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Policy consultant

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Career notes

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January 2012: Everhart was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown as deputy director for board and bureau relations at the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Source:

2011-2012: Everhart was senior advisor to the director at the Department of Consumer Affairs.

2006-2011: Everhart was chief of staff to Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani.

2003-2005: Everhart was legislative director to Assemblymember Sally Lieber.

2001-2003: Everhart was a legislative assistant to Assemblymember Leland Ye.

2000-2001: Everhart was a legislative aide to Assemblymember Patricia Wiggins.

1999-2000: Everhart was a legislative aide to Assemblymember Elaine Alquist.

1995-1999: Everhart was a field representative for Assemblymember Michael Machado.

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