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October, 2007: Dave Gilliard and Anne Dunsmore and Ed Rollins assumed control over the effort to gather signatures toward qualifiying the initiative. 600,000 signatures are required by Nov. 13, possibly later, to qualify for the June ballot. The initiative can appear on the November 2008 ballot and still take effect in the 2008 presidential election.

September 28, 2007: Author Thomas W. Hiltachk and spokesperson Kevin Eckery resigned from the committee because of a failure to attract significant support and the refusal by one donor, "Take Initiative America", to fully disclose the source of its funds.

Secretary of State information:
Title: Presidential Electors. Political Party Nomination and Election by Congressional District. Statute.
Summary Date: 9/5/07 Circulation Deadline: 2/4/08 Signatures Required: 433,971
Proponent: Thomas W. Hiltachk (916) 442-7757

Requires California to join two other states in selecting electors for president by the plurality vote in each congressional district. Provides for political party nomination of electors pledged to vote for that party’s candidate. Independent electors to be chosen by independent presidential candidates and also elected by congressional district. Two at-large electors to be selected based on plurality of statewide vote for president. Mandates that electors vote for candidate for whom they are pledged. Eliminates $10 compensation and 5 cents per mile reimbursement of electors. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Reduced state expenses of less than $10,000 every four years. (Initiative 07-0032.)

Source: Secretary of state information (

Full initiative text (PDF):

Backing committee: Californians for Equal Representation
Kevin Eckery, spokesperson (resigned Setp. 27, 2007)
Marty Wilson, stratigist and fundraiser

Major donor: Take Initiative America
Committee spokesperson: Jonathan Wilcox
Representing attorney: Cleta Mitchell (based in Washington, D.C.)

Opposition committee: Californians for Fair Elections
Committee spokesperson: James Harrison

Other opposition leaders: Democratic consultant Chris Lehane and real estate investor and movie producer Stephen L. Bing

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