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Career notes

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Previously, Jones was Managing Director of Mercury Public Affairs in the Washington, DC office, heads the firm's Strategic Communications practice.

2008: Jones was communications director for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign and McCain's chief spokesperson.

Jones worked as the Communications Director at the Republican National Committee, where he advised and briefed Chairman Ken Mehlman.

2004: Jones was a national spokesperson fpr President Bush's re-election campaign and a senior communications advisor. Jones also was part of Vice President Cheney's debate-prep team.

Before 2004, Jones worked for Mercury Public Affairs in New York City as their Vice President for Polling and Advertising.

2002: Jones was the Research Director at the National Republican Congressional Committee.

2000: Jones worked on John McCain’s 2000 Republican primary bid for the presidency.

Jones earned his BA from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and MA from the University of Washington in Seattle.


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