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Associated Press

 Q&A: How does the House elect a new speaker?
- Oct. 5, 5:12 pm
WASHINGTON (AP) -- At noon on Thursday, Republicans will gather behind closed doors and vote by secret ballot for their candidate for the most powerful job in the House, a post that's second in line to the presidency - Speaker of the ... »Read  »E-mail story

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Los Angeles Times

 Can American Apparel really stay in L.A.?
Top of the Ticket - 6:46 am
With every turn in the saga that is American Apparel, experts wonder when the Los Angeles company will give up manufacturing in the U.S. and move offshore. Even after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday, Chief Executive Paula ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 San Francisco renters willing to pay the price on earthquake safety
- 6:00 am
The rental market here was already under siege when city officials began an ambitious earthquake retrofitting project whose costs will largely be passed on to renters. Fueled by the city's tech boom, rents have soared, with average one-bedroom units ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church top 2016 Stagecoach
Top of the Ticket - 5:00 am
Heading into its 10-year anniversary, the Stagecoach Country Music Festival is bringing back Eric Church and Luke Bryan, who headlined 2014’s bro-country blowout, but the male dominance at the top of the card is tempered by Carrie Underwood, who ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  California's criminal code needs more than reflection - it needs cleaning up
Editorial - 5:00 am
Gov. Jerry Brown is right: California has criminalized too many acts and enhanced too many penalties without stopping to ask why. 'Before we keep going down this road,' he said in vetoing nine crime and sentencing bills over the weekend, 'I think ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  The issue isn't mental illness, it's too-easy access to firearms
Editorial - 5:00 am
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stands as one of the federal government's premier agencies for studying public health and the behaviors that affect it, such as the links between distracted driving (texting) and fatal motor vehicle ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  The TPP, a trade deal for a globalized world
Editorial - 5:00 am
It's too early to tell whether Congress should ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty that the Obama administration negotiated with 11 countries on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The details matter, and the actual text of the agreement won't ... »Read  »E-mail story
 Essential California: Bankruptcy for American Apparel
Top of the Ticket - 4:27 am
Good morning. It is Tuesday, Oct. 6. It's Fleet Week in San Francisco. Here's what else is happening in the Golden State: Subscribe to the newsletter TOP STORIES Right to die California became the fifth state to allow doctors to prescribe ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Today: End-of-Life Decision. Made, and Bankrupt, in USA.
- 4:00 am
I'm Davan Maharaj, editor of the Los Angeles Times. Gov. Brown signs an 'end of life' bill into law; and American Apparel faces more tough times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today. Subscribe to the newsletter TOP STORIES ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Californians' love of class-action lawsuits to be tested by Supreme Court
- 4:00 am
The Supreme Court's conservative justices have long been skeptical of class-action lawsuits that may be profitable for trial lawyers but can be costly to companies. Judges in California have leaned the other way, fearing consumers and employees will ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Essential Politics: When death meets politics
Top of the Ticket - 3:00 am
I'm Christina Bellantoni, the Essential Politics host today. Let's get started. Subscribe to the newsletter It's not often politicians openly contemplate their own morality. But that was the case Monday as California Gov. Jerry Brown used his ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Super PACs stretch the rules that prohibit coordination with presidential campaigns
Top of the Ticket - 3:00 am
Long before Ben Carson jumped into the presidential race, some of his biggest fans were scouring the country for supporters. They set up a super PAC and began sending out brochures, eventually attracting thousands who signed up and gave money. When ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 State high court set to hear arguments on Citizens United advisory measure
Top of the Ticket - 3:00 am
California legislators decided last year to ask voters whether they supported overturning a landmark ruling that allowed unlimited corporate spending to support or denounce federal candidates. A conservative taxpayers group balked, arguing that ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Lawsuit seeks to block a condo project where Marilyn Monroe once lived
Top of the Ticket - Oct. 5, 7:43 pm
Los Angeles is facing a lawsuit over the demolition of a San Fernando Valley house that Marilyn Monroe once lived in, filed by residents who argue that the city trampled state and local laws when the City Council gave the green light for new condos ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Gov. Brown was correct about the right-to-die bill
Editorial - Oct. 5, 5:34 pm
It is fitting that Gov. Jerry Brown wrote a thoughtful and unusually personal message when he signed the historic piece of legislation known officially as ABx2 15. This is the so-called right to die bill, which allows doctors, under tightly defined ... »Read  »E-mail story

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Orange County Register

 #  Mugging crime bills
Editorial - 12:00 am
We’re pleased that this year Gov. Jerry Brown might get carpal tunnel syndrome from vetoing a good number of the 338 bills the state Legislature never should have passed in the first place. He did sign some worthy bills, but on many, he was in a... »Read  »E-mail story

