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November 2002 Pavley won her second election to the State Assembly.

November 2000 Pavley won election to the State Assembly.

1982 Pavley, at age 33, ran for public office and was elected as the first, youngest, and ultimately four-time Mayor of the newly incorporated City of Agoura Hills.

Pavley taught history and government for 25 years at Chaparral Middle School in the Moorpark Unified School District.

Pavley has a master's degree in Planning and a California teaching credential.

Pavley attended Grant High School in the San Fernando Valley.

Pavley is the great-granddaughter of William Jennings Bryan, a three-time presidential candidate.

Pavley's husband Andy is a public school teacher. Their son David is a developmentally disabled adult, who is involved in a work training program that fills him with pride and a sense of accomplishment. Their daughter Jenny graduated from the University of New Mexico and in 1998 won the Pan Am Games silver medal in beach volleyball representing the United States. Jenny is a firefighter in the Long Beach Fire Department.

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