Michael S. Carona   REPUBLICAN

Retired Sheriff, Orange County

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January 14, 2008: Carona announced that he will retire as Orange County Sheriff to focus on defending himself against the federal corruption charges. Carona wrote on the department blog (http://blog.ocsd.org/post/A-message-from-Sheriff-Michael-Carona.aspx) that he "asked Undersheriff Jo Ann Galisky to fulfill [his] duties of Sheriff until a successor is appointed by the Board of Supervisors" and he appointed Assistant Sheriff Jack Anderson as the second in command and the Chief of Staff. Galisky passed on the job, citing family obligations and Carona named Assistant Sheriff Jack Anderson as the interim sheriff. Carona also fired Assistant Sheriff Dan Martini.

November 2007: Federal prosecutors unsealed a sweeping corruption indictment against Carona. Also indicted were his wife, Deborah Carona, and Debra Hoffman, described as Carona's longtime mistress.

2006: Carona served on Gov. Schwarzenegger re-election team.

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