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Bills: SB 333,
 #  The most transparent . . .
Editorial - 12:00 am
Hillary Clinton seems to have ripped a page from the Barack Obama playbook in addressing the ongoing controversy over work-related – and even classified – emails she kept on her private, unsecured server. “I have gone further than anybody ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Letters: The faux philanthropy of unions
Editorial - 12:00 am
Re: “$15 minimum wage doomsayers wrong,” [Opinion, Oct. 2]: Jennifer Muir desires that nebulous “business owners” provide a living wage. I doubt she even once considered reducing her own salary, or that of her union brethren, to help in ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Cartoons: Love American style
Editorial - 12:00 am
Also: Transparency and Syria »Read  »E-mail story
 #  A fond farewell to Arne Duncan
Editorial - 12:00 am
Arne Duncan, who shook up K-12 to college education policy as President Obama’s secretary of education, announced his resignation Friday. President Obama thanked Duncan, saying he had “done more to bring our educational system, sometimes ... »Read  »E-mail story

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Sacramento Bee

 Q&A: How does the House elect a new speaker?
- 12:48 am
At noon on Thursday, Republicans will gather behind closed doors and vote by secret ballot for their candidate for the most powerful job in the House, a post that's second in line to the presidency — Speaker of the House. … Click to Continue ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 AM Alert: Should Proposition 49 be allowed on the ballot?
- Oct. 5, 11:00 pm
California Supreme Court weighs validity of advisory measure on campaign finance … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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Bills: SB 358,
 Senate confirms federal judge to serve in Fresno, Calif., finally
- Oct. 5, 5:36 pm
Magistrate Judge Dale Drozd promoted on a busy benchEastern District of California keeps judges hoppingConfirmation delay was nothing personal; that’s just the Senate … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Roseburg shooting, gun laws, East Coast flooding
Opinion - Oct. 5, 5:01 pm
Re “10 killed in ‘horrific’ shooting at college”: Law enforcement personnel are descending on Roseburg, Ore., to determine what happened and why. As a concerned citizen who wants to help his government avoid unnecessary expense, I can save ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  A deeper way to think about guns
Opinion - Oct. 5, 5:01 pm
Why the gun lobby is really so afraid of compromisingHow firearms are like booze, cigarettes, porn and drugsWhen the right to bear arms conflicts with the right to walk the streets safely … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Our schools fall short on ethnic studies
Opinion - Oct. 5, 5:00 pm
Bill before Gov. Brown would make curriculum more reflective of California’s diversityCurrent textbooks don’t have many images of Latinos and other minorities … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story
Bills: AB 101,
 #  Michael Gerson: Presidential tantrums won't end gun violence
Opinion - Oct. 5, 5:00 pm
Obama’s frustration, after a series of mass shootings, is understandableBut his argument is still indefensible and ineffectiveThis is the politics of moral posturing, not an argument rooted in evidence … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Bills would help stop oil spills
Opinion - Oct. 5, 5:00 pm
Measures on Gov. Brown’s desk were introduced after Santa Barbara disasterCalifornia’s coast is a resource that must be protectedSurfing and other recreational industries are vital to state’s economy … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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Bills: AB 864, SB 243, SB 350, SB 788,
 #  Sacramento minimum wage plan leaves out too many
Opinion - Oct. 5, 5:00 pm
City would be first in California to exclude so many groups from wage increaseIt’s unfair to employees who would work side by side, doing the same job Leaving out those who get by on tips would invite a lawsuit … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Airstrike at hospital needs outside probe
Opinion - Oct. 5, 5:00 pm
Attack killed 22 at Doctors Without Borders’ hospital in northern AfghanistanU.S. military was supporting Afghan forces, which still need help battling Taliban American training programs in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere have produced little ... »Read  »E-mail story

San Francisco Chronicle

 S.F. Muni gets permanent OK for traffic-ticket cameras on buses
- Oct. 5, 5:10 pm
A pilot program that equipped San Francisco Muni buses with cameras to bust motorists blocking transit-only lanes, crosswalks, intersections and bus stops was made permanent by Gov. Jerry Brown. [...] San Francisco has had temporary approval to ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 S.F. commercial buildings make big strides in curbing energy use
- Oct. 5, 5:10 pm
The energy use of San Francisco’s commercial buildings has dramatically dropped over the last five years, potentially saving million of dollars annually and reducing greenhouse gases on the environment, according to a new performance report ... »Read  »E-mail story

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San Jose Mercury News

 Former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and a San Diego ally unveil new pension-reform measures
- 5:34 am
Former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and former San Diego City Councilman David DeMaio continue their crusade to reform government pensions with two ballot measures for 2016. »Read  »E-mail story

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