Doug Elmets

Political Consultant, Elmets Communications
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President and owner of Elmets Communications,

2008: Elmets serves as a consultant on Doug Ose's Republican primary campaign in the 4th Congressional District.

2008: Elmets serves as a consultant for Placer Ranch, a 2,200-acre development project in Placer County financed by Eli Broad.

Clients include:
Pala Band of Mission Indians
United Auburn (Indian tribe)

1990-1996: Chief lobbyist for ARCO

Former press secretary and chief spokesman for the U.S. Department of Energy during President Reagan's second term.

Former deputy assistant secretary of energy for external affairs.

White House experience during Reagan Administration: Former executive assistant to the director of presidential personnel, executive director of White House communications, White House spokesman for domestic issues and speechwriter in the White House Office of Political Affairs.

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