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Dec. 2009-June 2010: Advisor to now-U.S. Rep.Janice Hahn's campaign for lieutenant governor.

Aug. 2008-Oct. 2009: Advisor to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, now California's lieutenant governor, in his campaign for governor until Newsom dropped his bid.

2006: Senior Advisor to the Steve Westly for governor primary campaign.

2003-04: Senior Advisor to the Joe Lieberman for president campaign.

2004: Chief strategist on several initiatives on the November ballot, including the campaigns against Propositions 67 and 68. Both measures lost badly -- 68 by one of the biggest margins in California history, 16-84.

2002: Managed re-election campaign of Gov. Gray Davis, only the third Democratic governor in California history to be elected to a second four-year term -- and the only one not named Brown.

2000: Key advisor to Al Gore's California presidential campaign, which carried the state overwhelmingly in both the primary and general elections.

2000: Lead strategist for the successful statewide school-bond measure, Prop. 39.

1998: Managed Gray Davis's come-from-behind, landslide victory as the first California Democratic governor elected in 20 years, only the fourth in the 20th century, and the first lieutenant governor in 72 years to be elected governor in his own right.

1995-1999: Chief of Staff to Lt. Gov. Gray Davis.

1994: Managed the successful campaign for lieutenant governor of Gray Davis, who received more votes than any other Democratic candidate in America.

1987-1991: Communications Director to Ohio Gov. Richard F. Celeste.

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