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Campaign consultant, Franklin Consulting, LLC.

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Career notes

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Franklin is campaign manager and general consultant at Franklin Consulting, LLC. (

2009: Franklin returned as policy advisor and Political Director for Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-49)

2008, Jun.-Nov.: Franklin managed Dean Andal's campaign for Congress(CA-11).

2008, Mar.-Jun.: Franklin managed the campaign to oppose the recall of Jeff Denham (SD-12).

2008, Jan.-Mar.: Franklin served as Executive Director to the Chairman of the 2008 National Republican Congressional Committee's Annual fundraising gala. The event raised $8.6 million for the NRCC.

2007: Franklin was a consultant on the campaign of Duncan D. Hunter in his 2008 congressional race (CA-52).

2006: Franklin managed the campaign of Brian Bilbray in his 2006 congressional special election (CA-50).

2006: Franklin managed the campaign of Sharron Angle in her 2006 congressional primary election (NV-02).

2006: Franklin was Finance Director to Mike Whalen in his 2006 general election (IA-01).

Previously, Franklin served as a Legislative Aide (defense & tax) for U.S. Representative Darrell Issa since 2003. He also served as Issa'a Political Director during Issa's Chairmanship of the NRCC March Dinner in 2008 prior to managing Jeff Denham's campaign against the recall.

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