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Associated Press

   Janet Napolitano in hospital over side effect of cancer care
- 2:08 am
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- University of California President Janet Napolitano, a former U.S. Homeland Security secretary and governor of Arizona, has been undergoing cancer treatment for five months and was hospitalized after suffering ... »Read  »E-mail story

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Los Angeles Times

   There is nothing wrong with members of Congress boycotting the inauguration
- 9:10 am
Friday’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump as president is, as many have noted, remarkable in a historical context. Ever since George Washington turned the presidency over to Thomas Jefferson in 1801, the reins of power have changed hands in this ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Father of unarmed man who was fatally shot by El Cajon police files federal lawsuit
Top of the Ticket - 8:30 am
The father of Alfred Olango, an unarmed black man fatally shot by El Cajon police last year, filed a civil rights lawsuit in San Diego federal court Tuesday alleging excessive, deadly force against his son. The lawsuit filed on behalf of Richard ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 For attorney general nominee Xavier Becerra, immigration is a personal issue
- 7:35 am
Rep. Xavier Becerra recalls proudly working alongside his father as a teenager on sweaty construction jobs in Sacramento to help make ends meet. The son of immigrants, Becerra and his family of six lived in a cramped, 685-square-foot house. Those ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 The new battle over the Aliso Canyon gas facility
Top of the Ticket - 5:30 am
Good morning. It’s Wednesday, Jan. 18, and here’s what’s happening across California: TOP STORIES Gas facility battle The troubled Aliso Canyon underground natural gas storage field is safe to reopen at a third of its original size, state ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  The power to grant trademarks isn't a license to censor
Editorial - 5:00 am
Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether the federal government can refuse to register a trademark because it contains an ethnic slur. If the court remains true to the 1st Amendment and its own precedents, it will answer no. The ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Texas has no business billing U.S. taxpayers for their own silly border patrols
Editorial - 5:00 am
Maybe everything is bigger in Texas — including political grandstanding. Texas Republicans have worn their disdain for the Obama administration, and the federal government in general, as a badge of honor. They have led efforts to kill the ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  The Ringling Bros. circus folds its tent for good
Editorial - 5:00 am
Maybe the circus was never the greatest show on earth, as its advertising exulted, but certainly, it was the most attention-grabbing attraction to roll (literally, by train) into American towns, big and small, for decades. Ringling Bros. and ... »Read  »E-mail story
 Patt Morrison asks: Lawyer Ted Boutrous Jr. on preserving the 1st Amendment under Trump
Top of the Ticket - 4:00 am
The White House press room evidently won’t be in the White House any more, but in a building next door. On national television, President-elect Donald Trump insulted CNN as a purveyor of “fake news.” He pledged to sue the “liars” — the ... »Read  »E-mail story

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   Scum of the earth lowlife packs a bag for Trump's inauguration
Top of the Ticket - 4:00 am
I and my brethren have been called scum. We are terrible people. Horrible. Illegitimate. Liars. The worst. Hey, nobody’s perfect, and I’m willing to forgive. So today I’m packing my bags and hitching a ride to D.C. for the inauguration of ... »Read  »E-mail story

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 Who could be against a Children's Bill of Rights? You probably won't be surprised.
- 3:00 am
It was a little like being in an alternate reality Tuesday morning, as dozens of parents and children gathered on the state Capitol steps to protest a bill aimed at improving the lives of California’s 9 million children. Last year, a coalition of ... »Read  »E-mail story

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Bills: SB 18,
 Essential Politics: California's list of no-shows has grown for Trump's big day
- 3:00 am
California has the largest delegation of any state on Capitol Hill. But how many of them will show up for Friday’s inauguration of the 45th president of the United States? Good morning from the state capital. I’m Sacramento Bureau Chief John ... »Read  »E-mail story

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Orange County Register

 #  Ready pocketbooks for streetcar costs
Opinion - 8:00 am
The Santa Ana streetcar, an archaic mode of transportation incapable of adapting to shifts in demand or population, cleared another sizable hurdle on its way to realization last week. “In a letter the Orange County Transportation Authority ... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Voice for choice as secretary of education
Opinion - 8:00 am
President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees have generally been well received by Republicans — including those whose preference for president wasn’t Trump. And as is customary during years of party turnover in the White House, Democrats... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Forced allegiance is antithetical to patriotism
Editorial - 12:00 am
I suppose I was always a libertarian at heart, even as a young child, though I would not learn what a libertarian was until college. One day, when I was maybe seven years old or so, my parents trotted out my Social Security card, which had been... »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Letters: Illegal is illegal
Editorial - 12:00 am
Follow the law Re: “Forum addresses minority fears” [News, Jan. 13]: The fact that this forum was orchestrated to address the concerns that a Donald Trump administration may make things worse for the “undocumented,” and the notion that an... »Read  »E-mail story

