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 Joe Canciamilla biography:
Joe Canciamilla has earned a reputation as a dedicated, independent thinking and hardworking public servant. First elected to the Pittsburg Board of Education at the age of 17, Joe was the youngest elected official in the nation. After serving almost 4 terms on the school board Joe moved on to the Pittsburg City Council where he served over two terms, including two years as Mayor. He was elected to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors in 1996 and to the State Assembly in 2000 serving the 11th Assembly District. In each position Joe has proven himself to be an effective leader and consensus builder. He helped craft a cutting-edge industrial safety ordinance and led a new growth management effort in the county that resulted in the protection of thousands of acres of open space. He also secured new money for transportation projects and continues to be a leading proponent of sub-regional strategic planning to deal with growth and its impacts.
As a member of the Assembly, Joe serves his constituents and the people of California well by leading the way on difficult and challenging issues. In his first term he enacted legislation to protect investors from fraudulent and deceptive"Enron-like" partnerships, provide better security options for Animal Control Officers, and expand more energy options for California businesses.
During his second term Joe has been an out-spoken advocate for reforming the manner in which the Legislature is elected and operates. To encourage more constructive dialogue and cooperation between Democratic and Republican legislators, Joe and Assemblymember Keith Richman (R-Northridge) organized the 27 member Bi-Partisan Group which regularly meets to discuss policy issues.
Joe supports the independent redistricting of legislative districts and the creation of the open primary election. He believes these reforms are needed to make the Legislature more responsive to the general public and less to partisan interest groups. He advocates that legislative policy committees spend more time on oversight of existing government programs and spending, rather than focus solely on enacting new laws and programs.
To further energy market reform, Joe supports the creation of a fair, competitive wholesale energy market to help lower electricity rates. He has authored legislation to re-regulate the retail electricity market for residential energy consumers and to preserve competition in the retail market for large businesses and other heavy energy users. He has also proposed reorganizing California's energy agencies to increase accountability and ensure timely implementation of our state's energy policy.
Joe serves as Chairman of the Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee and is a member of the following Committees: Governmental Organization, Budget, Utilities & Commerce, and the Budget Subcommittee on Resources.
Joe also serves as the convener of the Assembly Democratic Moderate Caucus, a group of 18 legislators dedicated to advancing California's economic competitiveness and improving our economy.
Joe has experience in the private sector as co-owner of Pittsburg Funeral Chapel, Inc., a family owned business for over 50 years, and as an attorney who maintained a practice for over 10 years. He is a graduate of Pittsburg High School, St. Mary's College and John F. Kennedy University School of Law.
Joe is married to Dr. Laura Stephenson-Canciamilla, Director of Alternative and Adult Education for the Acalanes Union High School District.

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March 6, 2008: Dropped out of race for Senate District 7. He was running in Primary against Mark DeSaulnier ( )

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