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 Lew Uhler biography:
Lew Uhler is founder and President of the National Tax Limitation Committee, one of the Nationís leading grass roots taxpayer lobbies. With offices in the Sacramento Area (Roseville) and Washington, DC, NTLC works with the White House, Members of Congress, legislators in states across the Nation and grass roots organizations to limit state and federal spending through legal restrictions and constitutional change. Uhler has been at the forefront of the national movements for a Tax Limitation/Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution and for term limits.

In 1968, then-Governor Ronald Reagan selected Uhler to serve on the California Law Revision Commission. In 1970, Reagan designated Uhler as the Governorís State Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. Subsequently, Uhler served in Reaganís cabinet as Assistant Secretary of the Health & Welfare Agency. In 1972, Governor Reagan asked Uhler to organize and serve as Chairman of the Governorís Tax Reduction Task Force. With the assistance of a nationwide panel of advisors (including Nobel Laureates Milton Friedman and James Buchanan), the task force developed Californiaís landmark Revenue Control and Limitation Act, which became a model for tax-expenditure limitation measures in many states.

In 1990, Uhler was co-author of Proposition 140, Californiaís pioneering state term limit initiative. Under Uhlerís leadership, NTLC has forged coalitions, including "Americans for Responsible Privatization," the "Council for Retirement Security" and more recently the "Tax Cut Working Group" in Washington, which Uhler chairs with Jim Martin (60 Plus Association) and Dan Mitchell (Heritage Foundation). In 1996, Uhler participated in a symposium at the Vatican on "The Family and the Economy in the Future of Society" to explore private alternatives to welfare states worldwide.

Uhler has written numerous articles and opinion pieces on taxes and spending. He is the author of the book, Setting Limits: Constitutional Control of Government, with foreword by Milton Friedman. Uhler speaks internationally on fiscal issues and has appeared on numerous national, regional and local television and radio programs and has been widely quoted in the print media.

Concurrently with his fiscal policy work, Uhler has been active in land development in northern California, as a general partner in a 200+ lot custom home subdivision and other residential and commercial properties, as well as a partner in a production home subdivision of over 400 homes.

Uhler is a native Californian, a graduate of Yale University and the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley. He is a member of the California Bar and serves Of Counsel with the Newport Beach law firm of Davis, Punelli & Keathley. He and his wife, Cynthia, have four grown sons and reside in the Sacramento area.

Source: limittaxes.org
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