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Latest reader comments:

Congress passes 'Electrify Africa Act'

"Just what the voters want, since the U.S. has solved all its financial problems and has money to burn. By all mezans, keep us up to date on members of Congress supporting this boondoggle as election season approaches."

by dwiltsee 4 days ago   Respond   Read article

AP source: NFL committee picks combined site over Rams' bid

"The headline is completely contradicted by the article itself. What's the reality here?"

by dwiltsee 25 days ago   Respond   Read article

California focuses on power lines as top cause of wildfires

"And when the insurance companies refuse to pay or refuse to renew policies of homeowners in affected areas, who is left holding the bag?"

by dwiltsee 80 days ago   Respond   Read article

Funding and subsidies worry potential partners in California's bullet train project

"Thirty six high level transportation companies respond and not a single one answers the plea to participate financially. Does that send a clear message to our Governor, Legislature, and citizenry about the reality of this HSR program?"

by dwiltsee 112 days ago   Respond   Read article

Another day, another landmark bill signing for California Gov. Jerry Brown

"California leads the nation in wild, half-baked governmental blunders which inevitably increase the cost of living and fail to live up to their overblown expectations."

by dwiltsee 122 days ago   Respond   Read article

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 Data Tracker: California lawmakers - even senators - took campaign cash at session's hectic finish
Sacramento Bee - Feb. 5, 7:17 pm
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 California should help pay for quake early warnings, state lawmakers say
Los Angeles Times/Top of the Ticket - Feb. 6, 5:00 am
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 CA poised for higher primary profile

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) Accustomed to languishing at the tail end of the party primary calendar — a dispiriting position for a state that has long been treated as an ATM for East Coast ... »Read

In this article: California Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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 California should help pay for quake early warnings, state lawmakers say

Hours after a magnitude-6.4 earthquake destroyed buildings in Taiwan, four state lawmakers said they want California to help fund an earthquake early warning system, which has been stalled by a lack of funding. “There’s no valid reason not to ... »Read

In this article: Drought, Adam Gray, Bob Hertzberg, Jerry Hill, Legislature, Adrin Nazarian, Adam Schiff, state budget
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 Documents ex-L.A. councilman sought to destroy are made public by successor

Dozens of boxes of office documents that former Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge and his staffers sought to destroy were instead made available Friday by his successor. The records included planning files, letters and piles of travel receipts ... »Read

In this article: Sue Burnside, Fair Political Practices Commission, Tom LaBonge, Gary Winuk
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 Twitter moves to actively seek out terrorist supporters

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Twitter is now using spam-fighting technology to seek out accounts that might be promoting terrorist activity and is examining other accounts related to those flagged for possible removal, the company announced Friday.... »Read

In this article: Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff
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 GOP's urgent task: Remove Trump distraction

When Huck Finn asked Tom Sawyer what a Moslem is, Tom said a Moslem is someone who is not a Presbyterian, which is true, but not the whole truth. Donald Trump says he is a Presbyterian (“I drink my little wine ... and have my little cracker”),... »Read

In this article: Carly Fiorina, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama
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 Letters: Willing to trade some civility for candor

Who, and/or what, is intimidating who, I don’t know, but Mark Landsbaum’s column [“‘X-Files’ returns, as does distrust of government,” Opinion, Jan. 31] does get to something so key. Guys like Donald Trump have connected with voters, ... »Read

In this article: Erwin Chemerinsky, Hillary Clinton, Joel Kotkin, water
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 Sun and surf out of reach for many in O.C.

Last week I was standing in line behind two British surfers at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Huntington Beach on Beach Boulevard, half a mile from the ocean. “We’re from the Midlands,” one of them said when the checkout clerk inquired... »Read

In this article: Lucetta Dunn, Proposition 20
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 Breathing new life, new energy into Capitol Mall

Proposed 30-story tower would fill long abandoned ‘hole in the ground’With apartments and retail, it would keep people downtown after hoursProject fits nicely with renewed talk of making over a boring Capitol Mall … Click to Continue ... »Read

In this article: CalPERS, Kevin Johnson
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 Data Tracker: California lawmakers - even senators - took campaign cash at session's hectic finish

More than $2.5 million in contributions reported in month leading up to Sept. 11 recessMembers of Assembly raised almost all of the moneyDespite Senate rules restricting fundraising, some members took money … Click to Continue » »Read

In this article: Danny Alvarez, Danny Alvarez, Toni Atkins, campaign finance, Ted Gaines, Jimmy Gomez, Isadore Hall, Robert Huff, Mark Leno, Mike Morrell
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 Internal Affairs:

Road lobbyist with firsthand pothole knowledgeInterstate 580 is the most-pothole riddled freeway in the Bay Area and on Wednesday it claimed another driver -- but not just any motorist. »Read

In this article: Peter Allen, Drought, Steven Glazer, Carl Guardino, water
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 Cal Poly Pomona President Soraya Coley symbolically takes reins

POMONA >> In a symbolic move, authority of Cal Poly Pomona was passed to new President Soraya M. »Read

In this article: Hilda L. Solis, Norma J. Torres
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