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The Committee for Term limits and Legislative Reform is the primary proponent of the 2008 term limits initiaitve.

The initiative would shorten from 14 to 12 the maximum number of years someone could serve in the Legislature under normal circumstances. But it would allow them to serve their full term in one house, rather than splitting time between the Assembly and Senate. At the same time, it would let dozens of otherwise termed-out lawmakers run for re-election in 2008 or 2010.

Campaign finance filings:

September 2007: Matthew Dowd left the campaign to join to advise the anti-poverty organization One Vote '08 ( led by U2 lead singer Bono to get presidential candidates to promise to combat worldwide hunger and disease. John Weaver replaced Dowd on the campaign. The term limits campaign said Dowd left for personal reasons. The initiative's opponents characterized Dowd's departure as a blow to the campaign, but campaign spokesman Richard Stapler disagreed. He said the campaign had assembled a "team of both Republicans and Democrats who are the absolute best in their field. We feel strongly that the people of California are going to look at this reform based on its merits and not on this name-calling and mudslinging of our opponents."

September 2007: The campaign signed on political consultants Tom Ross, Ray McNally and Richard Temple, who have worked on a number of Republican campaigns.

September 4, 2007: The term limit initiative qualified for California's Feb. 5 presidential primary ballot.

February 2007: Matthew Dowd teamed with Democratic consultant Gale Kaufman on this committee to help lead the term limits initiative.

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