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Los Angeles Times

   #  Execution is inhumane, no matter what method states use
Editorial - 4:10 am
   #  California's battle with Weedmaps shows the growing pains of legalization
Editorial - 4:05 am

Sacramento Bee

 #  For some African-Americans, it has never been easy where Louis Farrakhan is concerned
Opinion - 5:20 pm
 #  Mueller is peeling back the layers of Trump's finances
Opinion - 1:20 pm
 #  Jack Ohman cartoon: Donald Trump visits California with the U.S. Space Force...
Opinion - 12:00 pm

In this article: Drought, Bob Hertzberg, Dan Morain,
 #  How the Irish could still save civilization
Opinion - 11:05 am
   #  Sheriff-coroners + Toys R Us + Trump's inner circle + Russian spies
   #  He took on the NFL. Now he's after California's 'primitive' sheriff-coroner system
Opinion - 5:00 am

In this article: Cathleen Galgiani, Legislature, Richard Pan,
Bills: SB 1303,
 #  Commentary: There's nothing inherent about the fact that men outnumber women in the sciences
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Commentary: Oprah's rise in America
Opinion - 1:00 am

In this article: Barack Obama,
 #  Commentary: It's OK to not know what to say to a grieving friend, showing up is enough
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Francis Wilkinson: Fear and loathing and money in Pennsylvania
Opinion - 1:00 am

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Paul Maslin, Mike Murphy,
 #  Opinion: Building a water workforce for America's future
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Commentary: SNAP benefits vital to low-income communities
Opinion - 1:00 am
 #  Worthy is the lamb
Opinion - March 15, 5:10 pm

In this article: Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, universal health care,
 #  Trump unbound amid a cloud of chaos
Opinion - March 15, 5:00 pm