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Murrison is a candidate for the 25th Assembly District. She serves on the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors and is the immediate past Chair.

Experience: in local government as a public information/administrative services officer for a Central Valley transportation planning agency, small business owner (grant writing and administrative services).

Education: BA degrees in English and Political Science; MA in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from the California State University system. She is trained in community and faith-based mediation and in facilitating and mediating effective environmental agreements.

Murrison was a Fellow in Class 34 of the California Agricultural Leadership Program, a Scholar in Class 2 of the Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series, and was appointed to the Natural Resource Agency’s Statewide Watershed Planning and Advisory Committee in 2008. She sits on the Executive Board of the Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series, is a past officer in the Tuolumne County Republican Women Federated, and is a member of the California Women’s Leadership Association.

She lives in Tuolumne, CA, is married to Richard, an adult school teacher. They have a daughter in college, Megan.

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