Dave Gilliard   REPUBLICAN

Campaign consultant / President, Gilliard Blanning Wysocki & Associates
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Career notes

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Gilliard is a partner in campaign consulting firm Gilliard Blanning Wysocki & Associates (GBWA)

July 2008: Gillard hired on as manager of Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens' 2010 campaign.

2007-08: GBWA managed the following campaigns in the June 3, 2008 primary:
Duncan D. Hunter, 52nd congressional district
Mimi Walters, 33rd Senate District
Brian Nestande, 64th Assembly District
Jeff Miller, 71st Assembly district

October, 2007: Gilliard is directing the effort to gather signatures toward qualifiying for the ballot the Presidential Election Reform Act initiative.
Source: http://www.totalcapitol.com/?news_id=795318&redirect=http://www.sacbee.com/capolitics/story/448235.html

Gillard is an adviser to Rep. Darrell Issa

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