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Lloyd Levine was elected to the California State Assembly in November, 2002. From founding a local chapter of Students Against Drunk Driving while in high school, to serving on the Secretary of State's External Working Group on Campaign Finance Reform, Lloyd Levine has always tried to make a difference for the people of the San Fernando Valley and the State of California.
Mr. Levine earned his Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography in 1992 at the University of California at Riverside. It was while working to help pass a ballot measure to fund law enforcement and community college programs that he decided to give up a promising career in photography to dedicate his life to fighting for working families.
Mr. Levine worked for the State's Employment Development Department's Labor Market Information Division. There he authored several reports on employer layoff and recall practices, mass layoffs, and other issues important to working people. At the same time, he volunteered to work with Assembly Democrats on important legislative races.
Before being elected to represent the 40th District in the Assembly, Mr. Levine worked for four years as Legislative Director for Assemblymember John Longville. This is where he honed his legislative skills, playing a key role in the development of important legislation that would protect the rights of working people, increase quality access to health care, and protect the environment. Before working for Assemblymember Longville, Mr. Levine was a Legislative Aide to former Assemblymember (now Senator) Ed Vincent.
Mr. Levine is Chair of the Select Committees on Infrastructure, and High School and Collegiate Athletics, and is a member the following standing committees: Budget, Environmental Safety and Toxic materials, Elections, Redistricting and Constitutional Amendments, Governmental Organization, Utilities and Commerce. Mr. Levine is also Vice-Chair of Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security. In February, 2004, Assemblymember Levine was named Majority Whip. As a member of the Assembly's leadership team, Mr. Levine is responsible for monitoring legislation and securing votes for legislation on the Floor.
In March of 2004, Mr. Levine received the California Community Technology Policy Group's Michael Trombetta Award, for his strong commitment to improving the field of community technology.
Responding to Valley leaders who have long suggested that the Valley have its own data as a way of helping the region more accurately plan for its future, in 2004 Mr. Levine carried AB 2207, which creates a separate San Fernando Valley Statistical District. Effective January, 2005, this new designation will assist the Valley, its organizations, and its leaders in making critical decisions for the future of the region.
Another vitally important bill carried by Mr. Levine in 2004 was AB 152. This legislation, also effective January, 2005, will help insure California receives approximately $1 billion in federal funding for special education.
When not in Sacramento doing the business of the legislature, Assemblymember Levine has made it a point to keep in close touch with the organizations and activities that have always been a big part of his life. An avid runner, Mr. Levine can often be seen with the New Basin Blues running club running on the paths and trails of the Sepulveda Basin. Mr. Levine is also on the Board of Directors of the Latino Junior Golf Association and a volunteer youth basketball coach with the Jewish Federation and the National Junior Basketball Association. He is a member of the U.C. Riverside Alumni Scholarship Review Committee, the California Alliance for Pride and Equality (CAPE), the Sierra Club, Friends of the River, the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance, the Executives of the Jewish Home for the Aging, Los Angeles County Young Democrats, San Fernando Valley Young Democrats, and Action Democrats. He has appeared as a guest speaker and served on panels sponsored by the Valley Leadership Institute and the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Election 2000 symposium.
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2010: As a political consultant Levine does work for Poker Voters of America, a pro-gambling group that supports legal internet poker in California. http://www.pokervoters.com/

Levine owns Filament Strategies http://filamentstrategies.com/

MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/lloydlevine

Levine served for four years as legislative director to former Assemblymember John Longville

Levine's father is political consultant Larry Levine

Levine is married to Edie Lambert, a TV anchorwoman for NBC's Sacramento affiliate KCRA.

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