, the NCAA has agreed to spend $70 million on concussion testing and diagnosis for current and former college athletes dating back 50 years. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Politicians try to jump-start Dodgers TV talks. 'Seinfeld' to Netflix?
Editorial - 7:09 am
After the coffee. Before seeing which politicians weigh in on the Dodgers TV mess today. »Read  »E-mail story
 Brown, Mexican officials sign climate pact during governor's trip
Environment - July 28, 8:18 pm
When federal leaders in Washington needed new ideas for slashing vehicle pollution, they looked west to California, which had already enacted tighter standards. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Herbalife stock plunges after earnings miss estimates
Editorial - July 28, 6:55 pm
Los Angeles nutritional products company Herbalife reported a lower-than-expected profit for the second quarter and investors hammered its stock in after-hours trading. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  San Bruno alleges misconduct by regulator in PG&E explosion case
Editorial - July 28, 6:53 pm
San Bruno city officials, furious over what they said were overly friendly communications between utility regulators and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. after a fatal 2010 gas pipeline explosion, called for a state investigation. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Employer health insurance mandate a political orphan
Editorial - July 28, 6:43 pm
When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, its requirement that large employers provide health coverage or pay a penalty seemed to many supporters a key pillar of the effort to guarantee health coverage to Americans. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Should an all-points bulletin be sent out for Andre Ethier?
Editorial - July 28, 6:34 pm
Whither Andre Ethier? »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Trying to talk with IRS can be taxing
Editorial - July 28, 6:25 pm
No one expects the federal government to be a model of efficiency. But with a projected deficit of nearly $600 billion this year, you'd think officials would do everything possible to help people pay their taxes. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Did the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit at just the wrong time?
Editorial - July 28, 6:10 pm
Bad timing can be deadly. The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs smashed into Earth during a period of environmental turmoil when the ancient food web was vulnerable to collapse, according to a new analysis in the journal Biological Reviews. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Premiere of WGN America's 'Manhattan' draws in 1.8 million viewers
Editorial - July 28, 6:04 pm
The series premiere of WGN America's second original drama, 'Manhattan,' drew 1.8 million viewers Sunday night across the network and on Tribune’s 14 metered market local stations. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  U.N. disabilities treaty deserves ratification
Editorial - July 28, 5:55 pm
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities should not be controversial: It requires equal access for the disabled and bans discrimination against them in all countries that sign on. There is no question that the Senate ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Gov. Brown knows better than to let lobbyists pay for his Mexico trip
Editorial - July 28, 5:48 pm
Gov. Jerry Brown is on a four-day trip to Mexico City to talk to government officials there about trade and immigration issues. That's a reasonable thing for a California governor to do. Brown is not traveling alone: Nine administration officials ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Congress can, and should, sort out the Internet's tax structure
Editorial - July 28, 5:48 pm
At the dawn of the broadband era, Congress recognized that the Internet was becoming so fundamental to communications and the economy that it barred states from taxing the services that enabled people to log on. But some anti-tax groups and online ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Donna Tartt's Pulitzer winner 'The Goldfinch' lands at Warner Bros.
Editorial - July 28, 5:39 pm
Warner Bros. has acquired film rights to Donna Tartt's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, 'The Goldfinch,' The Times has confirmed. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Ukraine retakes 3 towns near crash; U.N. says downing may be war crime
Editorial - July 28, 5:38 pm
Ukrainian troops recaptured three towns from pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine on Monday as they advanced toward the Malaysia Airlines crash site, where international investigators have been thwarted from probing the scene of the July 17 ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Heroes Golf Course, on Veterans Affairs campus, is their cause
Editorial - July 28, 5:36 pm
A miraculous thing happened to Heroes Golf Course in January. It turned green. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  'Lucy': 5 reasons the Scarlett Johansson film ruled the box office
Editorial - July 28, 5:33 pm
Brains prevailed over brawn at the box office this weekend (in a manner of speaking) as the Scarlett Johansson action-thriller 'Lucy' collected $44 million, handily beating Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's sword-and-sandals movie 'Hercules,' which earned ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Philadelphia carjacking suspects charged with murder in death of 3 kids
Editorial - July 28, 5:31 pm
Two Philadelphia men accused of carjacking a woman, sexually assaulting her and crashing into a crowd, killing three children, were charged with murder Monday. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  To induce weight loss, which neurons switch satiety on and off?
Editorial - July 28, 5:14 pm
In their hunt for a switch in the brain that turns on and off the drive to eat, obesity researchers have come up with a bright idea: They have tried a relatively new technique to activate or suppress certain neurons' electrical activity -- ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  DreamWorks Animation hires ex-Disney executive Mark Zoradi as COO
Editorial - July 28, 5:12 pm
DreamWorks Animation has promoted Ann Daly to company president and tapped former Disney executive Mark Zoradi as the studio's chief operating officer. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  If you can run for 5 minutes a day, you may add years to your life
Editorial - July 28, 5:09 pm
People who jogged or ran for as little as five minutes a day reduced their risk of premature death by nearly one-third and extended their lives by about three years, according to a new study. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Big Ten commissioner says NCAA enforcement is 'overmatched'
Editorial - July 28, 5:03 pm
It's time to tally the commissioner scorecards now that all five of the power-conference bosses have delivered their summer media-days speeches. »Read  »E-mail story

