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* I am a veteran.I served in the U.S.Army in the Military Police Corps.8 years.
* I was born and raised in Boyle Heights,Los Angeles.
* I graduated from the University of Southern Calif in 1993
* I am a Rio Hondo Police Academy graduate,and was a LA County Probation officer 8 years.
* I have been a Administrator for 10 years in the re-training and vocational college
industry.I know how to get unemployed displaced workers,retrained with new job skills,
and back in the workforce.
*I have served my community in various capacities,and have organized community events,for
over 30 years.I have always been an advocate of our youth and elderly in our community.
*I will fight for senior citizens-protect your social security benefits,and medicare bene
*I will fight for women's rights,equal pay and opportunities,fight against domestic
violence,and for affordable,safe,and quality daycare.
*I will fight for children's and youth, after school programs,athletic programs,and gang
drug prevention programs.And no more bullying!!
*I am advocate to protect and provide for our veterans! I will have veteran programs.
*I will fight for Immigration reform to benefit the people of our communities.
*I am a strong advocate of health and fitness programs,for both our youth and adults.
*I will fight for more jobs,and I believe that our public schools can provide a quality
education for our children.
*I vow to fix our streets,and fill our pot holes!
*I will fight for our families,and our communities!Everyone will have a voice!
*I will fight to protect our family pets,by pushing for tougher laws torward's animal
neglect and abuse,and I will promote adoption of rescues.
*I am pro business,I believe in our United States constitution,and I am against raising
taxes.I believe we need to be fiscally strong,and should be able to balance our budget.
My name is Michael"Mike"Aldapa,and I am a candidate for Calif State assembly
53rd district,which covers Boyle Heights,Vernon,Huntington Park,downtown LA,Pico Union,and Korea town.I am asking everyone to please vote for me on Tuesday June 3rd,2014.
I am not part of the political machine,and I am not obligated to any politician or lobbyist.The only people that I will fight for and be obligated to,is YOU,my constituents!
I will always put the people and families of my communities first.Every decision I make,every action I take will be in the best interest of my district.I do not have a personal agenda,but rather as a humble servant and representative to all of you.But,I will be a tenacious fighter, and protector of all of you,every day,and all of the time.
I plan on bringing Democrats and Republicans,black or white,catholic or jew,rich or poor,straight or gay,together,so that we can stop this bickering,and find common ground,and work together,for the common good of everyone! If you are tired of the political machine,and their candidates who will only work to increase their campaign funds,then please vote for Michael"Mike"Aldapa-Community Organizer,on Tues June 3rd,2014.
Please Facebook me at: Michael"Mike"Aldapa. Thank you for your support!

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