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June 2008: Montañez was hired to work for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. She retains her position as member of the state's Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

January 2007: Montañez was appointed as a member of the state's Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board by then-Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez. In addition, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa put Montanez on the city's Planning Commission, a volunteer post.

2006: Montañez briefly campaigned for a seat on the Los Angeles City Council. That seat was eventually wonn by then-Assemblyman Richard Alarcon.

2002: Ms. Montañez was elected to the California State Assembly in the 39th district.

2001: Montañez became the mayor of the city of San Fernando

1999: Montañez was elected the youngest person ever to the San Fernando City Council.


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