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Campaign consultant, Coronado Communications
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June 2009: Dichiara co-founded Revolvis Consulting ( http://www.revolvis.com/?p=51 ) , a new general consulting and direct-mail firm aimed at helping Republicans use technology better and also connect them with Hispanic voters. Dichiara is partners with Jason Roe. Roe’s wife, Patty Roe, a former chief of staff to then-Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.), as well as former California Republican Party Communications Director Hector Barajas and former Century Strategies account executive Valerie Dichiara, are also involved in the firm. Source: http://www.totalcapitol.com/?news_id=2167195

Dichiara led the campaign consulting firm Coronado Communications (http://www.coronadocommunications.com/profiledisplay.php?flag=details&vid=1).

2008: At Coronado, Dichiara managed the following campaigns in the June 3, 2008, primary:
Tom McClintock, 4th Congressional District
Paul Hegyi, 10th Assembly District
Judy Lloyd, 15th Assembly District

2007: Dichiara headed daily operations in California for Mitt Romney's presidential primary campaign.

May 2007: Hired on to Harry Sidhu's SD33 campaign.
Source: http://www.ocblog.net/ocblog/2007/05/sd33_by_the_num.html

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