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Erwin is a former assistant assessor in San Bernardino County.

May 2011: Erwin, two other San Bernardino County officials and real estate developer Jeff Burum, were indicted by a criminal grand jury on 29 felony charges including bribery, conspiracy to commit a crime and conflict of interest, among other charges.

Erwin, former San Bernardino County supervisor Paul Biane and Mark Kirk, former chief of staff for Supervisor Gary Ovitt, are accused of conspiring with Burum to vote in favor of or influencing the $102 million legal settlement between Burum's Colonies Partners LP and San Bernardino County.

Burum is accused of paying a total of $400,000 in bribes to Erwin, Biane, Kirk and former county board of supervisors chairman Bill Postmus. The alleged bribes, prosecutors allege, were funneled into political action committees controlled by the three supervisors who voted in favor of the settlement - Biane, Postmus and Ovitt - to conceal the alleged payoffs. Source: Los Angeles Newspaper group

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