Orange County Register

 #  Ron Hart: Can a murderer's execution be 'botched'?
Editorial - 3:11 pm
The recent “botched” execution in Arizona sparked more debate about the death penalty. But if the execution ended in the murderer’s death, then it was not botched. What did his victims endure? The New York Times inadvertently committed... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Editorial: Eastern praise for Brown's 'modestly liberal agenda'
Opinion - 12:00 am
Paul Krugman is bullish on California. He wrote as much last week in his New York Times opinion column, where he declared Gov. Jerry Brown’s “modestly liberal agenda of higher taxes, spending increases and a rise in the minimum wage” a ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Editorial: San Francisco throwing off the chain stores
Opinion - 12:00 am
San Francisco has benefited enormously from the tech boom in the nearby Silicon Valley, as wealthy tech employees have moved in to the city, raising property values and local tax revenue. That success is conflicting with the city’s grandiose,... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Today's cartoons: Pinocchio Putin
Editorial - 12:00 am
Also: Putin sleeps soundly; GM capitalizes and flees »Read  »E-mail story
   #  Gloria Romero: Cynicism, arrogance undoes another lawmaker
Editorial - 12:00 am
And, now, there are two. Former Los Angeles Councilman Richard Alarcon – with whom I served in the California Senate – was convicted last week on multiple counts of voter fraud and perjury. Like our former colleague, Sen. Rod Wright, D-Los... »Read  »E-mail story

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Sacramento Bee

 Jones: Fearful of voters, insurers will temper health rate hikes
- 2:56 pm
California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, who is pushing a ballot measure to give him the power to regulate health insurance rates, released an analysis Tuesday showing that health insurance costs for individuals increased dramatically over the ... »Read  »E-mail story

In this article: Charles Bacchi, Robin Swanson,
 Sacramento police find suspected killer of NBA star's aunt
- 10:49 am
The man suspected of fatally stabbing his estranged wife on a South Sacramento street on July 8 has been located by Sacramento police. Michael Williams »Read  »E-mail story
 #  David Brooks: No war is an island
Opinion - 9:06 am
Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now part of wider struggle in Arab world. »Read  »E-mail story
 AM Alert: Jerry Brown addresses education, energy, immigration in Mexico
- 5:00 am
Education, energy and the border crisis are the big topics for day two of Gov. Jerry Brown’s trip to Mexico. Gov. Jerry Brown, left, and Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jose Antonio Meade answer questions from journalists during a ... »Read  »E-mail story

