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 Audit the High Speed Rail


In this article: Legislature, Jim Patterson
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 L.A.'s port truckers are stuck in a race to the bottom


In this article: Mike Feuer, minimum wage
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 Congress Produces Drama While Mueller Produces Results*

<p>On Tuesday, Steve Bannon spent hours behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee. It was rough. The former White House chief strategist stonewalled lawmakers, they said, even after members from both parties issued a subpoena. ... »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, Devin Nunes
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In this article: Drought
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 Net neutrality fight, Part II*

<p><strong><a href=http:* <p><strong>LA Times' JIM PUZZANGHERA</strong>: "A group of 22 Democratic state attorneys general, including those from California and New York, filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to ... »Read

In this article: Jay Chen, Edwin M. Lee, Legislature, Paul Mitchell, Nancy Reagan, Ed Royce, technical education, water, Maxine Waters
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 High School Girls' Soccer Preview: Sunset League promises another wild ride


In this article: Raul Ruiz, Matt Szabo
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 The Latest: Bannon's refusal to answer leads to subpoena


In this article: Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff
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 The Resurgent Threat of White-Supremacist Violence*

<p>Although the leaders of the white-supremacist alt-right insist their movement is nonviolent, racist rhetoric and hateful ideas can inspire violence if taken to their logical conclusion. A lone individual, encountering white-supremacist ... »Read

In this article: James C. Jack, water, Michael Wilson
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 Renewable Energy Is Kicking Ass in Colorado


In this article: renewable energy, Dave Roberts
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 Court Gets Advice on Pensions


In this article: Jerry Brown
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 Fire & Mud:Regrettably, it's not over


In this article: water
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 A California Giant Hides In Plain Sight


In this article: Dianne Feinstein, water
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 Temporary trailers for homeless people planned on downtown city lot


In this article: Eric Garcetti, Jose Huizar, Matt Szabo
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 Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.*

<p><strong><a href=http:* <p><strong>The Chronicle's SARAH RAVANI</strong>: "<span>Erika Morris rolled out of bed Monday morning with 'We Shall Overcome' playing in her head. Before long, the gospel ... »Read

In this article: Julia Brownley, Jeffrey Burum, Dan Walters, water
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 Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund daily donor list


In this article: Victoria Harris, Edwin M. Lee
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 New California Bills Address Growing Valley Fever Problem


In this article: Drought, Rudy Salas
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 Today: MLK Day in the Age of Trump


In this article: Proposition 13, Jerry Brown
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 Montecito mourns*

<p><strong><a href=http:* <p><strong>From the LAT's MICHAEL LIVINGSTON and ALENE TCHEKMEDYIAN:</strong> "Soon after the sun set over Santa Barbara, Ann Hagan grabbed a marker and wrote a short message ... »Read

In this article: Jerry Brown, Michael Cohen, Paul Meyer, George Skelton, state budget
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