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Jan. 5, 2009 President-elect Barack Obama appointed Panetta as CIA director.

2007 - present: Panetta is co-chair, along with Thomas V. McKernan, of the leadership council for California Forward.

1994-1997: White House Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton

1993-1994: Director of the Office of Management and Budget

January 3, 1977–January 22, 1993: Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (D-CA16, now 17th). He haired the House Committee on the Budget; the House Agriculture Committee's Subcommittee on Domestic Marketing, Consumer Relations and Nutrition; the House Administration Committee's Subcommittee on Personnel and Police; and the Select Committee on Hunger's Task Force on Domestic Hunger.

-- Panetta is the founder and institute director of the Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy, a not-for-profit center for the non-partisan advancement of public policy seeking to attract thoughtful men and women to lives of public service.

-- Panetta serves as distinguished scholar to the chancellor of the California State University system and is a member of the Independent Task Force on Immigration and America's Future. Previously, he served on the Iraq Study Group and was appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to co-chair the Council on Base Support and Retention.

-- Panetta was a member of the board of directors of the New York Stock Exchange, chairman of the Committee for Review for the New York Stock Exchange Board of Directors, and was co-chair of the Corporate Governance and Listing Standards Committee for the Stock Exchange. He was chair of the Pew Oceans Commission and is currently co-chair of the Joint Oceans Commission Initiative.

Earlier in his career, he served as a First Lieutenant in the Army from 1964 to 1966 and received the Army Commendation Medal. He was special assistant to the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and director of the U.S. Office for Civil Rights, and practiced law in the Monterey firm of Panetta, Thompson & Panetta.

Panetta holds a law degree from Santa Clara University Law School and a bachelor's degree from Santa Clara University. He and his wife, Sylvia, have three grown sons and five grandchildren.

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