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Craig Johns specializes in environmental regulatory consulting and advocacy. He is an environmental and land use law attorney, formerly associated with law firm of Crosby, Heafey, Roach & May. Prior to forming California Resources Strategies in 2001, Mr. Johns was associated with the Sacramento lobbying firm Kahl/Pownall Advocates.

Upon his appointment by Governor Wilson in 1991, Mr. Johns served as a member of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board for seven years. He was elected by his fellow board members to two terms as Vice-Chair and one as Chair of the Regional Board. He is a recognized expert in California surface and groundwater policy. Mr. Johns also served on the San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission for nearly four years, where he was a member of the Commission's Wetlands Task Force.

Mr. Johns was appointed by the state Water Resources Control Board to the AB 982 Public Advisory Group created by the California Legislature to review the TMDL program in California and provide recommendations for improving the complex and challenging approach to developing TMDLs in California.

He serves as the Executive Director of the Partnership for Sound Science in Environmental Policy, a group of businesses, trade associations and municipal agencies concerned about the proliferation of federal and state environmental policy decisions made without adequate, objective scientific bases. PSSEP has been actively involved in a variety of environmental issues concerning the San Francisco Bay Area, including dioxin regulation and NPDES permits for point sources.

Mr. Johns currently advises various real estate development and industrial concerns on a variety of permit issuance and compliance matters pending before the Regional and State Water Boards. These include Federal Clean Water Act Section 404/401 permits, waste discharge requirements issued under the Porter-Cologne Act, and NPDES permits issued under the Federal Clean Water Act.

Mr. Johns graduated from UCLA in 1983 and earned his law degree from UC Davis School of Law in 1988.

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