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Latest reader comments:

Key Committee Fails To Take Up California Minimum Wage Bill

"A wise move considering the wage will go up automatically this coming January. Not to mention this bill would have come at a hefty price tag to the state government- over $4 Billion according to the Department of Finance."

by Avg. Joe 3 days ago   Respond   Read article

Despite Side Deal Report, Support Lines Up for Iran Deal

"Support lines up? One NY Congressman. Seems like two key northeastern Senators (both Dems) in two weeks is more compelling evidence of an anti-deal groundswell."

by dwiltsee 9 days ago   Respond   Read article

Mandating a 50-Percent Reduction in Oil--at What Cost?

"California’s 100,000 electric vehicles are the most electric vehicles in any state, however, the other 97% of California’s 30 million vehicles that DO NOT run on electricity or other alternative fuels are consuming more than 40 million gallons of transportation fuels, gasoline and diesel, excluding jet fuel, EVERY DAY. Sounds like a lot of fuel, but it equates to just more than 1 gallon per day per vehicle. California motorists and businesses are major consumers of fossil fuel products. Even though there is a both projected growth in population from our current 38 million citizens, AND an increase in vehicle registrations from our current 30 million, the fuel demand is projected to decline slightly from the current 40 million gallons per DAY of gasoline and diesel, mostly as a result of continuous improvements in fuel efficiencies, and a slight impact by the 3% of vehicles that run on electricity or other alternative fuels. We already have AB32 and the LCFS in effect to control GHG emissions. REQUIRING California’s 38 million citizens to change their lifestyle appears to be bad public policy and possibly unenforceable on abusers that do not reduce their usage by 50%. It appears that a reduction from the current 40 million gallons of transportation fuels down to 20 million a day in just 15 years would be a drastic lifestyle change that could severely impact one of the world’s largest economies."

by PTSSTAFFING 45 days ago   Respond   Read article

An Engineered Drought

"Now I'm not here to necessarily defend agriculture- but are you accounting for all the reductions they have had to make in recent year's prior to the Governor's executive order? I thought they were cutting before the rest of us. water crops as much as needed, water lawns sparingly."

by Avg. Joe 81 days ago   Respond   Read article

Carly Fiorina jumps in GOP presidential race: Can she win? (+video)

"The only thing Carly can aspire to is a cabinet post. So she has to decide what realistic nominee she will ultimately support. At some time, she will go with Jeb."

by jimragan796 118 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 Initial Common Core goals unfulfilled as results trickle in

Results for some of the states that participated in Common Core-aligned testing for the first time this spring are out, with overall scores higher than expected. But they are still below what many parents may be accustomed to seeing. … Click ... »Read

In this article: Legislature, Los Angeles Unified School District, No Child Left Behind
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 New Research Shocker: It's Official " Trump's Nuts

Rummaging through decades of dust and rat leavings, our Department of Archival Research and Hoarder Magazine Stacks in recent weeks has examined every document, file and cocktail napkin scribble that is cached in our bomb shelter archive, ... »Read
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 Higher minimum wages cause far from minimum harm

California dodged a bullet – for the time being, anyway – when a bill to hike the minimum wage by 30 percent was defeated in an Assembly committee, though Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, has promised to reintroduce his bill next year.... »Read

In this article: Mark Leno, minimum wage, state budget
Bills: SB 3,
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 Court to rule if California death penalty is cruel, unusual

No one would argue that California's death penalty provides swift justice. … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris
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 When the wells run dry: California families cope in drought

Looking for water to flush his toilet, Tino Lozano pointed a garden hose at some buckets in the bare dirt of his yard. It's his daily ritual now in a community built by refugees from Oklahoma's Dust Bowl. But only a trickle came out; then a drip, ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Drought, water
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 When the wells run dry: California neighbors cope in drought

Looking for water to flush his toilet, Tino Lozano pointed a garden hose at some buckets on the bare dirt of his yard. It's his daily ritual now, in a community built by refugees from Oklahoma's epic Dust Bowl drought. But only a trickle came out; ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Drought, water
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 Appeals panel set to hear arguments on constitutionality of state's death penalty system

