Jeannie Oropeza   REPUBLICAN

Program Budget Manager, Education, Dept. of Finance

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Oropeza is president of the hospital community board for Woodland Memorial Hospital.

1998-present: Oropeza works in the state Department of Finance as the Program Budget Manager of the Education Systems Unit (K–20).

April 29, 2010: The state Senate rejected confirmation of Oropeza to the state Board of Education. Democrats opposed her appointment, saying her current job in the Dept. of Finance makes for an "irreconcilable" conflict of interest because she would be in a position to make Board of Education appointment recommendations to the governor, while simultaneously serving on that board.

March 29, 2010: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Oropeza to the state Board of Education, pending confirmation of the state Senate.

1997-1998: Oropeza was an education budget consultant for the California State Assembly.

1993-1997: Oropeza was a staff finance budget analyst for the Department of Finance.

1990-1993: Oropeza was associate finance budget analyst for the Department of Finance.

Oropeza also worked in the Legislature for 2 years. While with the Legislature she worked for the Assembly Budget Committee as the Education Budget Consultant for K–12, Community Colleges, and Capital Outlay K-20. Prior to working at the Department of Finance, she worked at the Department of Food and Agriculture, first as an auditor and then as an accounting systems analyst.

Oropeza received a Bachelor of Science degree from Sacramento State University. She majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting. In addition, she obtained a minor in Spanish.


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