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   Dan Walters Daily: Jerry Brown shares governorship while in Mexico
- 4:00 am
With Gov. Jerry Brown away in Mexico, Dan takes a look back at how acting governors have fared in the past. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is one of three acting governors this week while Gov. Jerry Brown is in Mexico on a trade trip. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Paul Krugman: Loophole lets firms skip out on taxes
Opinion - 12:12 am
In recent decisions, the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court has made clear its view that corporations are people, with all the attendant rights. They are entitled to free speech, which in their case means spending lots of money to bend ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Ask Emily: Big bills lurk in specialty drug category
- 12:00 am
Ask Emily is a biweekly column by Emily Bazar of the CHCF Center for Health Reporting, answering questions about the Affordable Care Act. Read all her columns at Emily Bazar writes for the CHCF Center for Health Reporting, ... »Read  »E-mail story

In this article: Rich Gordon, Janice Rocco,
 Obamacare at center of debate over California health insurance initiative
- 12:00 am
As state insurance commissioner, Dave Jones has the power to regulate rates for car and homeowner insurance. He can halt an insurer’s proposed increase if the company can’t justify the higher cost. Health insurance is another matter. ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Editorial: VA health care deal is a big chance for Congress
Opinion - 12:00 am
Our do-nothing Congress has a chance to get something vital accomplished before going on yet another vacation. At long last, a bipartisan deal emerged Monday to start fixing the scandalous health care system for veterans. Sen. Bernie Sanders, ... »Read  »E-mail story

In this article: Barack Obama,
 #  Bruce Maiman: Another growing threat to our privacy
Opinion - 12:00 am
License plate readers are checking your car against hit lists of vehicles associated with crimes. Bruce Maiman is a former radio show host living in Rocklin. Reach him at A Tacoma, Wash., police officer monitors an ... »Read  »E-mail story

In this article: Jerry Hill,
 #  Editorial: From the ashes of the Sand fire, volunteers rise to help out neighbors
Opinion - 12:00 am
Amid the tragedy and fear of the wildfire in El Dorado and Amador counties, which has so far scorched about 4,000 acres and displaced more than 1,200 people, Californians of all ages and stripes demonstrated what’s right with this country. ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Viewpoints: ‘Tunnel vision’ won’t solve Delta’s woes
Opinion - 12:00 am
There’s no question that California is facing one of the worst droughts in its history. As a state that uses more water than we have available – even in “wet” years – there are some critical decisions we need to ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Jack Ohman: The Sarah Palin Channel
Opinion - 12:00 am
Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman: The Sarah Palin Channel »Read  »E-mail story
 Gov. Brown agrees to Mexico pact on climate change; environment activists wary of business ties
- July 28, 8:58 pm
Gov. Jerry Brown, calling for “heroic efforts” to combat climate change, agreed with Mexican officials Monday to work together on policies to address air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Gov. Jerry Brown, left, and ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 The Buzz: Sen. Wright spent $129,000 on legal bills through June, filing shows
The Buzz - July 28, 7:16 pm
The legal defense fund of state Sen. Rod Wright, who was convicted earlier this year of felony voter fraud and perjury, spent $129,000 on attorneys and related costs from January through June, according to a new filing. Willie Brown photo ... »Read  »E-mail story

In this article: Willie Brown, Ron Calderon, Isadore Hall, Jim Miller, William Portanova, Leland Yee,
 Jerry Brown’s business ties trouble California climate change activists
- July 28, 5:45 pm
Gov. Jerry Brown, calling for “heroic efforts” to combat climate change, agreed with Mexican officials Monday to work together on policies to address air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Eugene Robinson: GOP is AWOL on immigration reform
Opinion - July 28, 5:10 pm
President Obama has no choice but to take unilateral action. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Michael Gerson: GOP as the party of reform
Opinion - July 28, 5:09 pm
Despite disadvantages, Republicans are best positioned to enact smart change. »Read  »E-mail story

