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Campaign consultant, California Strategies
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Brulte is a campaign consultant with the public affairs firm California Strategies, LLC. http://www.calstrat.com/OurPeople/JimBrulte.aspx

Sept. 15, 2011: Brulte was served with a search warrant and his home and office were raided by FBI and IRS agents as part of a corruption probe. Brulte has not been charged with any crime by the San Bernardino County District Attorney. Government officials are investigating a $102 million settlement between developer Colonies Partners LP and San Bernardino County. In a joint prosecution, the San Bernardino District Attorney's and state Attorney General's offices, have charged Colonies co-managing partner Jeff Burum and three former county officials -- Paul Biane, Jim Erwin and Gary Ovitt -- in a conspiracy and bribery case related to the settlement.

2009: Brulte manages Steve Poizner's campaign in the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary.

2005: Brulte considered running for the State Board of Equalization in 2006; however, he decided not to run against Michelle Steel, the eventual victor.

1996-2004: Brulte served as a California State Senator, representing the 31st district. From 2000 to 2004 he served as Senate Republican leader. Brulte also served as Vice-Chair of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. He was termed-out in 2004.

1990-1996: Brulte served in the state Assembly, representing San Bernardino County's 65th District. From 2000 to 2004 he was the Assembly Republican leader. He was termed-out in 1996.


-- Brulte served in the California Air National Guard

-- He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona.

Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Brulte

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