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October 14, 2011: Devore announced he was dropping out of the his race for Orange County Supervisor to move to Texas with his family.

March 24, 2011: Devore announces his campaign for Orange County Board of Supervisors.

December 6, 2004 -- December 6, 2010: DeVore represented the 70th district in the State Assembly.

1999 Devore is authored the techno-thriller novel "China Attacks". The book was published in English in 2000 and in Chinese the following year.

1991 to 1996: Devore served as an Irvine City Commissioner. He became vice chairman, then chairman of the Community Services Commission.

1991 to present: Devore has worked in the aerospace and defense industry. He is a vice president with SM&A, a Newport Beach project management and systems engineering firm employing more than 300 people nationwide with revenue of $75 million in 2003.

1988 to 1990: Devore worked for then-U.S. Representative Chris Cox, as his senior assistant. He served as the congressmember's chief public liaison to the community, attending chambers of commerce meetings and community events.

1986 to 1988: Devore served in the Reagan Administration as a special assistant for foreign affairs in the Department of Defense.

Devore is a member of the military reserve forces. He first enlisted as a Private First Class, then earned his commission in 1985. He is now a Major in the Army National Guard.

Devore has lived in the 70th Assembly District since 1988 when he moved back home to Orange County with his wife, Diane. Diane and Chuck have two daughters, Jennie and Amy. Diane is a music teacher in Irvine.


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