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Oct. 20, 2010: California state Senator Jenny Oropeza, 53, died at Long Beach Memorial Hospital after battling a blood clot that developed in her abdomen in May 2010. Oropeza's name will remain on the ballot for the Nov. 2 election, in which she is expected to defeat challengers John Stammreich (Rep.) and David Ruskin (Lib.). If she does win, a special election will be held to replace her. Source:

November 2006: Oropeza was elected to the state Senate.

2004-05: Oropeza suffered from liver cancer.

November 2004: Jenny Oropeza won re-election to her third two-year term representing California's culturally diverse 55th Assembly District.

2004: Oropeza was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

2000-2002: Oropeza was chair of the Assembly freshman class and was a shadow conferee for the 2001-02 state budget conference committee.

1994: Oropeza became the first Latina member of the Long Beach City Council and won re-election in 1998.

1998-2002: Oropeza served on the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education.

1996-2000: Oropeza served five years on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority representing southeast Los Angeles County cities. She served on MTA's Planning and Programming and Construction committees. She also chaired the Goods Movement Committee of the Southern California Association of Governments.

Oropeza served two terms as student body president while majoring in Business Administration at California State University, Long Beach. During that time, she was appointed by the governor to the Board of Trustees of the CSU system.

Oropeza was born Born Sept. 27, 1957. She and her husband, Tom Mullins, were married in 1977 and lived in a 1930s-era Craftsman bungalow in Long Beach.

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