Thomas Del Beccaro   REPUBLICAN

Vice Chariman, California Republican Party

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Career notes

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Del Beccaro is publisher of the website Political Vanguard (

February 2007: Elected Vice Chair of the California Republican party.

Chair of the CRP's Strategic Planning Committee, the Volunteer Committee and sits on the Operations and Budget Committees.

2005: Elected president of the California Republican Party's County Chairman's Association, which represents all of the county Republican parties in California, and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the California Republican Party.

Chairman of the Contra Costa Republican Party, his home county, where he has been unanimously elected for 3 consecutive terms.

Del Beccaro was the Bay Area Chair of the Bill Jones for US Senate campaign and served as the Contra Costa Chairman for the Bill Simon for Governor Campaign.

Founder of the Walnut Creek Law Firm, Del Beccaro, Hornsby & Blake.


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