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As Vice Mayor of Suisun City, my commitment to public service and leadership is well proven. Suisun City has had a balanced budget EVERY year with no layoffs, furloughs, or service reductions with 35%+ reserves. I proudly served my country for more than 10 years in the United States Naval Submarine Service and am an honorably discharged and decorated veteran of the first Gulf War.

I have had the opportunity to address a variety of issues, at all levels of government. that have a profound impact on our district. I’ve testified about over-regulation on business, taxation, and conservation. I’ve also worked on property tax issues and in support of open government, participate with the California League of Cities, and have lobbied for local control, open government, and reform of public finance and provided testimony to members of the State Assembly and Senate and Congress on redistricting, redevelopment, clean air and water regulation, infrastructure, veterans affairs and local project funding.

I have gone well beyond the borders of Suisun City to ensure our residents’ voices are heard in Sacramento and Washington D.C. As your 11th Assembly District representative, I will bring the same dedication and devotion to representing our district.

We can no longer afford “business as usual” in California. When you mark your ballot on June 5th, I would appreciate your vote to help make California golden again.

2012: Hudson is a Republican primary candidate in the 11th Assembly District.
Campaign website: http://www.mikehudson2012.com/
Campaign Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mikehudsonforcalifornia2012

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