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Sacramento Bee

 #  Retweeting Donald Trump; Sad!
Opinion - 9:27 am
When Donald Trump was elected president, it felt to me like the most reckless thing our country had done in my lifetime. But like many Americans, I hoped for the … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 The symbolism of Donald Trump's two Bible choices on Inauguration Day
- 9:03 am
When George Washington took the oath of office as the country's first president in 1789, he placed his hand upon the Bible while speaking those solemn 35 words required by … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Will Trump evict reporters from the White House?
Opinion - 8:50 am
I followed the routine on Tuesday that I had hundreds of times covering the Clinton, Bush and Obama presidencies.   I flashed my White House press pass at the guard … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story
 California Editorial Roundup
- 8:32 am
Jan. 16 The Fresno Bee on Gov. Brown's budget: Gov. Jerry Brown's latest budget offers a rather droll assessment of California's unfair system of levying traffic fines, and a smart … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 Xavier Becerra nomination for attorney general moves to California Senate
- 6:00 am
Welcome to the AM Alert, your morning run-down on California policy and politics. To receive it regularly, please sign up for it here. It’s been a smooth ride to the … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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Bills: AB 953, SB 32,
 Boycott or attend? Local congresswoman faces tough choice over Trump's inauguration
- 4:00 am
More than 50 members of Congress plan to boycott Friday’s inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, but Doris Matsui won’t be one of them. Opinion Sacramento’s long-serving Democratic congresswoman had thought … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 Mystery raises at tax board prompt demand for reforms
- 12:01 am
On a summer day in 2015, 16 high-level managers at the Board of Equalization received special pay raises that the department still can’t explain. They ranged in value from 1.9 … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  The anti-working woman labor secretary
Opinion - 12:00 am
As a workers rights advocate, I work with many restaurant owners to teach them about the connection of low wages, sexualized marketing, and sexual violence and how to make workplaces … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Analysis: Trump wins no popularity points during transition
Opinion - 12:00 am
Donald Trump's transition to the presidency has seen his popularity decline, not expand, and he will enter the White House on Friday far weaker in that regard than any president … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  'Wildlife Services' targets predators for dubious reasons
Opinion - 12:00 am
The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, Jan. 17: As the Trump administration shapes its environmental policies, we hope the newcomers to Washington will resolve this paradox: … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story
 #  NATO and the EU: Mend them, don't end them
Opinion - 12:00 am
The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, Jan. 18: In lamenting President Barack Obama's foreign and military policies, Republicans have frequently offered a concise summary: 'Our allies … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Quarreling about Trump's legitimacy only serves to devalue the institution
Opinion - 12:00 am
The following editorial appeared in The Dallas Morning News on Wednesday, Jan. 18: Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, says he doesn't see President-elect Donald Trump 'as a … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Jay Ambrose: Making America great again may be no more impossible than Trump as president
Opinion - 12:00 am
It is here, it is upon us, it is the utterly, totally, completely impossible presidency of Donald Trump, and he has opportunities galore to rejuvenate the best in this country. … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Guns on campuses? Really?
Opinion - 12:00 am
The following editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, Jan. 17: College, we like to think, is a time of intellectual inquiry. But it is also, as anyone … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story
 #  Leonard Pitts Jr.: The Great Trumpkin rises from the Trumpkin patch
Opinion - 12:00 am
Sometimes, you've got to go through it to get to it. That's a personal motto with which I have occasionally consoled myself since I was a teenager. It means that … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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 #  Heavyweight match: Lewis vs. Trump
Opinion - Jan. 17, 5:01 pm
A recent tweet from @realDonaldTrump: John Lewis is an American hero. I look forward to working with him in the years to come.   That, my friends, is what’s known … Click to Continue »Read  »E-mail story

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San Francisco Chronicle

   China firm's plan to put bikes on SF streets met with anger
- Jan. 17, 7:02 pm
A startup bike-sharing outfit from China is heading toward a collision with San Francisco officials over its plan to deposit hundreds, maybe thousands, of its GPS-equipped, smartphone-enabled bikes on city streets — without seeking city permits or ... »Read  »E-mail story

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