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San Diego Union-Tribune

 #  Minimum wage: Let San Diego's referendum begin
Opinion - 3:08 pm
The honeymoon between San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the City Council is over »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Michael Gerson: The GOP as the party of reform
Opinion - 3:02 pm
Republican ideas fill vacuum left by Democratic failures »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Letters: Zombie photo, Gaza, canine companion
Opinion - July 28, 5:30 pm
Readers share their views zombie photo and disagree on comparison between Jews, Nazis. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Finally, a deal to fix scandal at the VA
Opinion - July 28, 5:00 pm
Getting a deal for emergency funds to fix the VA may have been the easy part »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Bay Bridge scandal: Independent probe needed
Opinion - July 28, 5:00 pm
Did Caltrans officials knowingly accept unsafe work from contractors? »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  David Ignatius: John Kerry's big blunder
Opinion - July 28, 5:00 pm
It’s not surprising that Secretary of State Kerry has upset Israelis and Palestinians »Read  »E-mail story

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San Francisco Chronicle

 San Jose's Democratic mayor backs Republican for state controller
Politics Blog - 5:24 pm
San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed. Michael Macor/The Chronicle Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin’s campaign for controller got a bipartisan boost Tuesday when Chuck Reed, San  Jose’s Democratic mayor, endorsed the Republican candidate. “Ashley ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 San Jose's Democratic mayor backs GOP controller candidate
- 5:10 pm
[...] when Reed persuaded San Jose voters in 2012 to pass Measure B, which called for city workers to pay more into their pension fund and required a citywide vote before retirement benefits could be increased, labor unions howled and filed lawsuits ... »Read  »E-mail story

In this article: Kamala Harris, Chuck Reed, Betty Yee,
 Supervisors to address tenant buyouts, retail chains' workers
- July 28, 10:59 pm
Under the legislation, Campos says, landlords would have to pass on written information to tenants about their legal rights 45 days before they can begin negotiating a buyout and register details of any completed buyout with the city's Rent Board. ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Deal on veterans' health care to cost at least $17 billion
- July 28, 7:19 pm
WASHINGTON -- - A bipartisan deal to improve veterans' health care would authorize at least $17 billion to fix the health program scandalized by long patient wait times and falsified records covering up delays, the bill's chief supporters said ... »Read  »E-mail story
 San Bruno mayor wants top official removed from blast probe
- July 28, 6:38 pm
The California Public Utilities Commission's president should be removed as head of the regulatory agency in light of San Bruno explosion-related e-mails that show state officials are 'subject to undue influence' by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., the ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Marijuana prohibition doesn't work
Debra Saunders - July 28, 6:23 pm
According to Tony Newman of the Drug Policy Alliance, the Gray Lady has become the first major national newspaper to support legalizing marijuana. The Times did not celebrate marijuana use; it simply addressed the downside of prohibition - 658,000 ... »Read  »E-mail story

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San Jose Mercury News

 #  Mercury News editorial: PUC president's unethical behavior laid bare
Editorials - 1:06 pm
The state Attorney General's office should immediately investigate PUC President Michael Peevey and his staff's blatantly inappropriate contacts with PG&E. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Trudy Rubin: In Gaza, time to stop the blame and recognize the humanity
Opinion - 12:07 pm
Unless the world starts paying more attention to the people behind the statistics, the battles between Israel and Hamas will never end »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Eugene Robinson: Absent on immigration reform
Opinion - 12:00 pm
The Republican Party's paralysis on immigration is so complete -- and so utterly irresponsible -- that President Obama has no choice but to act on his own. »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Mercury News editorial: A Veterans Administration bill finally on its way to passage
Editorials - July 28, 6:09 pm
Congress has to make everything look hard these days, but nearly everyone agrees on the principles for improving the VA. A bill needs to pass this week to get the changes in gear. »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Refugee children: An earlier immigrant knows what it's like
Opinion - July 28, 6:04 pm
Cesar Juarez writes of being an undocumented resident soon to become a high school teacher here and recalling his own migration under a death threat »Read  »E-mail story