When a federal appeals court hears arguments Monday on the constitutionality of California's death penalty system, the judges' questions are likely to be more about legal procedure than the 'dysfunction' in the way the state handles capital ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Erwin Chemerinsky
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 Time for another water bond? Draft language floating

Former Brown administration official considers asking voters for follow-up water bondMeasure comes less than a year after Californians approved $7.5 billion water bond … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Drought, water
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 Lawmakers squabble over reducing gas consumption

Rebellion and chaos are dominating the climax of this year's legislative session. Seems like nothing and no one is safe. »Read

In this article: Air Resources Board, Assembly Democrats, Toni Atkins, Jerry Brown, Jean Fuller, global warming, greenhouse gas, Robert Huff, Legislature, Kristin Olsen, Fran Pavley, Henry Perea, Daniel Reeves, George Skelton, Allan Zaremberg
Bills: SB 32, SB 350,
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 Lawmakers face deadline for finding Medi-Cal fix

SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers hope to tackle major issues in the state’s health care program for the poor over the next two weeks, starting with how to ensure the state doesn’t lose $1 billion in federal funding. Democratic proposals call ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Jean Fuller, Jennifer Kent, Legislature, Mark Leno, Marc Levine, Richard Pan, Richard D. Roth, Anthony Wright
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 CA17: Ro Khanna got married

17th Congressional District candidate Ro Khanna got married Saturday in Cleveland. Per the New York Times: Ritu Ahuja and Rohit Khanna were married Saturday in Cleveland. Pandit Ashok Bhargava officiated at Severance Hall, the home of the Cleveland ... »Read

In this article: Michael Honda, Ro Khanna
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 Housing, Aid in Dying, Medi-Cal, Shooting

Re: “Big push starts for 10,000 new units” (Local, Aug. 27) : I’m a fan of Mayor Kevin Johnson; he’s done a great job. But I can’t see why he and the City Council are pushing so hard and fast for 10,000 homes/units downtown. … Click ... »Read

In this article: Drought, Field Poll, Kevin Johnson, Legislature, water, Daniel Zingale
Bills: SB 128,
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 Legislative leadership in turmoil?*

<p>Differences over transportation taxes and sweeping climate change bills are fueling instability that claimed one legislative leader last week and threatened another.  At least <a href=http:* <p>'Moderate Democrats are ... »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, California Independent System Operator, CalPERS, Drought, Dianne Feinstein, Mike Gatto, global warming, Legislature, Mark Leno, Chris Megerian, Jerry Meral, Fran Pavley, George Skelton, water
Bills: SB 350,
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 Kate Steinle slaying prompts Bay Area counties to cooperate with immigration officials

Two months after Kate Steinle's death at the hands of an illegal immigrant with a criminal record ignited a national debate about immigration policy, four of the Bay Area's most populous counties have agreed to notify ICE when inmates flagged by the ... »Read

In this article: Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Ross Mirkarimi, Joe Simitian, Laurie Smith
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 Why Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Pollster breaks down the Vermont senator's gains on Clinton in early primary, as well as a surprising trend in the Republican field there »Read

In this article: Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Early Primary
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 Kentucky clerk who opposes same-sex marriage turns to Supreme Court for help

The Supreme Court gets its first chance this week to respond to religious-liberty advocates who say the high court's landmark ruling in favor of same-sex marriage threatens the rights of some conservative Christians. »Read

In this article: Kim Davis, Same-sex marriage
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 State lawmakers propose sweeping ivory ban

Supporters of the measure, AB 96, note that scientific studies show poachers are killing 35,000 African elephants a year, or 96 every day, for their tusks, causing the African elephant population of about 500,000 to shrink at alarming rates. »Read

In this article: Paul Allen, Toni Atkins, Jerry Brown, Legislature
Bills: AB 96,
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 When the wells run dry, California neighbors cope in drought

Farming in Tulare County brought in $8.1 billion in 2014, more than any other county in the nation, according to its agricultural commissioner. Yet 1,252 of its household wells today are dry – more than all other California counties combined. »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Drought, water
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