Parke Skelton

Campaign consultant, SG&A Campaigns

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Career notes

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2008: Skelton manages the 19th Senate district campaign of Hannah-Beth Jackson. Jackson faces Tony Strickland in the Nov. 4 general election.

2008: SG&A managed the following campaigns in the June 3, 2008, primary:
Fran Pavley, 23rd Senate District
Richard Holober, 19th Assembly District
Bonnie Lowenthal, 54th Assembly District
Nancy Skinner, 14th Assembly District

2007: Skelton was campaign manager for Warren Furutani in the Dec. 11, 2007, special election for the 55th Assembly District.

2007: Skelton was campaign manager for Jenny Oropeza's failed bid in the June 26, 2007, primary special election for the 37th Congressional District.

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