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Jan. 2009: Stutzman was hired by Meg Whitman to guide her entry into the 2010 Governor's race.

2008-09: Stutzman was senior adviser, along with Mike Schroeder, to Mitt Romney's "California Romney for President" campaign.

From Mitt Romney's press release:
"Stutzman is currently a principal at Navigators, an issues management firm with offices across the country. He is the former Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and is a California political operative. He co-directed communications for Governor Schwarzenegger's historic California recall election campaign. He was a founding partner of CommandFocus, a Sacramento based communications firm. Prior to CommandFocus, he operated a consulting venture which managed statewide campaigns and pioneered the use of internet communications for volunteer and campaign management efforts. In addition, he served as Communications Director for Attorney General Dan Lungren and worked in the Office of the Minority Leader in the California State Senate."

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